Fat Herobrine Taco Thief – Minecraft Animation

Fat Herobrine Taco Thief – Minecraft Animation

Tacos! Free Tacos! Get your free tacos here! *all characters and story is fictional Delicious Tacos! FREE DELICIOUS Tacos! Here! Huh? Taco! Taco! Taco! Taco! My tacos are so good so good Taco me! Taco me! Well, sorry we just ran out Can I have your taco? No Look over there. Look at me! Look at me. I’m very pretty. Ha! Ha! Ha! Hello there mister Broccoli. Why Hello mister Taco. Would you like to be friends with me now? No, thanks. I have enough friends Give me that taco. Wow that guy is very greasy like me. Why hello there sir, wouldn’t you rather eat me? I’m very healthy and delicious and I prevent diseases No I only eat delicious food You should really look at the Nutrition Facts of whatever you eat You shouldn’t eat food made with bad stuff in if they can make you addicted to them probably It’s too late for me! It’s too late for me! Well, thank goodness he’s a broccoli was controlling me Hey Hold it! You’re in trouble! Wow what the heck? He can fit in the chest!? Get out of there! Stop it! Give back the tacos you stole! Can you hear me? Ya I can hear you! Say you’re sorry! Why I have to say I’m sorry! Because you kick the chest and I’m in chest! But you deserve it! Two wrongs don’t make a right! Hey there buddy, you’re pretty full wrongs yourself It’s ok I love myself. Huh? Oh no! Hey there! Did you enjoy watching this video be sure to leave a like and comment below and share this video with your friends Then I’ll make more funny minecraft animations! Watch more funny animations here.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Fat Herobrine Taco Thief – Minecraft Animation

  1. MrFudgeMonkeyz says:

    Hope you guys enjoy this funny animation! Let me know what you think! Trying to get Annoying Villagers 41 done before end of November! Have an awesome rest of your day/night <3

  2. Zenterno15 says:

    t a c o s

  3. Epic Fang says:

    I’m in Saturday school detention right now and this makes it way better

  4. MiniMedley says:


    That was so funny! 1:11 when he reaches over

  5. FAT HEROBRINE says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue

    Me will steal your tacos and me no return
    me h0m3 is ch3st AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  6. Ρωξάνη Ρούσου says:

    Why you don't have one million!!!just why

  7. Xero Chanel says:

    So Fun ^^ ahahahaha I love MrFudgeMonkeyz

  8. Hero boyTM Hero boyTM says:

    Tacoo tacoo tacoo tacoo AHHHHHH

  9. CLOUD GAMING 360 says:

    Herobrine: Taco? YEAH MAN

  10. HybridPlaysMC says:


  11. Alex Hundenwald says:

    Can’t tell if Herobrine has infantophillia or is just immature

  12. Snoͦoͦpy8191 says:

    0:09 MY EYES!

  13. random young slav says:

    I eat delicious foods only

  14. Tirep _11 says:

    you are amazing you make the best fights and you are just so funny

  15. mr green says:

    118th comment 🙂

  16. Rambles The rambler says:

    How do you make the light shining behind them scenes?

  17. Tonnex says:

    XD Amazing video.

  18. Елена Куриленко says:


  19. Ooi Elan Ooi says:

    fat herobrine is so hot

  20. 208 2dboy says:

    1:03 that guy look misty

  21. Play Games says:

    Love you

  22. Angry Birds Adventures BCT says:

    Life of hero Brian is cancel

  23. PushKing & Dye Zoric says:

    XD this video is so fun!!! 😝 XD i hope there will be more animations like this.. But can you make a video like u play minecraft, dont make animations in that vid pls

  24. villager # 68 says:


  25. Mizi Kizi Pizi says:


  26. Mira Kim says:

    Ahhh yes the HERO brine strikes again

  27. chocolate TR says:

    Make moooreeeee

  28. matt4k 12 says:

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 this video is so funny

  29. Christy Gage says:

    i was having a bad day…until i saw this!! i luv fat herobrine!!

  30. Simon Saresmaa says:

    Oh no not prison again D:

  31. Deadpool's Cookie Films says:

    I thought charlie the creeper was there eating TACOS🌮

  32. The Dino House says:


    this is fricking beautiful…
    : O

  33. Icey The Ender Dragon says:


    Anyways MrFudgeMonkeyz, happy early Rememberance day!

  34. ViridCarnivore says:

    Absolutely hilarious. Good way to start my morning with a smile.😊. Have a great day.

  35. Lava KitCat says:

    0:09 Me when I see kittens and puppies

  36. Oliwer night 89 Bylund says:

    Top 5 Things That Science Can't Explain: 1:11

  37. Some Dude says:

    i deserve to be critisized for not liking annoying villagers

  38. BokoMind says:

    I Loooooooove T A C O

  39. Filtroph says:


  40. Youtuber Creeper says:

    When is the annoying villager episode 41 will start

  41. henryk levandovski says:

    Nice vid dude do more!

  42. JimmyJumpCut Down says:

    Rule number 1: Tacos R delicious.

