Filmora Animation Effect | Filmora9 Tutorial

Filmora Animation Effect | Filmora9 Tutorial

Creatomg animation is a complicated
process and a lot of people ask me “Daniel, can I use film or to create
animation of my own?” Well, the short answer is… yeah, you can! Stick around, I’ll show you how. Hell, I might want to stay this way Hit the subscribe button and
click the notification bell to be part of the conversation The first thing I
did was film a piece of footage that I wanted to use now there’s no inherent
built-in feature that allows me to create illustrations in Filmora
so I knew I’d have to figure out a way to make this work real illustrators
create their animation by drawing them one frame at a time and I know I didn’t
have the time to do that so what I did was I took my footage and where I
decided I wanted to animate it I stretched out my timeline so I was down
to the single frames I split my footage there so I’d know where I wanted to
start and I took a snapshot by clicking the button up underneath the preview
window I then moved one frame forward and shot another frame I moved another
frame forward and shot another frame I kept doing this for the entire section
that I wanted to animate and once I had all the frames together that I wanted
for that section I had to find some ability to turn these into illustrations
I looked everywhere for something that was free but the best software I found
was actually a web-based photo editing software called “BeFunky”. Using their
photo editor I was able to bring my snapshots in one at a time and apply a
filter to them that made it look like a cartoon they have this cool artsy
section that allows you to take your image and apply this cartoon Iser to it
that saved me all the time in the world it took each frame and made it look like
a drawing then all I did was save these onto my computer and then I just put all
of those images into one big file filmora had already numbered them for me
when I took the snapshots now I knew each one of these cartoon images I only
wanted to be one frame long so what I did was I went up to file shows
preferences and in the editing tab I made sure that the photo durations for
anything that I was bringing in was set to one frame only
that way when I brought in all of these images and brought them down onto my
timeline they would each be set already for one frame each I just laid them back
over that section where I had started my snapshots and now I had my animation I
was able to use the scene below it to make sure all of the audio lined up
correctly once I was done I just exported all of it and voila
I chose to film all of this and set my project for 24 frames per second because
I knew I didn’t want to have to clip any more frames than was absolutely
necessary if you’d like to learn more Filmora tips tricks and techniques, make
sure you click the video that’s on screen now and the ones I’ve got pinned
down below Peace!

David Anderson

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