Game Grumps Animated – EYE – by Sherbies

Game Grumps Animated – EYE – by Sherbies

*Game Grump Animated intro* Arin: Isn’t this supposed to get right in his eye and b- he’s like- “Oooh, shiiiit, I fucked uuup.”
Dan: Like “EYE fucked up, like e-y-e? *heh* Arin: E-Y-E? That’s “ewe.” *Dramatic music* Dan: Are you fucking serious?
Arin: Yeah.
Dan: E-W-E is ewe, Arin. Arin: E-Y-E… Oh, my bad! Yeah, I was thinkin’ of that.
Dan: Oh my GOD! Arin: I- WHATEVER, man! I just- I misheard you and I misthought it. Dan: You did NOT mishear me, you repeated what I said. Arin: NOOO! I don- I just-
Dan: And then you spelled it wrong! A: On my head!
A: I KNOW! A: I- I’m embarrassed! D: You wanna try spelling “the”? *laughs* D: What’s this word? “Tuh-heeee?” D: “Tuh-heeeeeee?”
A: *still laughing* *stutter noise* A: I’m sorry, I just- I got i- I got all A: flustered and I was-
D: OH my GOD! A: Fightin’ Waterblight Ganon and- D: I will NEVER let you live this down! A: NoOoO! Dammit!
D: *more laugh* D: *struggles to breathe* D (laughing): Hehe, “Isn’t that ‘ewe”? A: God, stop! Shut up! D: I’m sorry!
A: You’re embarrassing me! D: Well, I mean, fuck, everyone heard it! D: Like it’s-
A: Howthef- D: You can’t spell “eye”!
A: *stutters* A: I CAN! I just wasn’t- I saw it in my head as “E-W-”
I have problems with that, all right?
D: *keeps laughing* *both laughing* A: I’m SORRY, OKAY?!
D: *laughs harder* *Game Grump Animated outro*

Captions by Perimations A: Dan?
D: *laughs* A: You’re ‘a asshole.’
D: Can you spell “Dan”? I-

David Anderson

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11 thoughts on “Game Grumps Animated – EYE – by Sherbies

  1. mute owl says:

    to be COMPLETELY fair I mix up letter that audibly sound similar 'y" and "w" both have wuh sounds in them. so I get it!!!

  2. Nicolas Roman Segura says:

    isn't he saying you? i don't hear it as ewe maybe its beacuse i'm a spanish speaker and i don't know the word but that tottaly sounds like they both said you like what the fuck is ewe anyways?

  3. Cherryfan001 says:

    In Your Ewes By NSP originally by Peter Gabriel.

  4. Sans Nom says:

    According to this cartoon, Suzy and Arin will have a baby in 2020
    Get ready folks! Baby grump may be coming!

  5. Nobody says:

    Danny's hair!!!!

  6. Emily Barclay says:

    0:58 I love that the baby is like ‘my dads a fuckin idiot isn’t he, great’

  7. nowherefrosty says:

    He closed his ewes…

  8. Matthew Hendrix says:

    one month left til 2020

  9. TrandoshanGuy says:

    The idea of Dan and Arin both being in their graves, buried next to each other an eternity from now still cracking up over stupid shit is incredibly wholesome.

  10. MrMo456 says:


  11. fireboymaster97 says:

    What's the song playing on 0:24?

  12. Y Me says:

    If Suzy has a baby in 2020 imma flip my shit

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