Failboat VS Roka「Indie Pogo ⬆️」

Failboat VS Roka「Indie Pogo ⬆️」

David Anderson

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12 thoughts on “Failboat VS Roka「Indie Pogo ⬆️」

  1. Tails 6452 says:

    Oh I didn’t expect this

  2. Traci Worley says:

    kirby star allies got updated (tetris 282)

  3. Tidus Campiti says:


  4. [WUT] Bobo says:


  5. Victor Fusion says:

    I saw one of these in a live streams

  6. ShadowFox06 says:

    This Is Failboat.


  7. CreativeGamer8 says:

    Zorbie is a game where you throw an axe at birds and then eat the birds.

  8. Mr. K1teenz says:

    They should definatly add Waluigi to Indie Pogo.

  9. Osufandan ! says:

    I would love to see more on this game, Thanks Fail!

  10. Daniel Diehl says:

    This was a very fun gameplay to watch. I also loved the attention to details dedicated to the characters mechanics in this game. Glad to have backed the project ^^

  11. Frank L. Martin III says:

    Frank's son here,fail boat I'm a hyperfan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. the potato master says:

    did anybody else notice that the gems are from downwell

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