Escape the Game Master! SuperHero Kids & Searching Abandoned Town Clue! Mysterious Project Zorgo!

Ahhh! Ahhhh! What are we gonna do?! [Pounding] It’s only a matter of time before the Game Master gets in! [Chime] [Kids gasp] I have a mission for you. Use the clues to
open the Mystery Box! Guys, he’s coming! We might need some help
solving this mystery. Who do you know that can help? SuperHeroKids are good
at solving mysteries. Dial 11111. [Chime] [Kids gasp] Where’d she go?! Jack, what are you doing? Typing the number she gave me. [Tapping] Now we need SuperHeroKids’ help. But the Box Fort is outside. I know. What about this box? The refrigerator box that
Mom left in the room? [Computer Voice]
Teleporting… Teleporting… [Game Master theme] [Poof!] [Poof!] Look, the
Game Master is coming! [Computer Voice] Teleporting. Ah! I got the backpack! [Computer Voice] 3, 2, 1… [Whirring and whooshing] Not again! Ahhhh! [Sci-Fi travel music] [Whirring and whooshing] We made it! This must be where
Hope and Noah live! Hey Hope, it’s Jack,
Jasmine, and Kaden from Kids Fun TV! Hey Hope and Noah,
we need your help. The Game Master
is chasing us. We’re on a mission to
open this mystery box. We’re hoping there’s
something inside to help us stay safe
from the Game Master. And figure out
why he’s after us. Yeah, we know that SuperHeroKids are good at solving mysteries! Can you help us figure
out how to open it? Of course, come on in! Hmm. Let me see if
there’s any clues. Oh, look! There’s a combination
lock with letters on it. [Gasps] Let’s see if there’s
any clues on the box. Hey, there’s an
inscription on the back! Great job, Noah! This must be our first clue. Hmmm. It says 10-31-TOWN. What does that mean? Good question. Maybe the numbers are the
combination to the lock. Let’s give it a try! Hey, Noah, try TOWN. T-O-W-N. Nope. That didn’t work. Hmm. Maybe 10-31 is like a time. What happens at 10:31 a.m? Or 10:31 p.m? That can’t be right. Why does it say “TOWN”? That is mysterious. What could it be? Maybe it’s a coordinate. 10.31? Hmm. You’ll need to know if it’s North, East, South, or
West for that to work. Maybe it’s a date! 10/31! That’s it, Noah! 10 is a month! October! And 31st is the
day! October 31st! Halloween! Yay! But why does it say “TOWN”? Hmm. It says Halloweentown! Oh my goodness,
that’s sound silly. That’s y’all’s first clue. You need to travel
to Halloweentown to figure out how
to open the lock! But how do we get there? Try to use the
code 10-31 on your teleporter to see if it works. Okay, I’ll try that. One, zero, three, one. [Powering up] Whoa! [Computer Voice]
Teleporting. Teleporting. Hey Hope and Noah,
will you keep the mystery box safe
until we get back? Sure! See ya later! [Computer Voice]
Teleporting. Teleporting. I’m so glad we don’t have
to go to Halloweentown. That sounds aweful. [Whirring and whooshing] Whoa! [Sci-Fi travel music] [Whirring and whooshing] Whoa! I think we landed. It feels cold out there. Good thing I brought warm
clothes in this backpack. Whoa, what is this place? I think it’s a maze. Hey, what’s that? [Gasps] What does it say? “If ye hunt and cannot find “Trapped you’ll be in
this maze that winds. “But if ye find ye
must search well “Your way out will be unveiled.” I wonder what that means. We’re obviously in a maze. The clue said to search well. Yeah, let’s find
our way outta here. Yeah, there might be a clue
to open the mystery box. Let’s go hunt for some clues! Yeah, come on,
let’s go this way. Wanna go this way or this way? This way. [Silly music] Hey guys, what’s this? It looks like a letter E. Whoa! That’s weird. Let’s
take it with us. Maybe it will make
more sense later. Let’s find our way
out of this maze. Let’s go this way. I think we’re lost in here! I don’t think we tried this way. Hey, there’s the exit! Yay! Look! Another clue! “Some eat straw
and some eat wheat “But only the
creature likes to eat “The fair, the
curious, and the brave “Will find a clue
in an inside cave.” What do you think that means? This clue’s talking
about a creature! One that doesn’t
eat straw or wheat. Uh, don’t look now, but that
looks like a creature to me. [Bell rings] Uh, do you think this
is the creature that the riddle
was talking about? Probably. It’s mouth is open. Do you think it wants
us to go inside? Are you crazy? We’re
not gonna walk in there. The riddle says the clue
is inside the creature. I think it’s supposed
to swallow us. Yikes! You can do this. Come
on, we’ll stick together. Okay… [Growling] Whoa… Um, it’s too dark in here. How are we gonna
get our way through? I think we’re inside his
stomach or something. Keep your eyes open for clues. Maybe we’ll find another letter! [Adventure music] [Gasps] Found it! What letter is it? It’s the letter O. It’s another clue to
open the mystery box. Woo! Yes, we did it! I can’t want to get outta here. There! It’s the exit! Look, another note. “Needle in a haystack true “To find the next,
you’ll dig this clue “Yellow as the sun does shine “And pigs do eat in
a house for swine.” This Halloween place
looks abandoned. Hey look, it looks
like a big corn pit! Hey guys, look at all this corn. Hey wait! The riddle said,
“A needle in the haystack.” This has to be it! What do you mean? If a letter is
buried in this corn, it would be like finding
a needle in a haystack. The riddle did say,
“You’ll dig this clue.” We’ll have to dig
through all of that to find the next clue? I think so. Better get started! [Kids laughing] [Silly music] [Kids laughing] [Gasps] Hey guys, I
found the letter L! Wait, what? [Gasps] Look! Another note! What does it say,
what does it say? “Last ye wander through the corn “You’ll find me
sleeping in the sun “I’m the fright of Halloween “Do not wake me, I am king.” Who’s the Halloween king? I don’t know. Well, it looks like we’re headed to the corn maze
to figure it out. I saw a corn maze over there! [Gasps] Where is everybody? I don’t know. This
place must be abandoned. [Adventure music] Snakes. I don’t like snakes. Ahhh! Hey look, it’s a scarecrow! That’s not a
scarecrow, that’s Jack! Jack? Yeah, Jack the Pumpkin King. What do you think
the riddle meant when it said not to wake him? I don’t know but look,
there’s another scroll! [Gasps] What does it say? “Sleeping in the daytime are “Haunted creatures so bizarre “So take your clues
and get out quick “Before you wake them
and their tricks.” Oh, I guess there must be
haunted creatures living here. But they sleep during the day? I don’t know, but
we still have to find one more letter. Let’s search the Pumpkin King! [Silly music] Hey, look! I found the letter R. [Pumpkin King roars] Ahhh! [Exciting guitar music] [Roar!] Quick to the Box Fort! Ahhh! Back to SuperHeroKids to unlock the mystery box! Text:
To Be Continued… Hey guys! Thanks so much for
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