Giant Lego Mayor VS Lego Batman & Jack! Superhero Adventure with Lego Toys In Real Life!

Giant Lego Mayor VS Lego Batman & Jack! Superhero Adventure with Lego Toys In Real Life!

[Upbeat dance music] Hey kid! Uh-huh? [Upbeat dance music] What in the world? Be careful, kid! Oops, sorry! [Upbeat dance music] [Laser beam] [Gasps] [Laser beam] Ahhh! What in the world? Am I in LEGO Land? [Gasps] Are you LEGO Batman? You got it, kid! Batman, I’m so glad you’re here! What am I doing here? Why am I so tiny? I shrunk you down because
I needed your help. Because of you, the villain Mayor of our
town built a magic machine that makes him really big like you. He’s in disguise right now in your house and he’s gonna turn the
whole world into LEGO. Because of me? What did I do? You left a bunch of stuff on the table. And the Mayor was able to play with it and he built a machine! Seriously? You’re telling me just because
I didn’t put my toys away that I’ve now endangered the whole world? That’s pretty much it, kid. Okay, what do you need me to do? I’m here to help, Lego Batman! Alright! [Hands clap] Alright kid, focus. We need to retrieve my ultimate,
awesome, make-big tool! Otherwise known as the Bat Laser! Uh, you should just call it the Bat Laser. Where is it? We must go on a long quest. We will face enemies that
we’ve never encountered before. Climb higher than you’ve ever climbed, obstacles we will face
will be unmeasureable as we travel to there. Uh, the end of the table? That’s so easy, let’s go right now! It’s too dangerous to go alone, kid! We need some help. I’ll ask Jerry to come along for backup. Hey Jerry, can you please come and help us on our mega, awesome quest? [Crickets Chirping] Jerry? [Crickets Chirping] Or are you gonna sit there
all day and just stare? [Crickets Chirping] Ugh, Jerry doesn’t wanna come! He does this every time! We don’t need help, we
could’ve been there by now, come on, let’s go! Nooooo! [Toy Car Wheels Rolling] Noooo! [Playful Music] What is that? That, would be the obstacle
that I was talking about. Barbie, who should we play with today? Freeze, kid! I know, how about Batman and this guy? Let’s go for a ride in my Barbie car! [Shuffling] Batman, this car is much
nicer than the ugly Batmobile! Ewww, Kalia’s Barbie car! Ugh, I dislike it when she does this. I don’t belong in a Barbie car! I’m Batman! [Toy Car Wheels Rolling] Whoa! Whoa! [Adventure Music] Whoaaa, whoaaaaa! [Swooshing] Well, this is kinda fun! It feels like a roller coaster! Whooo-hoooo! Oh, kid. You should not be enjoying this! What? It feels fun! It’s not fun, okay?! Get your seatbelt on, now! We’re going down! Barbie is kinda cute, though. [Laughs] [Barbie Giggles] Ooooo! Knock it off! [Toy Car Wheels Rolling] Feels like a roller coaster. Woohoo! Ooh, I am getting too old for this. [Cheering] Woohoo! We should go on
roller coasters more often! Put us down! Put us DOWN! Woohoo! Go up, go up, go up, go up! Go up, go up, go up!
Noooo! You guys stay right here! [Dance Music] We gotta hurry, kid! Come on, Robin! We gotta do this! I’m not Robin, I’m Jack! Oh, yeah. Sorry. We made it. Go that way kid and I’ll
make you bigger again! Remember, the Mayor’s in disguise! He could be anyone! Hit it, Batman! [Laser beam] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! [Adventure music] Hey Kaden, whatcha up to? [Robotic Voice] Oh, hello.
You must be my human brother. Human brother? That’s right. I am your human brother. Why are you talking like that? What are you talking about? Hmmm, so suspicious! Let’s give you a test to see
if you’re my real brother. What kind of test? Let’s see, if you’re really Kaden, then what’s your favorite game? Um, um… I love doing the dishes. The dishes? You’re not my brother! My brother would never say that! You’re the LEGO Mayor in disguise! [Gasps] [Fun music] Get back here, get back here! You’re not my brother,
you’re not my brother! I’m your brother, I’m your brother! How do you know it was me? LEGO Batman told me! That LEGO Batman! I’m gonna stop your sneaky business! You’ll never catch me! [Feet Stomping] Stop right there, Mayor! [Mysterious Laugh] Batman, blast him now! Alright kid, hold him still
so I can get him small again! Nope! Get out of the way! You’re coming with me! Mwah ha ha ha!
Noooo! [Laser beam] [Scuffling] [Both] Ahhhhh! Bwah ha ha haaa! Great, now I’m small again. Guards! Get them! Nooo! [Soldiers marching] Quick kid, run this way! Hurry, let’s go! [Marching] Come on kid! Run, run!
Put your knees into it! Hey, get back here! That Bat Laser is mine! Oh no, where should we hide? Quick, get on the roller coaster! Great idea! Seatbelt on kid, here we go! And GO! Whoa! Mwah ha ha ha! Oh no! The laser belongs to me! He followed us! Ahhhh! Whoaaaa! [Excitement on Rollercoaster] [Adventure Music] Whoaaaa! [Adventure Music] The Bat Laser belongs to me! No way, Mayor! No way! You’ll never have this laser again! Ahhhh! [Fun Adventure Music] [Gasps] Jerry! [Laser beam] What? Yeah! Yeah, Jerry! Jerry! [Mayor] Boooooo! Ha ha ha! Yeah, Jerry! The roller coaster stopped! Jack, run to the laser! [Mayor] Guards! Stop that kid! [Soldiers Marching] [Laser beam] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I’m big again! Thanks, Jerry! [Crowd cheering] I think I’ll take the Bat
Laser for safekeeping! Hmm, what should I do with the bad guys? How about you, “Mister Mayor?” Whoa, whoa, hey! What are you doing? Let
me down! Let me down! You guys are going to jail. No! No! Not to the jail! No, no, no! Anywhere else,
anyplace else besides jail! Nooooooo! Not in here, AGAIN! Hey, Mister Mayor are you lonely in there? How about we invite your friends? Yeah! Yeah! I totally did that! Batman rocks! Let me hear it! Let me hear it! Yeah, go Batman! Excuse me? Alright, fine you helped
out a little bit too, kid! Epic adventure, Batman! Way to go! Let’s celebrate! [Fun Dance music] [Clapping] [Fun Dance Music] I guess the lesson of the
day kid is: in the future, always put your toys away! Don’t forget to like and subscribe below! Don’t you wanna share this
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