For Whom the Booth Tolls | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

For Whom the Booth Tolls | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) Sans Souci Gardens,
only three miles. That’s French
for “worry-free date.”
(CHUCKLES) You bet it’s gonna be. Whoa!
Please insert 25 cents.Thank you.
And drive safely.Oh, I got this. (STAMMERS)
I don’t have any change. (BATS SCREECHING) (GASPS) Minnie, you got
some change? Hmm, how about
a brick of gold? Oh, that’s not gonna work.
We need a quarter. Oh, no. We’re next. AUTOMATED VOICE:
Please insert 25 cents.(NERVOUS GIBBERISH) Oh, here we go.
Problem solved. (MICKEY SCREAMS) (NERVOUSLY) It knows.
It knows what we’ve done. Oh, Mickey, don’t worry.
It’s just a quarter. (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY)
Yeah, I guess we’re fine. (THUNDER RUMBLING) MINNIE:It’s just a quarter.MICKEY:
Yeah, I guess we’re fine.AUTOMATED VOICE:
Please insert 25 cents.(SCREAMS) We’re here. (BIRDS CHIRPING) Oh, we are. (GIGGLES) (INHALES AND EXHALES DEEPLY) Perfect. (MICKEY CHUCKLING) (STAMMERS) Toll booth. What? I don’t see anything. (EXHALES)
Say, let’s go for a walk
around the park. (VOCALIZING) (YELPS)
(VOCALIZING) (SCREAMS) (CONTINUES VOCALIZING) (SCREAMS) (TRAM BELL DINGING) (WHIMPERING) Mickey, are you all right? Oh, it’s silly. But I keep thinking
I’m seeing that
Please insert 25 cents.(PANTS) (DINGS) (SCREAMS) One please.
Sure thing. Thanks. That’ll be 75 cents, please. (PANTS) Here you go. Gosh! You’ll need change? BOTH: Yes please! We’ll, let’s see. With the current
interest rate… Change! (HORN BLOWING) (GRUNTS) Keep the change! (GULPS) AUTOMATED VOICE:Thank you.
And drive safely.BOTH: Phew! Excuse me. (LAUGHS) I still owe you
some more change. Well, that certainly was
a “change” for the better. (BOTH LAUGHING) (MUSIC PLAYING)

David Anderson

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