GERT CHANGED FOREVER!? – Runaways: Am I The Girl You Used To Know?

GERT CHANGED FOREVER!? – Runaways: Am I The Girl You Used To Know?

today on the show we’re going to be
talking about two side stories from runaways one where Gert is changed
forever and the other where we finally find out what happened to Klara [Music] so
before we get into this because it’s been a while since we’ve gone over
everything let me recap you’re on Gert’s story really quickly So in the
first run of the Runaways, Gert found out that her parents were evil time travelerswho had a dinosaur genetically engineered for her that she shares a psychic link to To all of the other runaways she was known for her sass and her bluntness but she
had so much heart and her heart eventually caught the attention of Chase
and the two became a couple that no one saw coming they worked really well together
and brought out the best in each other but unfortunately Chase kissed Nico
this stirred up issues between Gert and Chase and Nico and Gert but she would
eventually forgive him but before she could finally tell him that she forgives
him she would be killed by time-displaced version of Alex’s dad. Chase was heartbroken by this and never fully go over her death. He even attempted to sacrifice his own life to bring her back at one point. Eventually, chase would use Gerts parents old time machine, to travel back into the past to pick up gert on her deathbead, and bring her forward in time to the present day, and with the help of Nico, they were able to save Gert before she died, But years have passed at this point, So while chase was now a grown man, Gert was still a teenage girl! The two had to come to realise, they cant be together anymore, As Gert put it, you might have come back for me, but you didn’t wait for me. On top of that, everyone else has slightly changed and grown in their personality over the past few years
which has Gert kind of feeling slightly out of place in a the team which brings us
to today’s story So the story begins on a Saturday morning and Gert is trying to
get Chase’s attention you see the two of them every Saturday morning used to stay
in bed till their stomachs were hurting and then we’d go out and get food
together just with each other but Chase seems to have forgotten about this and
Gert is trying to get his attention and when Chase eventually says so did you
need me for something Gert is like no no I’m just a bit bored
and Chase says why don’t you go out and get some air and this is also when Gert
sees that Chase has a tattoo of her name on his torso in that moment she realizes
he’s forgotten all about some of their traditions Gert is super upset by this
so she decides to actually go out for a little while and as she’s storming
through the hostel she does run into Nico Karolina and Molly and Nico does
say oh Gert where you going and Gert is just like out and Nico says let’s go plus
sized clothes shopping I’ll show you all the best boutiques and Gert
just no not having this she is really upset Also, there’s this really cute
part where Molly’s like hey can someone help me get Victor down from the ceiling
I tied balloons to him but Gert is so upset she even tells Old Lace to stay
behind in response to all of this Nico is just like I would rather swallow
knives than be 16 again and Karolina is like this isn’t hormones she’s genuinely
upset Karolina explains that overnight for Gert
even though it’s been years for the rest of them
Gert lost her time and she lost her boyfriend
Nico sort of realizes the reason Karolina can empathize of all of this is
because she recently lost Xavin so when Nico does say this, Karolina’s
like yeah but you lost Alex and Nico’s like no I never had what you and Xavin
had or what Gert and Chase had with Alex me and Alex we were just kids after this
Nico changes the subject and suggests they go out for a little bit and
Karolina’s like fine but first we need to get Victor off of the ceiling and
Nico’s like no I need to finish your eyebrows this is when Doombot comes to
visit and when he sees Victor stuck on the ceiling with a bunch of balloons
wrapped around him he’s like a Stein why would you do this to Victor and Chase is
just like this was not me and Victor’s just like I told Molly I missed flying
she was trying to help we then go to Chase’s tech room where they begin the
process of repairing Victor and Doombot pulls out a vibranium battery for Chase
to use and Victor’s like if that’s vibranium I don’t want it and Chase is
like yeah but it’s full your new body and Victor is like no get it away from
me I do not want it keep in mind Doombot and Chase do not know the
context of why Victor doesn’t even have a body anymore cuz remember Victor
essentially lost his body in the vision book if you don’t know the story behind
the vision book I will totally cover it please let me know comments down below
because that is like a fantastic book but this is when Doombot pulls out this like
black mech body and he just picks Victor up and puts him on it and when Victor
is put on the body Doombot is super proud of himself he
explains that even though the body is less human it’s better than his old one
purely because everyone knows he’s a robot now so he doesn’t need to look
like himself but Victor’s looking down seeing that he
doesn’t look like himself or feel like himself that he’s literally in the wrong
body and he has this massive panic attack and demands that Chase take him
off right now the whole time he’s having a panic attack his arms are turning into
weapons it’s a whole thing and by the time he’s in Molly’s arms again he
breaks down crying and this is all because he just saw himself on a body
that wasn’t him it wasn’t his by the time Victor Molly leave the room Doombot
super confused about what just happened there because don’t forget doombot sort of has
has a little bit of a harder time understanding human emotions and Doombot
and Chase sort of admit the two of them don’t know how to recreate Victor’s body
but Chase does suggest that Doombot leave this new body behind
so if Victor changes his mind he can just be stuck on it and Doombot’s
like what do you take me for Stein a fool and then Chase is just like no you
are doom and Doombot’s like I am Doom then we go back to LA now keep in mind
for this scene Gert’s whole thing is that she was unique that she looked
different, and as she’s wandering through LA she quickly realizes having purple
hair doesn’t make you unique or different anymore so even in society
she’s beginning to feel a little bit out of place so she takes herself into a
drugstore and picks up some hair dye it is worth noting she picks up the hair
dye on Karolina’s card back with Molly and Victor the two of them are talking
and Molly really wants to understand what happened there because again she’s
just a kid and she thought Victor looked amazing in
