Find Da Wae (animation) — Song by CG5

Find Da Wae (animation) — Song by CG5

I JUST stumbed here on accident! I don’t how I got here, but I decided to do the subs. Hope u enjoy! I’ll stop talkin (or typing) here now UGANDA DANDA DANDA UGANDA UGANDADA UGANDA uGANDADADDADADADA Do you know dee way no, no dee way? I do not know dE Wae. A H H! :C wE mUST find a way no find de way noh find a way Yeah, we must find dee WaY Can u show me da wayyyyyyyyyyyyy, can u show me, can u show me da wAY? OhHHHHHHHHHOH wE MUST FIND De waeeeeeeeeeeeee we must find a, WE must find de way Do u know de wayyyyyyyyy? I Don’t know de wAY, WE Must find da wayyyyy. DO U KNOw do wae? I DON’T KNOW Da WAY! WE MUST FIND DE WAYYYYYY!!1! Can u show me da waeeeeeeeee?, Can u show me can u show me da way? We must find da wahhhhhh, we Must find a, WE must fInd de way! Can u SHow ME DA wayyyyyyy, can you shoe ME, CAN u SHOw mE da WAY? Tem iiiiiiiiis!!!!1!11! We mUst Find De wayyyyy, weah we must find a, WE must Find DE way! Uganda,danda,danda. Ugandadada Ugand, Uganda uGandadadanda Subcrible or like for more subs by me, maybe.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Find Da Wae (animation) — Song by CG5

  1. •axsthetiic iicxrla• says:


  2. foxy fox says:

    Do you know the way

  3. foxy fox says:

    I like this meme

  4. FluffyWolf 108 says:

    I'm in love with the way she draws the mouth!

  5. Abel Flores says:


  6. Luis Ortiz says:

    I love this

  7. Stephen Colson says:

    Awesome song

  8. MiraculousSpoilerGirl says:

    I came to add this channel to my channel's reccomended channels section.. I ended up with this epic boi

  9. Danielle says:

    Some see a dead meme to ignore, some see an entertaining short.
    I see no such things.

    I see a story about a lost people, stranded in a strange and alien landscape. I see an unlikely hero rise through the ranks and doing his absolute best to guide his brothers to their lost monarch. He suffers through self doubt and worries that he wouldn't be able to fulfill his task, and yet he valiantly recovers and leads his people on the oversea voyage to the flaming mount. As our hero leads the brotherhood to the summit, he has one last feeling of doubt before receiving an encouraging nod from one of his fellows. He joins them together in a ring of faith, then takes the plunge. For the home stretch, he takes charge, ushering them through the portal and home safely to their beloved queen. I see a hero, a civilization, who had braved against all odds for the safety of their kind, and has found De Wae.

  10. Nio says:

    This is true talent

  11. Hajwo ! says:

    How would you fell if your most viewed video on your channel was a video of Ugandan Knuckles trying to find da wae

    Me in 2019- “I wOuLd FeEl HoNoReD”..

  12. Jun Samio says:

    Reat in peace dead meme

  13. swedish ghostbuster says:

    they did it . they found da wae, this is also straight banger though

  14. Sakura Miyazono says:

    They found Kanna

  15. MATADOR 007 says:

    Mds que merdaaaaaaaaaaa

  16. xdwaffle107 says:

    Worst Song ever

  17. Arrow In The Knee says:

    When they said do you know da wae
    I felt that

  18. Palette_L . Jackson says:

    Super geil animiert passt zum Song

  19. Steffan Blanco says:

    Who's here hoping that he appears in the new Sonic movie?

  20. Chase Caldwell says:

    This is too well made, I love it.

  21. churso ikonik says:

    This video is so perfect shurggur

  22. churso ikonik says:


  23. Ruby Castillo says:

    The real question is…

    How did they lost da wae?

  24. Zoe Smith says:

    This is an older meme

  25. Julie Zi Shen says:


  26. Joaninha Feitosa says:

    Munauei munauei deixa o like

  27. ღChostita- studiosღ Chaoko-Chan UwU says:

    Xd :v

  28. nEon says:

    when it was a thing everybody wanted this meme dead, now that it's dead everybody wants it back. That's what I call a pro gamer move.

  29. Luca Romanelli says:


  30. Vincent Fabian says:

    I don't know if I love it or I hate it

  31. Miguel Ángel el hacker says:

    do you know da wae

  32. Matthew Padilla says:

    So da wae is in heaven but they jumped in so thats killing themself and suicide is sin

  33. Matthew Padilla says:


  34. RobortStan777 says:

    since when was Uganda knuckles so cute

  35. Bretgamer Diola says:

    Those uganda knuckles are cute

  36. Professional Retard says:

    its cringey but at the same time it was made when it was made

  37. Josiah Deleon says:

    I can’t stop crying😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  38. Darkwing Duc says:

    I like to listen to this song! It gives my sadness a voice! That's helpful!😅

  39. Spinosaurus fan 127 Martin says:

    HE DOESN'T KNOW THE WAY BACK 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 he was the best meme

  40. el gatito odiado uwu i'm a cat says:


  41. el gatito odiado uwu i'm a cat says:

    Jajajaja que risa

  42. shadow derp says:

    i cry every single time

  43. Charming Tatum says:

    WTF this is.

