Goofy’s First Love | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

Goofy’s First Love | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

So beautiful.
So radiant.
So irresistible. Oh, boy!
That is one
tasty dish. I’ll say. I thinks I’m in love. Well, what are
you waiting for?
Go for it, Goofy. Good idea, Mick.
Time for a little
southern hospitality. Excusez-moi, miss. Oh, Goofy, wait.
You can’t go over there
looking like that. What’s wrong
with the way I look? What he’s trying
to say is, a guy like you doesn’t stand a chance
with a saucy dish like that. (SHOUTING) What?
You say somethin’,
Donald? He said, “Let’s help
our bestest buddy
get his true love.” What would I do
without you guys? Hug someone else? Don’t worry, Goofy. This makeup will
have you looking like
a new man in no time. Now, let’s see.
A-ha! A little of this… A little of this… And last
but not least… Ta-da! (GIGGLING)
How do I look? Ridiculous. Well,
I’d date him.
Hmm. Forget good looks. What Goofy needs
is cold, hard cash. But, Donald,
we don’t have
any money. (PURSE COUGHS) No, but my rich uncle does. Ah, so nice
of you all to visit. Now, what can I do
for my favorite nephew? Goofy needs a million dollars. (GOOFY, MICKEY AND DONALD
EXCLAIMING) And if all else fails… ALL: Muscles! (TREADMILL BEEPS) I don’t see
any muscles. (BEEPS) (BEEPS) (BEEPS) (BEEPING REPEATEDLY) (GOOFY SCREAMING) Mickey, were you playing
with my makeup again? (MINNIE AND GOOFY
Sorry we didn’t help. Didn’t help?
Why, y’all taught me
a powerful lesson. MICKEY AND DONALD: We did? You showed me that
it’s better to be me than to risk my life
trying to be someone else. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a date with destiny. MICKEY AND DONALD: Goofy? Sorry to bother you, ma’am,
but I just wanted to tell you
that I love you. (GIGGLING) Oh, sugar.
You had me at “Sorry.” Not you. You! GOOFY: Oh, baby, I love you.
I hunger for you. BOTH: He’s in love with
a sandwich? I now pronounce you
husband and sandwich. You may kiss the bread.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Goofy’s First Love | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

  1. Draco Mundo says:

    Mimus 8 now

  2. Kaitlyn Jenkins says:

    …..bruh……..I'm done

  3. Ronald Marcano says:

    Have fun Goof.

  4. Zidniy Nandika says:


  5. ParappaTown PT says:

    Wait…. Wasn't Goofy's first love Clarabelle? (Sorry if I spelled it wrong)

    EDIT: If you don't know who she is, she was in some of the episodes for "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" and she was in the movie "The Three Mousekateers", which is where her and Goofy met (prolly spelled that wrong lol). She was also in a few episodes for "Minnie's Bowtique" and "House of Mouse".

  6. Camila Fierro says:

    Goofy falling in love with a sandwich is a mood

  7. Anacodo says:

    When they put goofy on the treadmill, and they said he had no muscles, I'm over here explaining why…

    T I M E

  8. Dr Angel's Law says:

    Goofy's dating is Sister? Uh oh

  9. 杉本健太郎 says:


  10. 杉本健太郎 says:


  11. 杉本健太郎 says:


  12. DAVI8R 7 says:

    Let’s just forget the fact Goofy just ate his bride

  13. Loshma Kannoli says:


  14. Ramon Carpio says:

    I can't believe goofy married a sandwich😝😝😝😝😝😆😆😆😆

  15. Misha M says:

    I love Donald ❤️

  16. Hendy Halim says:

    😅 omg……… smack! (slap on my face)

  17. Venomex says:

    …so Max’s mom is a sandwich?

  18. XxXcookieXxx :p says:

    Donld:Goofy's needs a millon dollars
    Me: laughs so hard

  19. Profan1ty says:

    Im fighting goofy I thought we finally had our answer man

  20. Bo Cowan says:

    I was wondering who Max’s mom was 😂

  21. TisNessie says:

    When Goofy said he was in love I heard Donald say “that’s a nice dish” so I thought it was implied he was in love with the sandwich 😂

  22. UserMCSkull FormerlyknownasPowerofL says:

    SpongeBob did it!

  23. Roblox Gameing chann says:

    I agree with Donald, it's ridiculous

  24. Roblox Gameing chann says:

    I was laughing when Donald. Said goofy needs a million dollars

  25. tikki x brick says:

    Really ? You made him have minnie's head boi

  26. tikki x brick says:

    Goofy needs a million dollars ( gets kicked out ) 🤣🤣🤣

  27. tikki x brick says:

    Really you call that a muscle mickey I'm surprised minnie is still dating you with that tiny thing

  28. tikki x brick says:

    A sandwich o oh m m my

  29. Michael Cunanan says:

    It was so funny when Donald Duck said goofy needs a million Dollar 💵

  30. Alex 109 says:

    Mickey is right feel the bern

  31. Dora Miller says:


  32. The Unknown says:

    2:19 talking while not realizing Mickey is GONE

  33. Stone_ Ball says:

    as. S zo L f F

  34. Ed Bighead says:

    Brandon: Never fall in love with an object or food or place. Fall in love with a girl. The only way to unlock a girlfriend is to make new friends like me.

