Funny Neeti Palta  Roasts Zakir Khan ( Sakht Launda) | Fight Comic | Comedy Munch

Funny Neeti Palta Roasts Zakir Khan ( Sakht Launda) | Fight Comic | Comedy Munch

Please welcome on to stage, the very first comedian, Zakir Khan. it is my honour to roast Zakhir Khan. Please take a good look at him ladies and gentlemen. Zakir has a gf. which proves once and for all that women don’t go for looks or money. Charity bhi koi chiz hoti hai. I’m not I am not saying anything, zakir artist aadmi hai He is a very good artist. But he doesnt believe in doing private shows. Because kisi ke ghar jaata hai toh thoda mistaken identity mein log bolte hai wo dekhna bathroom ka flush kaam nahi kar raha. I am not saying Zakir, I am just saying,lets just say Zakir has a secret superpower He turns invisible at night. I am not saying he is dark, no. sirf, maayein apni bacho ke kaan ke piche laga deti hai isko. Zakir actually agar do teen nahi nahayega na toh zyaada gora lagega No, but the thing is he will never sell himself short. He will never ever do a fair and handsome ad, ever. kyunki before ke shade card mein bhi uska shade nahi milega Zakir is the second famous Khan to come out of Indore. Any guesses who the first one is? Salman Khan Yeah, but Zakir doesn’t Zakir doesn’t drink ok? Because he doesn’t own a car Ab cycle se kitne logo ko maar loge yaar? But, but but Zakir is like a true, I would say he is like a pakka true musalmaan. But he doesnt do namaz 5 times a day. kyon ki dekho bjp ki govt hai, ajkal jhukoge toh piche se kaun lelega pata nahi. And Zakir is a very funny comedian. So don’t think he is on stage only because of minority quota. And lastly I must say I have a lot of respect for Zakir. A lot of respect, because you men tum sirf apna naak kata sakte ho. Zakir khan ladies and gentlemen

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Funny Neeti Palta Roasts Zakir Khan ( Sakht Launda) | Fight Comic | Comedy Munch

  1. Comedy Munch says:

    Maheep Singh roasts Cute Neeti Palta

  2. Fozia Farhana says:

    It is really vicious for anyone…so being an artist you should always remember the fine line where comedy ends and humiliation starts ….So Neeti next time do your homework properly 🤨🤨

  3. surendra singh bhati says:

    Ye funny tha…… Ghanta

  4. Sajju B says:

    One should know there limits🖕🏿…..

  5. Talent Hunter says:

    First of all stop getting upset zakir khan knew that she's going to say all this on stage maybe there's a possibility even he asked her to do so bcoz he used to introduce himself like this only back then it was all in humor otherwise nobody can say stuff like this on stage for another artist! I'm huge zakir khan fan and I just want all of you to not get upset she's not insulting him or anything like that

  6. anuj anant says:

    Ok…That's the beauty of Roast… You hear all those things which you know people talk behind your back…Make fun of you…And you are scared to face it…Kisi ne normally college ki canteen me ye sab bola hota to university band ho jaati..But this was said on stage and even Zakir bhai took it in good sport and moved on…Why….Coz inn sab cheezo se ab upar uth gye h…Caste..Color… Religion….Laughed it off and now he is more strong than ever…. I don't support any kind of racism on any basis… But we need to widen our horizon and mover on just like Zakir bhai doing it.👍👍


    Aise Mai bahut sakht hu….
    Bejatti Hui aur yahan yaar Mai pighal Gaya…..😢😢

  8. Andaleeb Hejazi says:

    Ajab sa trend Chala hua h Kisi ki beizzati mebhi log Khush hote Kisiko neecha dikhakr log muskura Lete h…mazak hi Sahi magar ye logo me ek bimari paida krrahi h…

  9. Mahdyy Barbhuiya says:

    The reality is that no one knows Neeti but Zakir bhai is very famous across India.

  10. Sakshi Agarwal says:

    Bloody racist stop this shit neeti

  11. Sagar Loomba says:

    Log AIB roast k ban hone k baad bhe ni seekhte 😑

  12. adarsh agrawal says:

    Who's here after comicstan ??

  13. Ezio Auditore says:

    Yaar sablog itna serious kyu hogaya.wo roast bahut acha ki and thats what its about jeez.

  14. Ajmina Purnima says:

    Pgal he kya ye kaunsa roasting he yaar zakir bhi soch rha hoga kya pgla he yaar

  15. Sayyed Arbaaz says:

    Namaz k bare me mazak mt 😡

  16. Altaf Ibrahim Nakhwa says:

    I don't like it. Specially wo namaz Wali line. Mazak ko mazak ki had tak rakho thik Hai yar lekin baat namaz ko lekar nahi karni chahiye.

  17. Tayab Dildar says:

    Or ajj zakir ko sb janty or tmhn koi nai jantaaa bitch 😡😡

  18. Muhammad Ashfaq says:

    Bhai ka level itna high Hy k iska jawab Dena comparison laa sakta Hy. So ignore.

