Evolution Of Michael Myers 1978-2018 (Animated)

Evolution Of Michael Myers 1978-2018 (Animated)

It seems the only thing that can defeat
Michael Myers is a retcon. But just how have he and his looks evolved through the
Halloween series? From the 1978 classic to the latest 2018 sequel reboot,
let’s slash our way through. Michael first appears as a murderous blond boy
wearing a clown costume. He’s sent to a mental institution and 15 years later he breaks out and dons the iconic spruce green jumpsuit and a Captain Kirk mask,
painted white with darkened hair. He goes on a bloody massacre and is then shot multiple times and falls off a balcony. In Halloween 2, taking place
within the same night, Michael Myers is somehow stockier, his mask is aged and
now has reddish hair. He sets out to kill the surviving victim from the last film
who happens to be his sister. She shoots him in the eyes and he set on fire. Michael does not appear in Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, except briefly on a TV commercial, but that doesn’t count so on to the next film. In the Return of Michael Myers, Michael awakens from a coma covered in bandages. He’s taller
bulkier finds a greasy blue jumpsuit and a new mask to wear. This one is less
detailed and features a shocked expression with slicked orang-ish hair
that briefly turns pink and blonde. After learning of his sister’s death he
instead hunts his niece. But is shot and falls down a mineshaft. In the revenge of Michael Myers, he is nursed back to health by a hermit. His mask has elongated with hair that’s grown out. Once again he searches for his
niece, but he’s put in jail and breaks out soon after. The Curse of Michael
Myers features a more classic looking mask. His jumpsuit has also been slightly updated. In this film it is insisted that
Michael needs to kill his family because of a druid curse. Yet again he hunts down his family members, but this time he’s tranquilized to sleep. Ignoring the plots of the movies 3 through 6, in Halloween H2O Michael is looking for his
sister again. He switches between a variety of masks settling on one with frizzy hair and eerily revealing eye-holes. Once he meets up with his sister
she decapitates him for good. In Halloween resurrection
it’s revealed Michael faked his own death. His mask is similar to the
original, but with the addition a very noticeable makeup. This time he manages to kill his sister, but later on his electrocuted and
presumed dead. OR IS HE? But that doesn’t matter as the films were rebooted in 2007. In the reboot Michael is again introduced as a murderous blonde boy. But when fully grown appears to be built like a hulking dump truck. He eventually dons a greasy jumpsuit and a near original but much dirtier mask. In the reboot sequel the mask is falling apart and Michael is now donning new
hobo-esque attire. But this bum would succumb to barrage of bullets. The latest sequel disregards every film but the original. And introduces an older camera shy Michael in all-white prison garb. Michael is put on a prison bus but SURPRISE! It crashes and he breaks out,
steals a dark blue jumpsuit and his original much more weathered mask. A slaying or ten later… he’s taken down. And in a brief moment of unconsciousness, his new
psychiatrist tries on the trademark Michael mask. But don’t worry, Michael promptly comes to and nips that twist in the bud. Moving on to go ahead to head
with his now not-sister. She, and her family, trap him in her heavily guarded house and set it on fire. Which as we’ve seen before is a super effective way to kill him. Does anyone else hear that breathing? Thanks for watching this new and
improved version of the evolution of Michael Myers. Check out the original
animation to compare, and comment down below if you can spot the updates.

David Anderson

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