Gamers Tinder Takeover | Original Cartoon | Arcade Cloud

Gamers Tinder Takeover | Original Cartoon | Arcade Cloud

– Alright, time to get
back in the dating game. Jeez, look at all these dating apps, I wonder which one is for robots. (phone dings) Hm, Grindr, must be for
people made of gears, Yeah, I think that’s the only
way to interpret that name. Downloading in 3, 2. (splat) Well, these are definitely not robots, but I sure am seeing a lot of hardware. (jazz music) – Name, Maura. Age, 22. Add a profile picture? Ugh,
I never take a good selfie. (camera clicks) Damn it. – Add a profile picture? (camera clicks) Damn it. Augh. (shattering) Ugh. No, no, no. Oh. (romantic music) (drill whirls) Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh. (glass breaking) (drill whirls) Careful, careful. (drill whirls loudly) (glass shattering) Ugh. (whoosh) – Oh. (harp plays) Bup, bup. Oh. – [Man] Oh what a nice day. Cool and crisp, like babushka’s claws. Drink, made from rye bread and raisin, which is a real thing Russian eat. (harp plays) Hello, pink sphere. Can you tell me where in this neighborhood one might get nice Borscht? I have craving for beet
inside chicken broth, which is real thing Russian eat. (vacuum suction) – I have to say, you look a
lot better than your pictures. – For the lady, some very meat blended into a potion for some reason, and for the gentleman,
the eggplant Parmesan. – Thanks. So, you seemed like
such a decent guy on the app, which was a relief. I swear, every guy I
meet on these things is just looking for sex, by
like, the third message they’re sending me pictures of their… Are you (beep)-ing kidding me? (bloop) – So, I should let you know up front that as an Artificial Intelligence, I can sometimes be
emotionally unavailable. – That’s okay, I can be a
bit distant too sometimes, like a lot of times I have
trouble making eye contact, it’s something I’ve been
working on with my therapist. I’m just worried that
it’s, interfering with my, interpersonal relationships. So, what’s on the menu? I was
thinking of maybe getting the Fettuccine a la Arrabiata. – Ghosted? – Ghosted. Aw crap, it’s my ex. – Wait, Luigi’s your ex? Is he gay? – Actually, he’s bi. Everyone in the Mario Universe is bi, literally, all of them. – Really? – Ha, I’m just kidding with you man. Well yeah, Luigi is bi for real. So am I. (drill whirring) – Hey, how about we go
back to my place and release the flood? (splat) (glass breaking and screaming) – I could tell you of the
great battle centuries ago, how the traveler was crippled, or I could tell you how
I could totally dunk a basketball from a standing start. (splat) (glass breaking and screaming) – Ahoy, I don’t know if you remember me, Wheatley from Portal 2, best game of 2011? The cake is a lie and all that? I mean, that’s was from the first portal, I wasn’t in that one,
but the meme survived, and that’s what’s important. Anyway, if I may ask, were
you kicking my friends there because of their specific personalities? Or is it just a blanket
snow for you on all floating expressionless robots? Because if that’s the
case, I’d rather know now and leave it with some dignity, instead of having you kick me in the… (glass breaking)
face. – Huh? Oh, is it the end?
I don’t have a joke ready. I’m still looking at (beep).

David Anderson

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  2. Bang Supa says:

    im expect 3 legs from chunlie

  3. raith kakashi hatakw says:

    0:09 the moment he knew fe f* up

  4. TriumphTiger says:

    Rip Zangief

  5. Triyo et cie says:

    P2 plllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssseee

  6. Lowe Runkle says:

    Why does kirby have a fucking dick

  7. Megumi says:

    Big daddy
    Big sister

    OH NO-

  8. Nik Santoro says:

    “How about we go back to my place and release the flood”

  9. Michael Jackson's This is it TV says:

    "gay chat"

  10. Crome says:

    i would do unholy, disgusting things to bowsette tbh

  11. spongebob boi says:

    road roller

  12. PeachCake 017 says:

    No life by community standards

  13. Canadian Guy says:

    robots sucks D:<

  14. Vorlok in Space says:

    cursed video? cursed video.

  15. Thomas Dovahri says:

    How about we go back to my place and…. release the flood 😉

  16. James4 Games says:

    2:42 master chief cocking gun in distance

  17. P99Chan says:

    not funny didn't laugh

  18. Minami says:

    Kirby should’ve picked lucina ???

  19. Rigged Riggs says:

    "Hey, about we go back to my place and… unleash the Flood ?"

  20. DragonObez says:

    WhERe Is ?️?️wSetTe è_é?

  21. Unity Sans says:

    That ending was great XD

  22. BlackCage3 says:

    Totally missed a joke of a guy dating bowsette then a waiter knocks off the crown

  23. Gamer Cartof says:

    0:55 best guy ever

  24. icy flame 2 says:

    lol i love how youtube thot this video was gaming and the game that it showed in bio was shodow of the towb raider

  25. Dimentive says:

    I love this.

  26. Nihil says:

    I couldn't cringe (at the beginning) more than I did… I "facepalmed" for 40 good seconds.

