Fine Dining with Bean | Funny Clips | Mr. Bean Official

Fine Dining with Bean | Funny Clips | Mr. Bean Official

Why don’t you seat here, sir? Ooh! May I recommend the seafood platter? Yes? Yes. *heavenly choir* Our finest dish! Muah! Aah! Aah! Don’t forget the langoustines. *CRUNCH* Miss! Are you okay?! What happened?!

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Fine Dining with Bean | Funny Clips | Mr. Bean Official

  1. Mr Bean says:

    Help Mr Bean reach 10 million subscribers 😄:

  2. Jashim Uddim says:

    Hi my friend

  3. Idol Antro says:

    This episode was so satisfying

  4. # ONE LIFE says:

    Always funny 😂😂😂😂🤞

  5. TaryV3a_ says:


  6. Hamad Hamad says:

    هههههه اوكيه

  7. Mohammed Rdiouat says:


  8. Vasken Geyranian says:

    1:09 1:10 1:11 1:13 1:14 1:15 1:16 1:17 1:18

  9. Vasken Geyranian says:

    1:12 every speed

  10. Vasken Geyranian says:

    1:50 1:51 1:52 1:53 1:54 1:55

  11. Vasken Geyranian says:

    2:05 2:03 2:07 2:06

  12. Vasken Geyranian says:

    2:11 2:10 2:12

  13. Vasken Geyranian says:


  14. Vasken Geyranian says:

    4:56 4:57 4:58 4:59

  15. Vasken Geyranian says:

    10:36 10:37 10:38

  16. What'Dogs REAL says:

    very good

  17. Kenny Lorbes /Draw,Plays,And more!! says:

    Seriously whats with those laughs

  18. Elizabeth H says:

    You forgot to include when Mr. Bean was trying to compete against the man at the hotel in the restaurant where they had the chicken, sausages, the bad oysters.

  19. X MARTIN PRO says:


  20. ThanhTrung Vu says:


  21. Gaming with Hristo says:

    Teacher: Test Time
    Me: 2:05

  22. user name14838 says:

    1:59 1:58 2:00 2:01 2:02 2:03 2:04 2:05 2:06 2:07 2:08 2:09 2:10 2:11 2:12 2:13 2:14 2:15 2:16 2:17 2:18 2:19 2:20 2:21 😂😂😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣 0.25x 2x 0.75x 1.25x 1.5x 1.75x 0.5x every speed

  23. Phantom Pharrel says:

    Why they gave him a raw meat in the restaurant?

  24. sarah Thakur says:

    Is mr.bean alive

  25. killer clowns says:

    Why bean don't have eat shrimps and clams yet this is very tasty and healthie i'm not understand this peoples group.

  26. Slavica Obradovic says:


  27. Zach Johns says:

    11:22 reminds me of the Cooke episode of Supernanny:

    "Will you stop swinging it?"

    "NO! That's what you do with it!
    Get off."

    "Give it to me and stop swinging it! It's dangerous!"

  28. Azooz 490 منن says:

    اكو عرب

  29. 형식김 says:

    1:19 1:20 1:21 1:22

  30. 형식김 says:

    1:37 1:38 1:39 1:40

  31. It is me says:


  32. Ihavedepressiom says:

    Those dislikes are from people who want to eat those seafoods XD

  33. 형식김 says:

    1:20 I know something in Arabic ma3a sos mazod 😂😂😂😂😂

  34. Boring Tom says:

    Thank you for being a part of my childhood

  35. lekshmi nandakumar says:

    He is really a Legend 🤗

  36. Born4Gaming # says:


  37. Ado Firdausツ says:

    I Love Chanel Mr.Bean Because All Videos Are Very Entertaining

  38. سعد الياسري says:


  39. Terry Leung says:

    He is very generous He doesn't want them to know he doesn't like it

  40. ZeRo X says:

    Mr bean invented the asmr

  41. Feby C D E F G says:

    The mukbang and asmr we used to have

  42. liverpool malaysia says:

