Giant Robot Mech befriends Little Girl @ Comic-Con 2013

Giant Robot Mech befriends Little Girl @ Comic-Con 2013

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Giant Robot Mech befriends Little Girl @ Comic-Con 2013

  1. IAmTheRedStranger says:

    Sorry, meant that comment for the Stan Lee video….

  2. hidrowiz1313 says:

    this is cute lol

  3. tadm123 says:

    Fake. Robots have no emotions.

  4. Joseph W says:

    At least he was polite and asked if he could destroy you 🙂

  5. Connor Mackenzie says:

    It's not a AI, someone's controlling it

  6. Disconnected says:


  7. esurfer26 says:

    Landmate from 1985 Appleseed manga series!

  8. angel sotelo says:

    Can destroy you xD

  9. Fodderbot says:

    you wish it was big enough to call the big one.

  10. LimaRain says:

    he said,. may I destroy you or can I,.,..?

  11. Stan Winston School says:

    LimaRain, He said, "MAY I destroy you?" Giant Robot Mech is exceedingly polite. -Matt

  12. Amy Nicole Sturgeon says:

    GOD, he is just GORGEOUS!! You guys are GENIUS!!!

  13. Maranatha Singers says:


  14. jorgecameras1 says:

    niña 🙂

  15. khabbab naji amrani says:


  16. zak zaki says:

    Next year TERMINATOR

  17. DJRockinRob says:

    Awesome Bot, bad actor 🙁

  18. Pobreng Riders says:

    beg like

  19. Sergio Calderón Apaéstegui says:

    so cute, nice robot

  20. andoi9292 says:

    HAI BRUCE! 😀

  21. Sazuko says:

    That was the most Threatening "Please Clap for Zoey" Ever O_O I would have been so scared not to clap~ lol

  22. ProjectICONcustom says:

    How is that fake, we know it's a costume but still a hell of a show

  23. Stan Winston School says:

    Well, NNB, a guy is wearing it. – David

  24. SsnakeBite says:

    Please, the man inside is merely another gear.

  25. World's Best Bike Pedal says:

    <— Click here to watch GEARZILLA ( giant robot)

  26. KelpTheGreat says:

    I want a shirt that says "Robot Security" now.

  27. bartwreck says:

    Yodel in HIFI: there is also a yodeling robot in love with dolly parton!

  28. Nappafaction says:

    Could have fooled me, I thought it was just an intricately designed robot with a master puppeteer at the controls off screen somewhere…

  29. maikaze89 says:


  30. Sunny Days says:

    man inside?!! thanks for breaking my heart…

  31. Cesar Salcido says:

    That was gold "please clap for Zoey" h.u.d reads locked on weapons armed

  32. Kaye B. says:


  33. Stan Winston School says:

    Zoey was great. And I'm sure she'll never forget meeting Giant Robot Mech. -Matt

  34. Gavin Dissinger says:

    No more bullys lol

  35. jorge gonzalez says:

    i want a friend like that

  36. TheLamelyNamed says:

    You know whats interesting about this? The US government has a REAL one that will be responsible for oppressing the populace when they decide to protest and revolt against the government. Afraid that the soldiers and police might join the protest? No worries, the robots and drones will subjugate them in no time. 

    This is the future, this is how earth will be controlled by the elite and rich ruling class, FOREVER. Iron boots on your activist ass. Unless Anonymous can hack them first. 

  37. TheEmoHealer says:

    that thing is so fucking AWESOME!
    I must has it.

  38. Naseem Shanboor says:

    dont know if its an inspiration or an insult to robotics industry but it is amusing to watch

  39. Dylan Wintle says:

    I'm not sure whether this beats kurata, Probably costs a hell of a lot to run and build. (I am aware it is not actually an A.I.)

  40. The Noose says:

    I wouldn't let my kid near that

  41. WildRocker001 says:

    That was cute lol

  42. PesteNoire88 says:

    Bizarre and quite amazing!!!

  43. Slaughter Wolf says:

    Thats awesome!

  44. Partypaddo says:

    I love mechs for some reason.
    Can you make me one;)

  45. Krondon / SSR says:


  46. kelsey lambert says:

    I bet that made the girls day

  47. TheKrottyKid says:

    What if the guy in the robot suit has to take a crap?

