Funny show MadLipz #1

that was a 10-piece chicken nugget with
buffalo sauce which is like anything else with that what machine take one for that yo Billy
yo you there yo I hope you can make it to this pool party tomorrow man and then
gonna be nothing but booty naked women they are flirtatious and all that and I
know you need a break with your wife but check this here man there’s some of
these women coming into my house right now
all at you like Gary SpongeBob’s house spongebob speaking you know damn well
who this is fool crispy-looking motherfucker I better have my money by
12:00 a.m. otherwise I’m telling you Ennis now it’s my money and I need it
now you can’t have the money back bitch shut the fuck up Sarah
Jesus Sarah is a beautiful woman in you will respect her don’t respect Sarah
she’s a phonies you think I give a fuck we need some help Huntington Learning
Center my sons dumber than a motherfucker you made the right call you
get to the heart of the problem and then construct a program that will build his
skills I was gonna cook it in the oven later on in for dinner but now you cook
it probably is a microwave you slut so did you fuck the bitch no but I did get
some hair but I notice how huge Adam’s apple buying pay attention to it
nigga that’s not a woman wait what you got your dick sucked by man it’s what your crazy ass want now I dare
you to find a crack hey turn that bitch on and then no to her ass eat that shit
and then fuck that ho with a pack of hot dogs maybe

David Anderson

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