  35. gaming shark says:

    No longer hi go go coo coo go no no no by by by Holi looking living John looking June mining mind Nunn looking look look look mini

  36. Beby Montemayor says:

    Gofi is gross

  37. alphaghoul says:

    It was obvious he was talking about the sandwich.

  38. Tipsy Crow says:


  39. Cookie Crumbles says:

    0:17 Thristy much Goofy?

  40. Adham Wael says:

    I thought he was in love with the lady

  41. Juliana Ibarra says:

    “well i’d date him” 😂

  42. Ghana Webb-Williams says:

    Goofy: I've got a date with destiny!
    Me: The sandwich!!!!!

  43. Rudilania Sanchez says:

    We love food

  44. RunawayFoil Cartoons,books,gaming and more says:

    Did goofy say erases

  45. Rebecca Michael says:

    A few seconds in and I already know they're talking about the sandwich. They keep saying "dish", but not once did they ever say "girl, her, lady, she, or woman" until the end.

  46. Cesar Arenas says:

    I ate a sandwich will goofy be sad or mad?

  47. Camila Rodriguez says:

    At 0:02:20 the mirror said Goofy wuz here !

  48. Felisa 72 says:

    2:29 rule 34

  49. PancakeAndKlasky says:


    Not You!


  50. ArunKumar Ilangovan says:

    What!! Goofy is marred a sandwich? 😂😂😂

  51. SuperPeaches33 says:

    Goofy is in love with bread?

  52. Kawaii Gacha Galaxy says:

    Good job Goofy I am sooo proud of you!!

  53. Alejandro Ibarra says:

    Hbji o bhjmmm

  54. Adrianna Dyke says:

    I now pronounce you husband and sandwich you may kiss the bread

  55. Pizza guy says:

    Why the dislikes???

  56. Melina N says:


  57. Copper Kitten says:

    Where did Clarabelle go? Lol

  58. The Unknown says:

    Mom: 0:32
    Me: 0:34

  59. Reinaldo Ramirez says:


  60. Debra Rodriguez says:

    But goofy has musles we see it

  61. Allison Lowe says:

    Goofy turn to minnie

  62. XxxLeafMarioxxX says:

    has exestinstial crisis about how he can pro-create with bread

  63. Rocskatu says:

    the treadmill is to lose weight not gain it

  64. NLgamer minecraft says:

    3:28 he ate his wife…

  65. Sean Bowen says:

    $1 Million?

  66. Miss Chibi Anime says:

    The priest’s beard..

  67. hentaipanda07 says:

    Funny … this should have been the only situation where it wouldn't have been inappropriate to say : " You May eat the Bride " ….. MISSED OPPORTUNITY DISNEY !!!!!!

  68. Gaming with Kim says:

    3:30 that was MORE than just a kiss

  69. Donutcaptainjr ;3 says:

    When goofy first looked at the waitress I was like, ‘ When I woke up this morning, I never expected to see a China doll is lipstick.’

  70. C.J says:


  71. BtsFan IUploadTRASHContent says:

    I Mean I Can Relate 💗💗💗PIZZAA💗💗💗🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

  72. Delicious Danz says:

    All this over a sandwich?

  73. ღunicorn Playz says:

    Goofy is not love the girl

  74. Cameron Davila says:

    i knew he was talking about the sandwich the second this video started😔

  75. Dackerman says:

    Why did they jack Goofy up so MUCH in this series? lol come on guys!

  76. Playlists For You says:

    Donald Duck is the best!!!

  77. Emma Lyne says:

    Mickey-but we don’t have any money!
    Donald-yah but my rich uncle does.

  78. roblox gaming says:

    Donald duck :: goofy needs a million dollars but nope it didn't happen"" in the end epic fail

  79. Karina Dominquez says:


  80. Kømål the quartz collector says:



    1:47 Sr. Pelo flashbacks XD

  82. Aidan Helmstetter says:


  83. Ha Alone says:

    Mickey : Nobi
    Donald : snish
    Goofy : Big G

  84. Lana Ahmed says:


  85. Suçons says:

    Why does goofy look homeless

  86. Suçons says:

    “That’s one tasty dish” – Donald Duck

  87. Evi Tampold says:

    Kinda weird that Goofy's old girlfriend is at his wedding

  88. this is me l says:

    I thought goofy was in love with clarabelle

  89. Paula Jones says:

    Does goofy have a son in this short? Or is the spoiler sandwich really his first love? Cause I think he got with a dog, then maybe they divorced…?

  90. Millie Melon says:

    This is me 100%

  91. Jackson Ranitho says:

    So is this before the events of A Goofy Movie

  92. Klevisa Bendaj says:


  93. nisa rojas says:

    “What would I do without you guys?”
    “Find someone else…”
    Donald stays savage

  94. Raider Man says:

    LOL! Mickey and Donald's face @ 3:15.

  95. Navnita Das says:

    Now that's true love 😍

  96. vulture snest says:


  97. Kairona Rosana says:

    Is this cartoon good?

  98. eugene bodjie lorenzo says:

    Does anybody understand what donald said

  99. Elizabeth Lawson says:

    People who want favors: “What would I do without you?”

    Me: “Find someone else.”

  100. Chanel Doski says:


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