Get Ready to Sing Along! ? | Bluey | Disney Junior

Get Ready to Sing Along! ? | Bluey | Disney Junior

( music playing )( doorbell rings )
– They’re here.
New friends are coming
to play.
– all: Yeah!
– ( laughing ) –Introducing…
– kids:Bluey!
( laughing ) Ready or not, here I come. ( laughing ) – all: Mum!
– Hello, dear. Oh, whack-a-do.
I won’t be messing with you. – ( mumbling )
– all: Dad. Hello.
What up, party people? – Yeah!
– ( giggles ) – all: Bingo!
– Oh, hello. Let’s boogie.
Hey, grownup.Get ready to play
with Bluey.
( squeals )
Whoo! – ( giggles )
A brand new show.Premieres Monday, September 9
at 4:30 on Disney Junior,
On Demand,
and in the Disney Now app.
kids: Bluey!

David Anderson

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16 thoughts on “Get Ready to Sing Along! ? | Bluey | Disney Junior

  1. 율준수TV says:

    So Lovely?Fantastic?Wonderful Video?

  2. Gala & You, the 6 says:

    When is it coming to Disney Junior Spain? Can’t wait!

  3. Uli Toys Review says:

    Adorable and fun!

  4. 흔한일상 says:

    Cute cute

  5. Play-doh and toys says:

    Cute ⭐️?

  6. Jennifer Frick says:

    I'm So Happy That Bluey Is Coming To Disney Junior Day After Tomorrow!

  7. timmy 900 says:

    I love Bluey

  8. Aisha Nisar says:

    how an Australian show blocked in Australia on youtube

  9. Aisha Nisar says:

    the episode on youtube

  10. Facepalmer Chaos says:

    I love Bluey! I may not have been born in Australia but now I love the show Australia4Life??

  11. Justin Murray says:

    Bluey is cool

  12. timmy 900 says:

    Bluey is my favorite

  13. Facepalmer Chaos says:

    0:05 Bandit (Bluey’s Dad) is sleeping!!! ?

  14. Facepalmer Chaos says:

    0:27 who saw Bluey’s ears sticking out of the bed and Bluey’s Dad’s (Bandit) ?? feet?

  15. Derrick Leyva says:

    Who loved the show I love it because I watched every single episode

  16. Codetski Jaigobin says:

    I Love how they Make Every Day Full of Fun and Adventure.

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