    Miss mr bean

  43. ZendersGamer ftw says:

    Somehow watching this makes me hungry🤣🤣🤣

  44. в о л к says:

    My childhood

  45. Lau Winnie says:

    2:06–2:12 when I eat seafood for the first time

  46. 김민기 says:

    미스터 빈 진짜 추억이다 가족끼리 미친듯이 웃으면서 봤던 기억들 생각나네 ㅋㅋ

  47. Yanuar Fathuladzim says:

    Hai hs

  48. dlov. 4n says:


  49. Hanif Mohammed says:

    Mr bean I like Your voice

  50. Aviation Potato says:

    4:06 Don’t you love the crunching sound?

  51. Nadim Firas says:

    Mr Bean i love you so much you are the best

  52. Kahha Kolo says:

    Don't worry man , your the legend of comedy

  53. MinhTuan Nguyen says:

    He’s always my childhood, Vietnamese’s kids love you <3

  54. เตือนใจ มีสัตย์ says:


  55. George Atkins says:

    4:27 Sacre Bleu! That was fast.

  56. Rana Mulyana says:

    so cute

  57. Nguyễn Thùy Chinh says:

    10/9/2019 and i review it again

  58. Jan Novak says:

    Uncooked Meat ?

  59. Plụ̄̂m channel says:


  60. JeØn JungKook says:

    Big love💜💜For mr.bean💖💖💖

  61. Graham Butcher says:

    What’s he eating at 4:10

  62. พิมพ์ชนก นวมสํารี says:

    มีคนไทยดูมั้ยคะ เมื่อก่อนตอนเด็กๆช่อง7 บ่าย3
    ติดมาก ✋

  63. Grey Wind says:

    Omg the manager’s acting is so good 😂

  64. Habibah Fakad says:

    Udang hidu0 dimakannya

  65. Habibah Fakad says:

    Frrom indonesia

  66. Km, bzbmb , mas Zuma ckz Rodrigues says:


  67. Samara Silva says:

    The time and my friend to me up on


    Who lhaaaa jaancoookkkk

  69. Roman Hoyles says:

    My sister went to a youth hostel and a former student there was mr bean

  70. Tuấn Mai says:

    Bean is dead 💀

  71. Arafat Tayif says:


  72. ashraf Muhammed says:


  73. Pink Mezi Official says:

    Ada org malaysia yg minat Mr Bean tak? 😜 like skittt 🥳

  74. GalaXy808 says:


  75. Profesor Santos says:

    El primer YouTuber v:

  76. Adv.Savpreet Gujral says:

    Aww Mr. Bean love from India….😘✌❤

  77. Elena Tavarez says:

    Esta bien loooooooco😆😆😆😆😆

  78. C0de_is 552GTDN says:

    Vip man

  79. Meri Kaavya Rachnayein says:

    His expressions are enough for makes me laugh 😂😂😂 🤣🤣🤣 brilliant actor 👌



  81. Angel Tweens says:

    Mr bean perfectly demonstrated how I’d be in a fancy restaurant

  82. ̨يــ̍ا مــڕايــتــې says:


  83. I Love Food says:

    يشبه حمد قلم 😂😂😂

  84. Ngan Thuy says:


  85. Ghani6409ismail Ismail says:

    Best ni mr bean…..

  86. HD 320 says:

    Best cà k

  87. 京葉臨海ライン says:


  88. Doctor Teaser & Ads says:

    Help me to have 50 subscribers

  89. Mo3ad Lachhab says:


  90. Enzo Didomenico says:


  91. Radhe Radhe says:


  92. Melvin Lim says:

    Mr bean: eats

    Me: stomach grumbles

  93. 不告訴你 says:


  94. solikin pbfc says:

    Oky bean

  95. Ali Alali says:



  96. Becatsho lraq muslm says:

    وين العراقين

  97. excution thefun! says:


  98. Lori ILY says:

    The first mukbang i ever watched

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