her own words he had guns coming out of his ears she asks if Victor had some
kind of allergic reaction to the body and Victor just like you know I just
sort of looked down and realized what I could become and I wasn’t okay with that
and Molly’s like you mean you could become a total badass and Victor is just
like yes yes I could become a total badass and I don’t want that and Molly
tells him to cheer up because she and Rufus already think he’s a total badass
and Victor tells her thank you and he also tells her to watch her language
because she is like 12 or 13 years old and should not be using those words When Molly and Victor come downstairs Doombot is there waiting for them and he
apologizes for not getting Victor’s permission to put him
that body like that and not getting his opinion on the body beforehand Victor
does apologize and say is sorry I just couldn’t make that body work it’s just
not me and Doombot is like no your form is
yours you don’t have anything to apologize for
it’s on me for insisting that you should look like that as he’s about to leave
Molly invites him to stay for dinner and doombots like I don’t eat and that’s when
Chase walks in is like never does Karolina she only eats nuts and pastes –
Nico and Karolina walk in and Nico’s like she also eats fermented mushroom
cheese so then Nico suggests that they all go out and get pizza
and that’s when they realize they haven’t seen Gert in a few hours
apparently she stormed upstairs after she got back in and that’s when Gert
comes down and everyone is astonished by her new look they all think she looks
amazing Molly runs up to her and is so excited
by both the pizza and Gert’s new hair and she says that the two of them look like
sisters now and that she wants to get taco pizza because she and gert are the only
ones that like taco pizza and gert is just like sure whatever you want Molly now
about a week before all of this happened our team did go in a bit of a field trip
they managed to track down Klara now if you don’t know who Klara is Klara is
this mutant from the past that the team brought forward in time because she
worked in a factory and was an abusive relationship she was only nine years old
and she was a child bride that was beaten daily the problem is Klara never
fully adjusted to their time keep in mind they were a team of Runaways so she
never had a chance to settle down and explore the modern day but keep in mind
our team do not trust adults they have not had a single good experience with
adults so they were prepared to have to fight to get Klara back
they knew that whoever was fostering Klara had to be the worst of the worst
so they open the door and one of her foster parents is like who are you
people and all of the runaways like oh we’re
Klara’s friends from before can we see her
and then Molly sees her standing in the hallway and so she runs in and hugs her
old friend she’s so excited to see her because again Molly loves everyone but
she really loves her friends when they go to Klara’s bedrooms she goes look I’m
happy to see all of you but why you hear and when they’re like we’re
here to take you back Klara is like don’t you dare do that to me she tells everyone that Josh and Paul her foster parents are her family now
and they want to adopt her Gert and Karolina try telling Klara that she’s
wrong and she can’t trust adults Nico who has actually had a few good
experiences with adults at this point it just surprised that Klara is down with
the gays and when Nico actually says this out loud Klara’s like Nico you were
the one that showed me I was wrong Klara eventually says look I know you all mean
well but I never want to live like that again we never settle down anywhere for
long we were always on the run we were always scared I don’t want to go back to
that you can come and visit me but don’t take me away and then Molly tells her
they’re grown-ups there’s a good chance that they’re evil and Klara says I don’t
believe that anymore so the team leave and while they are upset Klara
won’t be coming with them they do understand
Klara’s just doing exactly what they did she’s choosing family the only thing is
she’s not choosing their family and as they drive away Molly begins to cry and
that’s where the story ends. it’s no secret that I love this run on the
runaways Chris Anka and Rainbow Rowell, they’re like a dream team in my eyes and
I really can’t wait to read more every month every month once it’s done I’m just like
oh now I have to wait another month I think it sort of balances the fact that the
Runaways are sort of like on the fringe of the Marvel Universe while being
affected by the events of the Marvel Universe while not wanting to fight
while being forced to fight occasionally perfectly and I like that there’s not an
action scene in every issue I like that it balances the fact that the Runaways
are not a hero team they’re just trying to survive and something I really like
about this book that really stands out to me is each character’s sense of
fashion is very very modern like Nico just looks like a Killstar catalog
literally looks like a Killstar catalog I likes that Chase was wearing the
cropped tank top like yeah cuz that’s a very modern thing I mean heck even look
at Molly she looks like a kid that’s on tick-tock I will be honest when I
found out Gert was getting brown hair I
a little bit hesitant and then I read the issue and I was like actually this
feels like a natural evolution for the character in terms of fashion I think
there’s only one comic that actually rivals this comic and that’s Snot Girl
and snot girl is literally a comic about a fashion influencer so I know I
normally cover entire trade paperbacks in two videos this would be
the second video in runaways best friends forever but I actually have left
an issue out of this video because I feel this issue blends better in with
the next trade paperback so you’ll be getting a slightly longer runaways video
next time so next time we’re going to be seeing the return of The Runaways and
greatest enemy and most powerful foe which, considering they’ve struggled to
defeat a Grandma a thirteen-year-old so far it’s kind of worrying Also, we’re
going to be finding out more about Nico’s power and how the fact that she
isn’t evil isn’t the only thing that separates her from her family IT’S SUPER EFFECTIVE okay guys
that is it for today so what did you think of this story, please let me know in the
comments down below, also don’t forget to check out all my social links my
facebook link twitter and also don’t forget to consider supporting the show
by checking on my patreon if you support me on my patreon you get early access to
all my videos you just need to donate one dollar but
for now my name is Faust, this has been exploring comics in it is super

David Anderson

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