weeee wow Spiderman is awesome wow you okay? Yea I am It’s spiderman giant egg kids let’s crack the egg Welcome to Ryan ToysReview kids, I wonder what’s inside It’s spiderman Kids, look how big he is! Is he cool? yay! yay! yay! kids, let’s see what else is inside It’s shooting spiderman It even launch missile! let’s open int look at the blade kids, the blade even spins I wonder what’s inside, I’m so excited 4 spiderman kids, aren’t they all cool? Which one is your favorite? kids, my favorite is this one, kids what is your favorite one? I wonder what’s next! I’m so excited What! Spiderman vehicles and another one, and another one kids, these vehicles are cool and they even launch missiles! What’s inside what! Kids look, you can put spiderman together I wonder what’s next It’s spiderman web! Kids, look kids, we can use it to make spiderweb wow wow I’m going to get you kids wow oh mommy, I think I got you. Oh yea I’m going to get spidey wow I think it’s hanging on the house kids, now for the super fun part weeee weeee I’m so excited water time spiderman is awesome weeeee If you like this video, please subscribe I’m going to get you spidey wow see I’m cleaning off the spider web ah oh you okay? Yay, I am Bye don’t forget to subscribe see you later bye to infinity and beyond let’s use micro drifters If you want more giant egg by Ryan, please subscribe Bye don’ forget to subscribe see you later bye Hey look, it’s toy story

David Anderson

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