  48. VT Production says:


  49. The Shadow`Moto says:

    Duda Noja lol

  50. YourFriendlyTroll says:

    holy fuck some people are insane building these things!

  51. Finn Jenkins says:

    OH THE FEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Man Lil says:

    epic costume.

  53. Nintendo Nation says:

    Robot: Can I destroy you? Zoey: No. Robot: Oh…. Okay….

  54. Dutch Van Der Linde says:

    That whole interaction was awkward…

  55. elgostine says:

    aww how cute, the little girl befriended a giant robo..t….

    waaait, this is how most anime series start….

  56. starscreamwarrior says:

    Cutest video EVER!!

  57. THEFIRE360 says:

    must have…

  58. Winter Is The Best Season says:

    I wish i could have that job.

  59. Lovalux says:

    this is lame is just a guy in a suit 

  60. Rage Quit Hero says:

    the to small arms look really dumb

  61. Mynameis Nomo says:

    Super !

  62. Joseph Gonzalez says:

    Is it not possible to use these kind of robots for real life combat?

  63. RundFyrkant says:

    So it begins…
    Implementing in the young human population that roboticwarmachines want to be friends with humans

  64. Nicholas Vaters says:

    dude just imagine this thing for body guard or bouncer duty somewhere. awesome job guys

  65. PheonixYT says:

    This is badass

  66. Robert Perry says:

    this girl will be the first female mech pilot of the future

  67. Dragon-Soul_912 says:

    Coool!!! xD

  68. Professional Player says:

    awesome very scary kkk

  69. Kzero says:

    Always been a dream of mine to pilot a suit like this and make people happy. This is amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  70. Sparxo says:

    Robot says "I gotta take a shit" Poo Splatters all over mech

  71. JimJim Imnida says:

    its only a mascot

  72. Matthew says:

    Amazing!!! Truly, long live practical effects, death to using CGI in live action motion pictures!! Thank you, Stan Winston school! <3

  73. Superherosolution says:

    Ok, where's the movie?

  74. Superherosolution says:

    Stan Winston School-I saw the video. I meant, where's the big screen movie based on this video? 🙂 Seems like it'd be a great practical effects movie about a little girl and her giant robot friend-protecter. Maybe a Kickstarter campaign? Crowd fund it!!! Thanks!

  75. marby joy cruzat says:

    I want that robot.please. make. Me

  76. slicKerss says:

    There is a guy in there right?

  77. ONES says:

    OMG, this is amazing!

  78. Krillkill112 says:

    This is so cool i want one lol i love mechs/robots

  79. YourD3aDXd D3aDXd says:

    good robot you are a kind robot.

  80. Invader Pikachu says:

    This video is adorable!!!

  81. 밥상머리예절 says:

    Can't walk?

  82. Act29Productions says:

    xD he was running out of things to say, pressures on

  83. not good at names lol says:

    If only there weren't damn people inside.

  84. Anderson Padilha Vigil says:

    this is real robot or fake ? uau !!! I like !!!

  85. Markito_ Kun says:

    it aint real its just a guy in it

  86. Felipe Mendes says:


  87. Meghna Nair says:


  88. CIA says:

    Can't be be a little more tough and less corny? Lol… are there more videos on how this costume works and how that whole voice thing works out?
    I've been trying to find videos on Megatron and this is the closet I got, I just find it very interesting on how everything works. You guys did a great job.

  89. Gamers Paradise says:

    Wow is that real.its so big

  90. zoe vlogs says:

    This is one of my favorite memories of when I went to comic con I was like 7 years old and I still remember this video. I loved meeting this cool robot at comic con

  91. bobby lee says:

    If they're gonna put guns on it and make it seem like a nice robot then remember that one day he won't be a nice robot

  92. Colombian flag says:

    Why the dislikes this is a cool video.

  93. Zack Beckner Vlogs says:


  94. Justin Payne says:

    This is so cute! 👍🤖👧💕💕

  95. chirine mimicha says:

    Ne faites pas l intéressante petite fille il est dangeufeux

  96. Craig B says:

    when dreams come true……..

  97. Stan Winston School says:

    CLICK for Full Story: – Balázs

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