First look: Disney’s new Star Wars ride ‘Rise of the Resistance’

First look: Disney’s new Star Wars ride ‘Rise of the Resistance’

Daniel Figueroa IV here with the Tampa Bay Times. We are back at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge for the grand opening of Rise of the Resistance. Brand new attraction, brand new undertaking for Disney. It’s been a few months since we’ve been here. The park opened in August. It’s now December. We’ve been waiting. I’ve been waiting patiently. But I’m very excited to once again join the Star Wars universe. So we’re going to see what this ride’s all about. Here we go. We are fortunate enough to be among some of the first few to to ride this. If you have followed Star Wars at all, you know that this is the planet Batuu where the Vi Moradi had just established a resistance phase. We are on the outskirts of the black spire outposts, the ancient ruins of Batuu, and we’re gonna be meeting up with some of our favorite resistance members. And going on a little adventure. One of my other favorite details is even the, you know, these poles on the ride line are cables, power cables. And if you haven’t, I highly recommend picking up Delilah Dawson’s Black Spire Galaxy’s Edge novel. It really enhances the experience of the ride. You get to hear the story of how this base that we’re walking through right now was established. Reminder to all of those personnel that we are starting to meet top general. This is just incredible, the level of detail, the immersion. Well, now we seem to have found some sort of planning station for the resistance. Setting all the plans for a battle in motion. This is definitely not your average ride. And not your average Disney ride, that’s for sure. Looks like we’ve stumbled on to some equipment for the resistance. Think we got some flight suits here, helmets. Attention watch officers recuits have only … I mean, words written in Aurebesh. You’ve got all the lights and sounds really putting you right into the world here. Incoming transmission from Ray. Is everyone assembled? Good. Begin
Flight prep. Recruits, thank you for joining the cause. The resistance team, led by my friend Finn, has infiltrated our first order star destroyer that is now headed to this system. The outpost on Batuu is no longer safe. We have transports waiting to take you to General Hux on a secret base on Pecora. I’ll regroup with you there. The resistance desperately needs your help in our fight against Kylo Ren and the first order. Remember, it is vital that you keep the location of the corridor a secret. Lieutenant Bek, one of our top commanders, were leading a productive transport crusade. No, no. But I don’t personally see them doing it. Thank you, Lieutenant. Welcome to the cause. May the force be with us. Alright, on the resistance transport. This is crazy. By whose authority are we being detained? By the authority of the first order. Prepare to be boarded. Okay, so now we are on the hanger of the Star Destroyer that just captured us and pulled us in with its tractor beam. This is one of the most intense things I’ve ever seen on a ride or at an amusement park anywhere, ever. There’s a full-sized fighter right there. There are 50 storm troopers standing in front of us. And right next to us here is the same transport that we were on on the planet’s surface that has just taken us out of there. We were intercepted by the first order. We haven’t even made it onto the ride itself. It’s already been such a crazy experience. I mean, this a wild. So we’re reluctantly heading to our interrogation. Again, we’ve been going through this ride for, you know, 10 minutes with the cue, the transport scene, and we still haven’t even made it onto the ride yet. So we still got a long way to go. We’re continuing to make our way through the depths of this star destroyer. We’ve got some very serious and stern first order officers here. Stop right here for me. This is our holding cell. We’re waiting to get interrogated by the first order while they try to extract from us information on the hidden resistance base. Looks like something’s happening. I think we’re getting busted out of this. Oh, my God. I cannot tell you how cool that was. The scope of this ride is incredible. I went into it with very high expectations, especially given the fact that this ride opened almost four months after Galaxy’s Edge opened. So I’m thinking this has got to be big, right? Should be big. Needs to be big. And it is massive. I mean, you’ve got everybody, you’ve got Kylo Ren, General Hux, Finn, Po, Rey, BB8, the whole cast of the new movies. You are actually part of the resistance.

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  1. Alex Hernandez says:

    wish it was poe in the hologram tbh i mean it IS called Rise of the Resistance…

  2. Cortex Zero says:

    Wow, this is sick!

  3. Kurt Dirmaier says:

    3:19 : Ha, Rey got him!

  4. Sean Owens says:

    @5:45: Love the fat, female Imperial Officer. Guess the First Order stopped enforce height/wight standards.

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