Graveyard Shift Horror Story

Graveyard Shift Horror Story

While attending college, I used to work at
a movie theater. Most of the time I worked the night shift since I had classes in the
afternoons. On an unusual day my boss asked me if I could train the new guy coming in. I didn’t
mind since I was already working the night shift, and not too many people came to watch the
night shows so I would be alone for most of my shift anyways. I agreed and my boss left soon afterwards. It felt eerie to be the only one working that
night, even though I’d gotten used to it The whole building was silent. A couple
of teens left after their movie ended and it was almost time to close. I was playing on my phone when a guy entered.
I asked him if he was the new guy. He nodded but explained that he got lost on his way
here, which made me a little confused because he was 30 minutes early. I didn’t say anything
about it and just handed him a uniform, I wasn’t gonna put in any more effort than
I needed to. I waited for him to change while locking the front door. When he came out I
started to teach him how to use the cash register. It was simple, and I remember thinking he wasn’t weird at all. Next we went to the restroom and I started
to teach him how to clean the mirrors. While we were cleaning, he asked if he could play
some music. I nodded, not thinking much of it. Instead of some stereotypical radio song,
he started playing a song I’d never heard before. I don’t know why, but hearing the song just
gave me chills. I paused while mopping the floor and stared at him for a second, wondering
how he could possibly enjoy this? It sounded like it came straight out of a horror movie
soundtrack. When we finished cleaning the restroom he
thankfully stopped playing it. We went into a theater room and I started to explain how
we usually clean. A movie began to play while I was talking, one of the newest scary
ones, which freaked me out because we were definitely the only ones working that night. I walked up to the projector room and turned
it off. Then came back down and realized the guy was gone, I looked under all the seats
to see if he was just trying to scare me, but he was nowhere to be found. I was so confused
at this point. I called my boss after my shift ended to tell him
about the new guy suddenly ditching, but he cut me off before I could say anything. “Oh,
I forgot to mention, the new guy called me last night and said he wasn’t gonna make
it. Sorry to make you wait for a ghost!” I stood in the theater dumbfounded, if the
guy didn’t show up, then who was working with me all night? I could hear the
familiar creepy music playing from an empty theatre. Powering through my fears, I went
to go check the projector room. I peered into the transparent windows, and saw nothing. I was the only one in the theatre that night. The theatre seriously freaked me out whenever
I had to work night shifts alone. I never really got an explanation for the strange guy pretending
to be a worker, but sometimes, I swear I hear his creepy music playing from the projector
room during my night shifts.

David Anderson

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