Fubar – Animation | Short Film – Award winner

Fubar – Animation | Short Film – Award winner

Until we are relieved you will engage
the enemy keep your cover and align with discipline. I want fire supremacy at points 1, 2, and 3. A line the first squad fight for your strength fire and relocate are we clear. Contact battalion HQ and give them these coordinates full tactical strike move. Lets take them marines, fuck them all lets move out marines. Another day another recon patrol along the dead zone that’s what we call it now they stopped asking for volunteers. Weapons hot, repeat weapons hot god speed and good luck. We forget we heard same bullshit yesterday and the day before that suits all talk a great game but we’re the ones who do the dying it’s
just another day at the office right. My pulse doesn’t even quicken anymore I don’t even bother getting to know the replacements now they never last long enough there is no
air conditioned long lunches out here just a hot blast from the prop shaft and then if you’re lucky a quick death welcome to the war we fight them because they fight us its their nature so it must be ours. And after being on the front for two
years you know what I think it doesn’t really matter what I think. Listen to your NCOs and stay together kill as many of them as you can and get
everyone back that’s all it is that’s all it can be I catch my self wishing I’d been smart enough, just walked past the recruiting sergeant sometimes but what you goanna do make your bed got to lie in it I stopped asking why we were fighting
long time ago here we go again. Listen up fire and relocate if I see anyone tracking I’ll shoot them my self. They can tell you anything they like. But when that first bullet passes so close to your head all that shit
goes right out the window. Incoming, Incoming All the noise all the death just blends in us and them it’s all the same we’re all goanna die. And when there counting the bodies up too include in some useless progress report nothing will change it’s just more weapons more money wars a business and business is good. Alright ladies and gentlemen you join us here outside the UN things are crazy and hectic and riots are going on, on this historic day after years of war and against a background of increasing public outcry finally the leaders of the two warring factions have agreed to attended peace talks but as you can see even as the two delegations make their way to the talks there have been rumours of decent and division within both sides out here in the field its wild crazy and a little scary. Indeed there have been reports of influential and powerful figures who have no interest or desire for lasting peace perhaps even sineer members of the military with links to the massively luggrative arms manufacturing industry which supplies the weapons for this ongoing conflict. It is time mister president and so without further ado I declare these historic talks open and
join with the rest of the world and the heart felt desire for their
successful resolution a mutually agree buffer zone makes the
most sense UN peacekeepers to patrol the zone with
the managed schedule of mutual disarmament. The current disputed ground has always
been primarily our land any neutral zone must be made up with an equal division of territories that is the only equitable solution.
After repelling the repeated unwarranted and illegal incursions by your forces many of which have occurred in the last eighteen months with resulting
horrific casualties which are hardly the fault on your
continued military aggression how can we trust that any giving up
ground will be respected. There can be no peace without trust on
both sides. We are willing to agree to a staged and
unilateral stepping down of all offensive forces currently engaged we must move towards peace together. And so the treaty that many thought would never
happen bringing to an end over fifty years of conflict paving the way for a new and… They can sign all the paper they want appeasement isn’t how you win a war
and I’m not about to let these bleeding hearts derail everything we’ve
worked for. Go anti cruise appointed mission priority radio silence repeat radio silence. Confirmed sabre is go attack plan ready to deploy with delta and echo on standby operation blackout in two minutes repeat two minutes. Sabres progressing as per your orders general attack when gamma approaching target
with coms blackout. Point notification, notification of what I haven’t ordered a mission who gave that order, I have ordered no mission. Abort immediately abort. There
raising the attack window near the group sir they gone dark standard protocol for a
covert attack Delta wings two and three approaching target weapons hot. Repeat weapons hot. All units we are go targets will be acquired lets do this right. Hell fire missiles armed targets acquired. You have to get me through to the attack group I am the commander and chief and I did not order this mission we
cannot attack. We got weapons lock firing, firing. Misfire its too late sir they’ve engaged search their tactical command
post there’s a large civilian population at the base. Direct hit sir, repeat direct hit. What have we done. Target destroyed. Sabres one hundred percent. Returning to base. You can use the pretext of peace to commit this atrocity we don’t fear war as you seem to think there can be no peace.

David Anderson

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9 thoughts on “Fubar – Animation | Short Film – Award winner

  1. Thomas Selin says:

    Better than most movies nowadays! 🙂

  2. shaks921 says:

    This should have been the other way round, showing cats as cunning and crafty while dogs as relatively gullible and trustworthy, would have made much more sense. But other than that brilliant work 🙂

  3. sam15mohsen says:

    if you cant watch an 8 minute short film then you have problems….

  4. Neceros says:

    I had a hard time making it passed the credits.

  5. the revolution is neat says:

    The first few minutes reminded me of the game prototype.

  6. DocGenius1 / Videos says:


  7. MrTrax0r says:

    Is this film trying to say something. Like hint hint real life, middle east hint hint

  8. Jack Davis says:


  9. X - Name says:

    They should have put people here instead of animals. What a stupid thing.

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