  19. a a says:

    Shame on you

  20. Bharti Saini says:

    ese kisi ki physical appearance par roast. …orr agar zakir roast kare to isse suddenly feminist thing will come out …..sad…..!!!

  21. FREEBIRD VISHU says:

    lol good ! Roasting a comedian is fine till you don't take it seriously ! They take it supportive ,the way they crack it on others !!

  22. partha Giri says:

    Kon he re ye lavdi saali,kach kach kar rh h zihaadi behudaa aurat,aurat v h ki ni doubt h,kaahan se aate h bc ye sab lavdi saali log

  23. New Era says:

    these are pain full man

  24. BerozgaarGamer says:

    behn ki lodi isse kahte hai comedy….

  25. Master Don Gaming says:

    Mast li yaar isne toh log nak kata sakte hai but Zakir man no words….. But Zakir Bhai ka face was like I have so much to say..

  26. Aamir khan says:

    Colour or dharm bahot hi kharab tha… 😠😠😠😠

  27. Shiv Vijay Chaturvedi says:

    Bhai ko to bhi bolne do ek br aap bol nhi paogi😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. Pawali Chakrabarty says:

    Baki Sab thik hai par skin colour pe comment was not cool

  29. Anu Mittal says:

    I don’t understand why in India making jokes on someone’s looks is considered funny.. this is not humour, this is derogatory. Shame on Neeti Palta👎🏽

  30. Tanay Agrawal says:

    Nak kta sakte ho
    Is osm man

  31. Saqib Usmani says:

    She is not an artist,she sucks🤥

  32. Rah_ul g says:

    I wanted to comment something against her.. but looks like comment section is filled with that.. coze bhai ke fan nahi hai bhai ke dost hai..!!

  33. Be positive Kis- keep it simple says:

    Mst mari h jakir ki😂😂😂😆😆😆😝

  34. Dharmik Limbachiya says:

    Bhai ke bezziti mat kar

  35. Vasudha Mhatre right i loved it says:

    Super se upar yr charity bhi koi chiz hai 😂😂
    Tumlog sirf apni naak kata skte ho yaar Neeti love you ur awsm

  36. Sanjeev Kumar says:

    gajab gaand faad comedy

  37. Diya Tanushree says:

    That's actually RACIST. People are not ugly because of their SKIN COLOR. That's actually pretty offensive and mean, it's not roasting, it's RUDE, he seemed to take it well though, poor guy! Haha

  38. TOP 10 says:

    Kya behen content khtm hogya kya tere pe

  39. mohit sharma says:

    Kya toh muh toda he mulle ka😂😂😂😂 Naak wala best thaa👍👍👍👍love u girl

  40. Yogiraj Yadav says:

    Don't call yourself a stand up comedian NEETI PALTA. Keep the roast aside but every time I saw your video it makes me think a bit to find comic sense in that so don't act like u r a smart comedian.. Ohhh I know I can't call u female comedian. That's make ur feminism grow up. I believe women should be empowered but not you neeti palta. Bhai vo connected hai Humse. He haven't played any male card for that su ces(sorry male card doesn't exist na and female card also doesn't exist ut you use it in a manipulative way showing yourself liberal… Bullshit. Now if I say you go get f**ked by urself then nobody should offend as the world can be progressive for men too if u think that too. And forget everything tune bhai ko bola hi kaise and remember…
    Sachin sabka baap hai🖕🖕🖕🖕

  41. Kill Bill says:

    Hahaha she had nothing to talk about his skills so she started taking about his colour and financial condition . SHE WAS NOT FUNNY AT ALL

  42. Abhishek Singhal says:

    Yadi yeh sab ladkiyo ke bare mai kaha hota na toh female faminist kaha jaata or jail mai bejh dete

  43. A minor says:

    colour chor ke, roast kar, bring some variety

  44. Arvind Kumar says:

    Abe tu Apne aap ko Dekh b.c Sali jogar

  45. Swati Baghel says:

    Is it comedy for u??

  46. akshat mehta says:

    If you really want to roast someone ,just don't judge them by colour.
    This was probably worst roast because you were being racist.

  47. TheSake100 says:

    Everything is fair in comedy if it gives you money…

  48. Neha Kumari says:

    Kya tha ye

  49. Rishabh Parikh says:


  50. Tousif Ahmed says:

    Tum sirf apna nabh Kara skte ho😂😂

  51. Ayush Gurjar says:

    Meanwhile Zakir – "Nikal lavdi pehli fursat mai nikal"

  52. Dhiraj kumar says:

    Love you zaakir bhai

  53. Thor VED says:

    Ha ha ha lol so funny 😒

  54. chinu m says:

    I hope someday some1 ROASTS u this badly!

  55. Md Irshad says:

    she is gay.

  56. Pradhan says:

    You know what makes me laugh zakir's reaction not her lame jokes

  57. Naughty Charlie mks says:

    मेडम नामज़ के बारे में सही नही कहा आपने ऐसे तो पैर छूते हो झुक के तब भी कोई भी लेलेगा

  58. Raja Jain says:

    Isme to salman ka bhi roast ho gaya .😀😀😀😀😀😀

  59. i am your goshi says:

    Chalo is bahane duniya ko didi ka naam to pta chala iske baad didi kaksha gyarvi me gai hogi

  60. Arun Kumar says:

    I like zakir khan

  61. Xarvis says:

    Religion k upar aur color k upar roast karna ghalat baat hai .

