Gone To Pieces | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

Gone To Pieces | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

(MUSIC PLAYING) Gentlemen, find
your favorite chair, because I’ve got
the popcorn. I’ve got the bubbly drinks. GOOFY: And I’ve got the… Cocktail wieners! This calls for a toast.
ALL: To us! The three bestest buds
in the whole wide… Uh, what’s with
the roller skates, Goofy? Funny you should ask, Mick.
You see… (SCREAMS) (SCREAMING) Ooh! Ooh! (GRUNTS) (SCREAMING) BOTH: (GASPING) Goofy? (STAMMERS) Goofy? Stay calm, Donald.
Just stay calm. We have to stay calm! It’ll be okay, Mickey. Nobody knows Goofy
better than us. His two bestest buds? We’ll just put our
pal back together. Hmm. Phew. And this little piggy
had roast beef. Ta…
Da! Boing! Boing! Boing! (CRASHING)
Whee! Quick, Donald! Grab him! Boing, boing, boing,
boing, boing, boing… (SHATTERING) I think we’re gonna
need some help. (SIGHS) Donald, look! We can use this picture
to see how his parts
We’re back
where we started. Some bestest buds we are. If only we could go back and stop this
from happening
in the first place. That’s it!
What’s it? This. Oof! It’s working!
Goofy’s going back together the same way
he came apart! That sounds absolutely…
BOTH: Goofy! (SCREAMING) Cocktail wieners! What’s with
the roller skates, Goofy? Funny you should ask, Mick.
You see… (SCREAMS) (THUDS) My unicycle’s in the shop. BOTH: Aw, Goofy! You’re the bestest bud
two friends could ever have. Y’all ain’t so

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Gone To Pieces | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

  1. Moody BadMoodBird says:

    I haven’t seen a Disney character disassemble so easily since Fall-Apart from Bonkers!

  2. Roy MTB says:

    1:22 when u BLJ in SM64

  3. Red Butterfly Geannetta says:

    0:00, I wanted everybody to love me especially animebromii.
    I love everybody on YouTube.
    That song makes me wanna cry?

  4. Neo Sisters Kids Show says:

    ???2019-Our parents watch that CARTOON,too!????

  5. FrostyGamer Audan says:

    Is goofy a robot

  6. Sabrina Dhanraj says:

    Goofy broke to pieces ?

  7. Ana Luisa says:

    I've always been in love with Donald, but this Donald is such a 2.0 in cuttness and bitterness, He's so fun ♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆

  8. Anthony Nichols says:

    Now this is by far, one of the best and hilarious Mickey Mouse shorts I've seen yet! Can't even stop laughing!!!!! ?????

  9. Wilbur Robinson never fails! // Felicia Nguyen says:

    I wish mickey will have lots of stuff like this

  10. George Bishop says:

    1:16 was funny that made me laugh XD

  11. Benny Boi says:

    Whatever these animators were paid it wasn't enough.

  12. Comixed Imagination says:


  13. andrew edwards says:

    0:38 when me and my brother see goofy playing our world on minecraft when we told him not to

  14. Fun GamePlay says:

    Hi everybody from KiKi panda. KiKi love all of you and this video. Bestwishes for all of you!I am so fun and useful for babies! I will try and try ! Thank you so much !

  15. bursty boi says:

    We're his throat

  16. Hector Gonzalez says:


  17. Taekuk Is life says:

    lol Mickey is my best disney movie so far and ariel too…but I prefer Mickey Mouse when it was black and white ..???????

    I’m curious… what’s your favorite Disney movie…?

  18. Estrella Valentina Loayza Capcha says:


  19. hornymaneee says:

    That was a weird one. ?

  20. Blake Nugent says:

    His eyes look like onions

  21. stev says:

    Things are getting


  22. Sukhdeep Gill says:


  23. KWFun Channel says:

    1:48 So who is talking about this? Just me? Anyone? (●’o’●)

  24. Jack Riba says:

    It looks like Mickey and Donald have really “Gone to pieces!”

  25. Holy Stars says:

    0:43 mask Obito)))

  26. Heitor Correia says:

    Mickey Mouse momento de montar

  27. Carmen Wilder says:

    2:09 V R O O M

  28. Hanne Kirkebø says:

    C O C K T A I L S W E I N E R S

  29. Yerykendy Lopez says:

    GOOFY FELL APART!!!!??????????????????

  30. Military Uniform Princess says:

    0:25–0:38 Ennard from FNAF in a nutshell

  31. Military Uniform Princess says:

    This is basically a FNAF style episode

  32. Margara Venegas says:

    Did anyone notice that when mickey was yelling he had one tooth????
    Like if you saw

  33. Dustin Eldridge says:


  34. Matthew Zollinger says:

    1:16 1:27

  35. BullDozer says:

    Im in love with mickey?