  27. Polis 125 says:

    1:06 P A T A S. UWU

  28. Jotaro says:

    The girl at the end is racist too robots

  29. Ramir Torres says:

    ever try using THUMBS?!?!?? 1:13

  30. Nini Nathang says:

    1:29 is funny

  31. Not F.B.I. says:

    0:44 Oh yeah baby, look at that face look at that body

  32. KaimanaVids says:

    Not gonna lie, I kinda wanted Mario to be on the app and then peach looks from behind him and then Mario slowly turns his eyes to his left.

  33. Zombathin Lost Leg/Hacker Cat says:

    2:00 Brooo! "(ANIMATION) SANS IN DELTARUNE!?" music! Who knew!? I found another video with the song, I'm 1 step closer to finding out what song it is!

  34. spaghetti sauce man says:

    big daddy being attracted to a big sister

    hold up

  35. PieTari says:

    That's is the worst russian accent

  36. Krzysztof Karpiński says:

    Can you do "weebs tinder makeover

  37. Zai Santiago says:

    I lost it at big sister ?

  38. Max Rebo says:

    This is aids

  39. Jafezy JD says:

    this is how game crossover

  40. lebret noha says:

    mega man!!!!

  41. Sidney Hawthorne Jr says:

    isnt megaman like the same age as ness?

  42. EvanMc07 1 says:

    Aloy aloy can kill all of everyone

  43. Liam Ferreira says:

    sexiest person in video game history is PS1 hagrid

  44. Monk_ BartolomeuB2B says:

    Well… imagine if Catherine was there

  45. Algot Pettersson says:

    i accedantally clicked this video…

  46. Saitama says:

    I like how there was a destiny ghost with the ghosts

  47. M4L1C10U5LY C0N73N7 says:

    Poor Kirby

  48. Hakai Kano says:


  49. joko49perez says:

    Why would you make this

  50. Aura Alpha Wolf says:

    Kirby can use a phone

  51. J-hero Gamer says:

    You guys no kirby is a baby right

  52. marshalldunham says:


  53. Pen says:

    You can have my micro transactions for free

  54. lego joker says:


    What is the squid doing on tinder

  55. Amateur Gamer says:

    Poor Guilty Spark, Ghost, and Wheatley

  56. Skullhunter9 says:

    I was expecting some R/Tinder comedy.

  57. XM FIGHTER says:

    Kill me

  58. Coconut 505 says:


  59. Gen Teltouch says:

    smash bros datong app

  60. ESTEVAM says:


  61. Jameson says:

    rip my homie in bioshock

  62. King Lancer says:

    I'de legit date kirby

  63. bob fork cool says:

    Ko PONHE

  64. bob fork cool says:

    Lol ? love ?

  65. Lost Searcherz says:

    Lik if u cri everi tim nevr forgets berd macaroni

  66. Woomyand Veemo says:


  67. LIL NATY says:

    I'd Luigi bi

  68. Alex Harden says:

    How dare you swipe glados

  69. KJ The Hedgecat says:

    0:57 DON'T SWIPE LEFT, YOU IDIOT!!!!!??????
    1:24 I can't read that.?

  70. Mister Gaming says:


  71. Infin Tonic says:


  72. Big Boi Thanos says:

    o k…

  73. Spootles says:

    Kinda cringe

  74. Spirit The Kid Animations says:

    MegaMan sounds like tails

  75. SCP 173 alternate account says:

    0:58 glados

  76. SCP 173 alternate account says:

    4:04 Hi Wheatley!

  77. PringlesAhoy says:

    Why not Zoidberg?!?

  78. ErenSans99 XX says:

    How can somebody not love kirby, he is a so cute puffball, this aloy can burn in hell

  79. jamer gamr 2 says:


  80. Skype group disbanded says:

    s i s t e r

  81. Shōto Todoroki says:

    1:29 Dont tell me that isnt the cutest noise you have ever heard

  82. XenoDaHedgecat says:

    You had me at "Hardware"

  83. YTKA says:

    Розовый круг у тебя есть рашен еда

  84. Scott Lagreca says:

    Is a game date

  85. Scott Lagreca says:

    Ta is nme

  86. FireyFan 2017 says:


  87. Tipul Pistolar ツ says:

    R.I.P Megaman

  88. Samuel Fulkerson says:

    Kirby: bup bup
    Me: holy shit that’s adorable

  89. Lemony Ghost says:

    Love how megaman is fucking blind.

  90. Msj Jjs says:

    "Big Sister" from the surge? (1:05)

  91. Yeee boi says:

    Megaman >:O grindr gay chat and they have boobs?

  92. Lolbit Adventures says:

    The real reason how Wheatley ended up in space not because of glados and chell.

  93. akatsuki029 says:

    wait, who where the other 2 robot "friends" of wheatley?

  94. nesren hejab says:

    This is the second time I watched and I saw on mega man’s phone grinder is for gay peeps lol

  95. officer EARL says:

    I think its time we stop

  96. Me playing roblox!:D says:

    I started the video and got Hinge: the dating app designed to be deleted.

  97. Russian Coffee says:

    You were right about Russian food?

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