    Comment box check kar le ulta yahan tera roast ho gya palta

  62. Syed Mustafa Qadri says:

    Hansi Nahi ayi you showed why he's ahead of you 😊 And that Namaz joke ain't no funny at all

  63. Kunal Buswala says:

    Bolna toh nhi chahiye par agar zakir bhai ne is ka rost kr diya na toh iski fat jaygi😂

  64. Arpita Banerjee says:

    Such a bad level of humor (?)…. Highly inappropriate in so many ways

  65. Krishna Bhagat says:

    Kuch jyada nahi ho Gaya.

  66. Mohammed Fasiuddin says:

    zaker bhai
    Plz 5 times namaz padiye
    Inshaallah aur imaan paaka honga aapka aur allah aur tarique denga

    Jai Hind

  67. A jay Aulakh says:

    This is not roast. She continuously pointing on his color. This is reacisim

  68. Mirza Maqsudh says:

    Namaz ke had Tak mazak nahi plsss …. Jhukaake maardete musalmaan bjp ki tabhi to saalo ki gaand phat ti aur kamzoro ko group bankar maarte hai … Gaand me Dam.hai to ao hand to hand

  69. ANKUR PRASAD says:

    Mujhe zara bh hansi nh aai bulshit

  70. Himani Sharma says:

    Such racist comments..,

  71. Dhwani Shah says:

    So racist

  72. majeed ahmed says:

    I really felt that the namaz joke was over the limit. I mean you can't just say anything just because you want to roast someone. Have at least some standards.

  73. himanshu pandey says:

    She is bad,worst and undefined poor in terms of good humour

  74. Anuj Sangroty says:

    This is so bad

  75. Aesthetic Sameer khan says:

    Thay comment on namaz was nt funny seriously comon guyzzz grow up

  76. aniket parab says:

    My first dislike on YouTube for neeti 👎

  77. Hemlata Agarwal says:

    Neeti you are an awesome comedian but roasting zakir on his colour is not a good thing to do it is actually very offensive

  78. ꧁༺Om kumar༻꧂ says:

    Girls will be racist in a joke…too😓😓😓😓😓

  79. Mansi Upadhyay says:

    Zakir khan's .. FAN… ❤❤❤❤❤ … That's soLvE ❤❤❤❤

  80. Prabhutva BIsht says:

    that is racist she is oblivious!!!!!

  81. black papa says:

    Great roast Neeti🤣🤣🤣🤣

  82. black papa says:

    And FU those who are insulting and disrespecting Neeti so gaand marao madarchod

  83. Qaisar Jamal Khan says:

    sab looks pe hi hai

  84. Ashish Choudante says:


  85. Md shahbaz says:

    Tmse na ho payega

  86. Natasha Mohanty says:

    I honestly don't like her roast..

  87. Rocky H says:

    Mera Zakir kabhi harta naahi hai 💟

  88. स्मार्ट फोन says:

    Look at her,

    They stand for MINORITIES,
    They stand for WOMEN,
    Because they are MODERN.

    But when they mock a person for their looks, thay are NOT RACIST,


  89. Easy & Latest Mehndi Design says:


  90. Easy & Latest Mehndi Design says:


  91. Easy & Latest Mehndi Design says:


  92. Narender says:

    Teri ma di fudi saliye..tu kali hoti to tere ko kaisa lgta…bhai ki bezti mtlb apni bezti…maa di lodi sali

  93. Abhishikta Chakraborty says:

    I will never understand the comedy of roasts. I somehow find it more offensive than funny, even though I know, it's not serious. Just seems unnecessary.

  94. Vivienne Shiyomi says:

    She is a good comedian but this is completely racist …. You can roast him based on money, personality anything but roasting based on colour and religion is really bad 😟

  95. juha bach says:

    Agar ye America me hota….to abhi tak dark skin wale comment pe Bandi jail me hoti.
    Aur yahi ek bandi ko kahdo yo unki maa chud mere skin color pe comment kaise kiya

  96. Atsky khan says:

    Below the belt. Targetting his looks, religion.Sad neeti u still garner any laughs and sounded like a racist

  97. Farheen Sultan says:

    Shitty comments bullshit anchoring 🤣 Totally bakchod auntie 😆

  98. Tychios Gaming says:

    Kya faltu hai yaar, Abhi kale gore pe jokes , usse accha toh 8th class be bacche udate hai ek dusre ki.
    Professional Comedian ?
    I think not.
    Too lame .

  99. Shubham Sharma says:

    Bhaai ye toh Galat Ho gyaaa

  100. Smalltown Beast says:

    Its not roast actually. Its like insulting someone for their skin color and personality. If a guy would say things like that to a lady. Then 80 percent of feminists would be furious. Blody boycut wali budhou aurat khud ko sudhar pehle 😇

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