“Get Ready With Us” Disney World | Twins Brooklyn & Bailey

“Get Ready With Us” Disney World | Twins Brooklyn & Bailey

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, it’s Brooklyn and Bailey. And welcome back to our channel, we miss you guys! So, today’s video is going to be a get ready with us Disney World edition, and you all know we are huge fans. – Uh huh! – So, it’s gonna be awesome! – Don’t forget to give this video if you also love Disney World. Our goal is 100,000 thumbs up, so click our like button.
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you can just hit subscribe, and see a bunch of our videos. Not, on the Get Ready with Me. – Let’s go! This is the outfit that I
decided to wear to Disney World. To start, I am wearing comfortable shoes, and this awesome grade tees, along with my Minnie Mouse. I have to show my Disney World spirit, and then, I carried my
backpack around with me, which held all my stuff in the park. Along with that, I have my magic band; and my hair was pulled up with a bandanna, a braid, and a ponytail. (upbeat music) – My Disney outfit
starts with my converse, because they’re my most favorite and my most comfortable pair of shoes. And then, I’m wearing this pair of capris, because they keep me warm,
but also cool in the weather. And then, I just have a
jacket tied around my wiast in case I get cold watching the fireworks, or a show or something of the sort. And then, I’m sporting a
Disney World spirit shirt of course because I
love Minnie and Mickey. And then, I have my hair pulled up in two braids, crossed, because I have to have it out of my face. (upbeat music) – The next thing you can do to get ready to go to Disney World, is to pick out your favorite
Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears, and to put them on.
(upbeat music) If you want to wear mascara to the park, one trick is to use waterproof mascara, that way if you go on any of the awesome water rides in Disney World,
your mascara will stay on. – Of course you need to pack
a backpack for your trip, but first, I’m gonna put all my little essentials in this bag. It’s got Minnies from different
time eras all over it, and I’m just gonna put some
hand sanitizer in the bag to make sure my hands are
sanitized during the day. And if you’re like me, you
don’t let anything stop you, including blisters, on
your Disney World trip. So I pack and extra bag of Band-Aids, and wear some comfortable
shoes to prevent them. And of course you always wanna keep your lips nice and moisturized,
so I’m just gonna pack some Chapstick in my bag. (upbeat music) I don’t know about you
guys, but I love eating the delicious ice cream bars, and lemonade while we’re in Disney World. So, we always pack wipes to clean off our sticky hands afterwards. (upbeat music) And of course, I’m gonna
pack some hair bands, to pull my hair outta my face when I go on the awesome rides. It’s always good to be prepared, so we pack some ibuprofen. Now that we are done
packing our Minnie bag, we will go ahead and put
that in our backpack. The first item we are going to be putting in our backpack is the
Hidden Mickeys book . I don’t know about you
all, but I love looking for the hidden Mickeys in Disney World. So, we decided to pack that book and here we are finding one! (upbeat music) We like to pack some small bags of snacks, so between meals at the great restaurants in Disney World, we have something to snack on
while we go on rides. (upbeat music) It’s always important to stay hydrated while you’re walking
around having a ton of fun. So, I’m just gonna pack a
tiny little water bottle. – One of my favorite
things to pack in my bag is a bandanna, because you can wet it down and use as a cool rag to help cool you off in the hot sun. I know that one of the
things that I like to pack is a vlogging camera, because I like to video all of the trips that we go on, and I love to take lots of pictures to keep for memories later. If you’re like us, we
love to spend all day in Disney World walking around, so we like to pack some sunscreen to keep our skin safe. (upbeat music) We always pack an umbrella, because the weather can
be so unpredictable, and sometimes it can start
raining, kinda like this. (rain falling) (upbeat music) One trick that we learned, is you can put your phone
in a plastic baggie, and zip it up tight. That way you can carry
it with you on all those awesome water rides in Disney World. (upbeat music) And of course, you cannot
forget your autograph book for all the awesome Disney characters, and I’ve also got a Minnie
Mouse pen to go along with it! (upbeat music) Doesn’t Paisley make the
cutest Minnie Mouse ever? (upbeat music) – And last, but not least, one of my favorite things to pack for my Disney World trip is my misting spray bottle, because it keeps me nice and cool in the sunny weather, and it also gives me a dramatic hair flip. (upbeat music) – Guys, guess what? – We filmed a video with Disney World, called the Best Day Ever. Basically, where we
got to go choose and do whatever we thought would be the best day ever in Disney World. – And in our case, we picked
to go through all the parks, and ride all the thrill rides in – [Both] One day! – It actually happened, if you wanna see it happen, click this box right here, or the link in the description box below. Thank you guys so much, we love you guys to the moon and back! And we’ll see yall next week. – [Both] Bye! (upbeat music)

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