oh hello everyone I’m Jayskibean to welcome to another episode of happy wheels and I know it’s been a while a long while since I did a happy rose episode let’s get on into it with ASCAP out 510 try to get past these dudes what a just get what no too hard a wee oh ok you’re good here walk along this okay well you gotta bump it you have to bump it all the way oh it ok again jumped now what why walk along this that what is it supposed to yeah okay I’m just going to zoom zoom for your boom-boom what ok oh oh oh you know oh ok well looks like this man is giving you our troubles don’t worry I’ll save you going is it Oh what how do I live that how did that will don’t worry I got you hit jump I think I broke my back got broke my back alright monster Empire I’m going to beat your level we oh ok so i just got to go with it it’s gotta jump jump like I never do jumped before my life and uh huh I did it I did it I miss my legs but I did it oh oh well obstacle course like whoa its okay its okay its okay its okay its okay go onward and upward my friends and I didn’t break that’s good alright i’m gone too fast going too fast oh ok i just slow down Harry before the bombs get you oh what oh my leg why do you think you could go here without fighting me haha did you miss me oh look good i go the right way welly welly well well I don’t know what to do on that part but I’m going to keep going I’m not a quitter oh yeah oh no oh ok ok ok ok oh never man it’s okay we can do this we can do oh no what you think you can go here that party haha did you see just how how do i do so this dude just be trying to shave me it is oh hmm we can do this ok ok ok you can make it yeah okay okay i don’t know how to do this for it we don’t have a clue is that the ball had to do the ball have to do something with the ball what do you think you could get here without you miss me I don’t understand oh oh yeah jumped over a little gotta splodey just wait outside haha well okay I’m gonna drop drop straight down I did it yay Skyfall Oh fart that was hard Coco fight hard I had to pick a pogo guy goes in it no that’s not go go I don’t know how that’s definitely not that’s not know o.o hahaha i got it yeah oh yes yes you don’t want all calm down bro you don’t know the hug I will go go you in the next centuries really nice scene yeah yeah oh god sort of my bike ah yeah what their go i’ll come on why you keep doing that why you keep doing it it is a hard photo fight because you’ve got to like kick the sold out of his sold it have a seat have a seat I don’t want to have a seat though ya know why etcetera well okay it’s okay you’re okay don’t don’t look don’t look down don’t look down huh gasps oh come on how is that even possible it’s not possible it ought to just pointed downward how are you supposed to get the pointed downward up the point went down huh haha how oh how what well where its okay its okay its okay okay Shh calm down i’ll come down to look on know ah do you let go oh come off fine ass huh Oh like a bruise haha oh its okay its okay its okay its okay its okay yeah oh I’ll come on haha yeah stop screams aloud the third you’re going to be okay it’s okay it’s okay hush oh man i’m going to program fight plus snake Oh what the store watermelon at my face whoa there’s throws stuff at my face it we all give you the kiss oh it’s going on what’s going on with this guy said talk outside the snake is this is guys make yep yep yep see this is why this is why you see me over here exclusive for games because I can’t do anything else I can’t do it oh good day everybody oh no no no wonder that flip I don’t know what though it’s okay it’s okay yes yes it oh so used to change this they use a change of Bruce to me use the booze to be changed oh no and let me on let me and hit me up just let me up let me up a little bit and grab your face awesome awesome now we get the distilling kyon through boo boo boo got boo boo up you do you do 880 you can make it you owe it to the word and do it to the worm 8 c’mon ya bottle flip too huh Boing Boing Boing up new ok i am a noob i have a noob at least on an actor has a bottom lip so in that first trip okay because we can just do this oh ya goin I am not good at bottle flit yeah because my custom controls yeah I am NOT well as a possible are caught it again this time I catch you later on me Oh miss ok it’s ok because it said man doesn’t mean moon so how do you win this yeah full o ok when you throw it too hard oh ah oh ok well we get another try is all that matters in a try huh I’m double men haha double may more Drive last ride with the bottom lip yeah well but all i do not have been sweetheart landed that like i’m a noob I’m a double new yeah oh yeah that catch though Bernie just get dominos dominoes all cool you get to watch them watch them know i watch school dominoes oh that’s awesome we want to watch it watch it all happen don’t want to happen hello okay all right go go fight and fight you haha oh no it’s okay we’re now one yeah right number t EV died i made to finish it and hit hit ok it’s ok i just i’m sorry sorry about your sword I’m a pro already i just started haha oh and easy peasy livin squeeze yeah well guys that was the tips to the happy wheels i hope you guys enjoyed making you some lap that like button area the video subscribe to my page you haven’t already until your friends about this i’ll see you guys later

David Anderson

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5 thoughts on “FINALLY I CAN POGO AGAIN! | Happy Wheels #5

  1. ArcadeGaming says:

    Nice one. Lost a few legs there. Hope they are empty bottles lol

  2. RKA gaming says:

    i miss this game I have not played it in forever

  3. TheSwiftHD says:


  4. Punintended says:

    0:13 dude sorry to say but you've really let yourself go. 😛

  5. Pictonknight says:

    Great vid man 🙂 the intro alone was hilarious 😀

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