  44. Jason McMillin says:

    i just found this randomly

  45. FanaticalEmojipower •w• says:

    Well done on the views shgurr

  46. Citrus Animates says:

    I’m just now rewatching this when I’m in my weeb phase and IM CRYING WHY IS THE QUEEN DRESSED LIKE KANNA

  47. Melissa Johnson says:

    Why is there a portal in the volcano 🌋

  48. Jonie Buenaventura says:

    NOT A DEAD MEME!!!!!!!!!

  49. billiescott dunkle says:

    My bruddahs and me be lost

  50. Brice Graham says:

    Lol I remember when this was popular

  51. GamingWithDanielYTRoblox - says:


  52. Stacey M says:

    So sadd

  53. La hora de Knuckles says:

    That's me!!!

  54. Rider541 says:

    Do you know the way to find love?

  55. Acambarense1980 says:


  56. cheerful Pikachu1000 says:

    You know cg5

  57. Wisewolveslife says:

    This-this is perfect

  58. Marta Bautista says:

    This is so cute xD

  59. MaximKat says:

    The captions tho?

  60. Sarah Arella Geneston says:

    Im sad for all knucles

  61. Alan Baker says:

    Top 10 best anime

  62. UrBoiPhone says:

    I think the person who pointed to the volcano just wanted the Ugandan knuckles to die

  63. Aleksander Ebert says:

    Very nice

  64. Carlos Bautista says:

    Everybody gansta till ugandan knuckles find the wae

  65. Layla Bailey says:

    LoL🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍌🍌🍌🍒🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🏞️🏟️🥥Gaeilge bhfud PDF X if sí na sic sise be he crú PDF X if sí na sic sise be he C rúpach pápaireacht


  66. gacha wolf says:

    Omg so sad I cried😭

  67. Joy Galming says:

    Uganda knuckles: goes to the volcano

    Are you sure thats the way?????!!

  68. Maria Retana says:

    I know da wear

  69. Lamar Stokes says:


  70. Steffan Blanco says:

    Where’s the blue one? He didn’t find the way?

  71. James Santiago says:

    I have one question…..


  72. Noah Perez says:

    What is wrong with da-me

  73. GamesPsych117 says:

    I need to stop rewatching this…. Its been 30 times too many….

  74. Mr. T3ambro says:

  75. IP s Y c IH o says:

    over 30k idiots…

  76. invalid uwo says:

    0:20 kinda cute ngl



  78. Αβρααμ Αναστασιος says:


  79. Brandon Bell says:

    Why is this not on iTunes dag nabbit!!!

  80. Hunter Welch-Robertson says:

    om i didnt realize u animated this i thought this was the orginal vid

  81. Lyndsey McKay says:

    It's so sad 😿

  82. YoshiMusic999 says:

    I hate this… so much… but it’s glorious.

  83. Arashdeep Gill says:

    Suicide is not da wae

  84. Mason Goad says:

    Every time i watch this now i cry at first i hatted the meme but i joined my brudas and had fun as one of them now i miss this me but maybe one day we will find da way back we must find da way back

  85. Yaretzi De leon says:

    Aww emo

  86. Crystal Smith says:

    It took me till 2019 to realize that the queen was a Ugandan version of kanna

  87. Nathaniel Green says:

    Oh your the one that made this song ok

  88. Ivy Mew says:

    Ah Shit, i remember I used to listen to this song…I still like it.

  89. SYN Dolphin says:

    Dad: Stop playing this!
    Me: Why?
    Dad: We have bigger speakers downstairs
    Me: Do you know de wai
    Dad: No
    Me: cries* THEY FOUND DA WAEE

  90. T h i n g says:

    I don’t care how dead this meme is I just love this song.

  91. AugustDipper says:

    And with this epic song knuckles found his way and we all miss the meme

  92. Kevin Levin says:

    Spit on da nonbelievas

  93. Carl Yeet says:

    Why is this so dramatic we are still talking about Uganda knuckles right

  94. the nooby animator says:

    Moanas we know the way but it's uganda

  95. fire slinger says:

    Shgurr made this I barely realised this

  96. Matija Vuk says:

    I liked one biiiiig like

  97. Matija Vuk says:

    This is lava or juice

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