  43. MoUldy Mation says:

    I got this notification last night for the animation but I was going to sleep it was a hard decision

  44. Ayden Lockyer says:

    Yey im153 comment love thes videos

  45. Isaiah Lee says:

    Everybody gangsta till Somebody steals FatBrines Taco

  46. KLeM Aviation says:

    The most creative thing I've seen is at 1:11. It was out of the world, literally.

  47. Dark Gaming says:

    Please upload Annoying Villagers

  48. Ahihi 4546c says:

    I like Choco Taco (PUBG)

  49. Paul Carlo Joseph Andrade says:


  50. Sub sandwich With mayo says:

    Me fudge monkeys I must ask

    (No offense)
    Why waste time on this when you can be doing annoying villagers?

  51. White Knight says:

    Doesnt that mean guy and the po po dude in jail cause they were in da chest? :0

  52. caio super games br says:


  53. Ember Ann says:

    If you ran out then why are you holding 2 tacos then..?

  54. Mystery Channel says:


  55. Michael Richards says:

    0:18 Herobrine More Like Herospaz

  56. lillianna Romero says:

    The broccoli is right

  57. Sarah Universe says:

    "Hey there buddy, you're pretty full of wrongs yourself"
    "That's okay, I love myself."
    It just reminded me of half the girls/guys that show up on doctor phil 😂

  58. johnkam thehyper says:


    To like my comment

  59. Relevan says:

    When will hero brine realize theirs lettuce in his taco 😮

  60. Hometions TV Red says:

    nice👍 Minecraft animation

  61. SESELA FOX says:

    I love the content this channel has uwu 💕
    (one like – one taco for herobrine 🌮)

  62. Charles Auty says:

    Do we learn what happens to herobrine in the next vid?

  63. JimmyJumpCut Down says:

    Me when mom says “who wants desert?”: 0:29

  64. Brigette Pace says:

    herobrine but he ate to much tacos

  65. Randall FAN says:

    i love your animations and I love ur annoying villagers, KEEP UP DA gud work

  66. Gamer Forlife says:

    Awsome video get quality it really is high quality

  67. Spooksy says:

    No one:

    MrFudgeMonkeyz: high pitched screaming in most of the video

  68. Meme Sun says:

    Why do I still watch this?

  69. Andy Duarte says:

    I think this is funny stuff you make

  70. General Caboose says:

    Yes, I DID love this funny minecraft animation!

  71. Duane flowers says:

    Annoying villagers 40 was so amazing I wonder what annoying villagers 41 will be about

  72. Duane flowers says:

    Also pls subscribe to MrFudgemonkeyz I want him to make more videos k thanks

  73. popbope says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA this is soooo funny 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  74. Oliver Peterson says:


  75. I'm ugly says:

    I love these videos it makes my taco really delicious

  76. Jose Pa14 Monge says:

    1:37 The voice of Baldi?

  77. Ninja Entity says:

    I had a dream where there was a map about ur content and Dantdm was playing it and he called mrfudge monkeyz me jingles

  78. lokis tyu says:

    Its rainig tacos

  79. lokis tyu says:

    Its rainig tacos

  80. That Youtube kid says:

    Hey Minecraft is famous this year but aren't you getting many veiws

  81. Faith-Isk says:

    I dont know why does it not make me laugh looks like I'm to mature 😑

  82. pz 64 says:

    I think the broccoli is right eat healthy food not bad food cuz it's very very unhealthy it can prevent diseases and all that stuff

  83. ТИТМАУС says:

    Hello from Russia! You make very cool animations! I wanted to ask, do you make animations to order? And how much will the animation cost, which lasts about 1 minute?

  84. ПуЛи_От_БоБуЛи says:

    Annoying residents of 41 series beg

  85. ya boi midge btw says:

    Nathan like MrFubgeMonkeyz 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  86. Lolnon ogs says:

    How do you animate

  87. busstopbusstop says:


  88. Jose Pa14 Monge says:

    0:08 When somebody is going so late to a date with his girlfriend.

  89. Paradox105 says:

    Dude i couldn't stop laughing, this animation is so funny lmao

  90. Tarq GTQ says:

    Make annoying villegers

  91. sniper slayer says:

    Free tacos in a taco in a taco in a taco

  92. UwU Your Mom says:

    What the frickity heck frack

  93. Jose Pa14 Monge says:

    The chest is so cute when the fat herobrine is there.

  94. Weird Person says:

    I have never seen fat herobrine run 30mph

  95. YouTube L says:

    I love how everyone acts like they have a mental problem. Now TACO ME

  96. Nygel Gaming says:

    Hahahah ay love your video

  97. oh my god 2019meme says:

    They keep muting me on discord when i send you a message can you tell them to stop banning me i am so bored i have nothing else to do but watch another annoying villagers episode 41 upload it now

  98. Yui Chit Lai says:

    is Mr fudge monkey Leo?

  99. Alexander Tewa says:

    How could the taco stand run out tacos if he's holding 2 tacos

  100. Swastika Gaming says:

    I'm 2.1 thousandth liker

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