  36. Isaac Guerrero says:

    Mr potato head in a nutshell

  37. Country Style Videos says:

    Legos IRL

  38. Corgski says:

    Wait did Disney try to be kid friendly about Mickey mouse and Donald witnessing Goofy die and them trying to re create him which fails most of time! ?

  39. LewisMono2007’s New Channel says:

    The book series ‘Parts’ but Disney.

  40. José Tugrí says:


  41. Ruby Barnes says:

    Mickey Mouse is my favorite disney cartoon

  42. Emily sweet Gacha life says:

    I missed this episode of Mickey Mouse…

  43. Rudyolf Schiermeister says:

    I love montages

  44. AlanaDaMoonDemon 15 says:

    – Choatic friendship intestifies –

  45. Britney Spears says:


  46. Britney Spears says:


  47. Zry Garcia says:

    Not true you can’t break into pieces sub guys

  48. SonicBro 64 says:

    Mickey: Goofy broke

    Donald: understandable have a nice day

  49. Devon Mike says:

    Bruh Just Call Law To use Room Shambles

  50. Steven Connelly says:

    That's disturbing!

  51. Salt and pepper says:

    1:16 when there is a new Mickey mouse short!

  52. Patricia Palafox says:

    Goofy this has gone all over again guess you have to find a way to put Mickey and Donald back together again

  53. ポリオシンコ says:


  54. Tuxedo Penguins says:

    I can honestly say that I enjoyed The Tell-Tale Goof.

  55. Y S says:

    I have never seen like this violence ?

  56. SoupIsEdgy says:

    that ending tho

  57. Sonic The hedgehog fan000 post only sonic videos says:

    Well…this was a horror film

  58. Hilary Lyall says:

    0:25 But, he skated crazily, mid-sentence.

  59. BrendanLM says:

    And this little ? had roast beef.

  60. Mandi Schmidt says:

    This cartoon is basically just the decorations at downtown Disney in Anaheim currently


    2:18 me in Mario kart when im in 12th place tryna get in 1st

  62. Lol arnarolafson says:

    like a mr potato head

  63. Flor Sanchez says:

    I love the art style and its not one of thoses 3d animations

  64. Ditch-11 says:

    I was half expecting Goofy to be some kind of robot replica. Shame on me for using logic

  65. guo ren says:

    Is this a referrence of roblox?

  66. QUEEN OF WOLVES 101 says:

    He shouldent have put on the skates

  67. QueenMattias Adora Cantar2018 Sanabria Chacon says:

    2:31 donald and mickey crying Jajajajajaj

  68. Regi DS says:

    So Goofy is a transformer?

  69. budder815lions says:


  70. Rebbot Animations says:

    R.I.P. Goofy #1 1932-2005

  71. Rebbot Animations says:

    R.I.P. Goofy #2 2005-2019

  72. Rebbot Animations says:

    Goofy #3 2019-

  73. DantesVEVO says:

    #Amazing #Mickey #Love #Disney

  74. EJ Animates YT says:

    This is the only cartoon channel that shows all of it

  75. Rebbot Animations says:

    R.I.P. Goofy #1 1932-2005

  76. Siva Mata says:

    Mickey andGoofyพูดว่าไม่นะ36

  77. LunaStarAsh says:

    I can speak like Micky for somereason also minni

  78. Ashlyn Pearl says:

    They really think goofy is a car monster thing

  79. Zara Evee says:

    If I had seen this as a child I would have been scarred for life ?

  80. Zayan World says:

    Awing awing awing awing!!!!!!

  81. ark GAMING says:

    I love this !

  82. Matt Mumma says:

    mickey says to stay calm but he goes carzy

  83. Sweet Candy Suga Army says:

    Donald:"Walt Disney built Goofy in a CAVE! With a box of SCRAPS!"
    Mickey:"Sorry, Donald! I'm not Walt Disney!"

  84. TGF Studios says:


  85. Roan_da_Gamer says:

    and now i wonder

    how is he still alive

  86. Hussam Alhib says:


  87. Jeff Kane says:

    Goofy makes me laugh so hard until I wet myself

  88. maria montana says:


  89. Koopa Troopa says:

    Mickey- what's with the roallerscaters
    Goofy-well you see ACGRsFFxzb

  90. Yuri Fukada says:

    Muito bem antigo Egito Pateta parece muito bem Osíris sabe por quê porque o seu irmão cortou Osíris em várias partes do corpo é a Disney inspirou muito bem misturação do Egito faz muito bem Osíris

  91. Edgame T says:


  92. RedGemAlchemist says:

    You can really tell the writers had an insane amount of fun with this.

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