Epilepsy, Animation.

Epilepsy, Animation.

Epilepsy is a group of neurological diseases
characterized by recurrent seizures. Seizures happen as a result of a sudden surge
in the brain’s electrical activities. Depending on which part of the brain is affected,
a seizure may manifest as loss of awareness, unusual behaviors or sensations, uncontrollable
movements or loss of consciousness. The brain is a complex network of billions
of neurons. Neurons can be excitatory or inhibitory. Excitatory neurons stimulate others to fire
action potentials and transmit electrical messages, while inhibitory neurons SUPPRESS
this process, preventing EXCESSIVE firing. A balance between excitation and inhibition
is essential for normal brain functions. In epilepsy, there is an UP-regulation of
excitation and/or DOWN-regulation of inhibition, causing lots of neurons to fire SYNCHRONOUSLY
at the same time. If this abnormal electrical surge happens
within a limited area of the brain, it causes PARTIAL or FOCAL seizures. If the entire brain is involved, GENERALIZED
seizures will result. Partial seizures subdivide further to:
– Simple partial: depending on the affected brain area, patients may have unusual feelings,
strange sensations or uncontrollable jerky movements, but remain conscious and aware
of the surroundings. – Complex partial seizure on the other hand
involves a loss or changes in consciousness, awareness and responsiveness. Generalized seizures subdivide further to:
– Absence seizures: this type occurs most often in children and is characterized by
a very brief loss of awareness, commonly manifested as a blank stare with or without subtle body
movements such as eye blinking, lip smacking or chewing. People with absence seizures may not be aware
that something is wrong for years. Kids who start having absence seizures in
early years stand a good chance of outgrow them without treatment. – Tonic seizures are associated with stiffening
of muscles and may cause the person to fall, often backwards. – Atonic seizures, also known as drop attacks,
are characterized by a sudden loss of muscle tone, which may cause the person to collapse
or drop down. – Clonic seizures are associated with rhythmic
jerking muscle movements. Most commonly affected are the muscles of
the neck, face, arms and legs. Clonic seizures are rare. – Myoclonic seizures are brief jerks or twitches
of a muscle or a group of muscles. There can be one or many twitches occurring
within a couple of seconds. – The most common and also most dramatic are
tonic-clonic seizures, also known as convulsive seizures, which are combinations of muscle
stiffening and jerking. This type is what most people relate to when
they think of a seizure. It also involves sudden loss of consciousness
and sometimes loss of bladder control. A tonic-clonic seizure that lasts longer than
5min requires immediate medical treatment. Epilepsy may develop as a result of a brain
injury, tumor, stroke, previous infection or a birth defect. Generalized seizures that start in childhood
are likely to involve genetic factors. Epilepsy due to a single gene mutation is
rare. More often, an interaction of multiple genes
and environmental factors is responsible. Hundreds genes have been implicated. Examples include genes encoding for GABA receptors
– major components of the inhibitory circuit, and ion channels. Many genetic disorders that cause brain abnormalities
or metabolic conditions have epilepsy as a primary symptom. The cause of epilepsy is unknown in about
half of cases. Diagnosis is based on observation of symptoms,
medical history, and an electroencephalogram, or EEG, to look for abnormal brain waves. An EEG may also help in differentiating between
partial and generalized seizures. Genetic testing maybe helpful when genetic
factors are suspected. There is no cure for epilepsy but various
treatments are available to control seizures. Medication successfully controls seizures
for about 70% of cases. Many anti-epileptic drugs are available which
target sodium channels, GABA receptors, and other components involved in neuronal transmission. Different medicines help with different types
of seizures. Patients may need to try several drugs to
find the most suitable. Dietary therapy: ketogenic diet has been shown
to reduce or prevent seizures in many children whose seizures could not be controlled with
medication. Ketogenic diet is a special high-fat, low-carbohydrate
diet that must be prescribed and followed strictly. With this diet, the body uses fat as the major
source of energy instead of carbohydrates. The reason why this helps control epilepsy
is unclear. Nerve stimulation therapies such as vagus
nerve stimulation in which a device placed under the skin is programmed to stimulate
the vagus nerve at a certain rate. The device acts as a pacemaker for the brain. The underlying mechanism is poorly understood
but it has been shown to reduce seizures significantly. Finally, a surgery may be performed to remove
part of the brain that causes seizure. This is usually done when tests show that
seizures are originated from a small area that does not have any vital function.

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  1. Raj Madari says:

    thank you

  2. Gregory Widener says:

    I had an epileptic seizure and fell down my basement stairs. When my wife called 911 I was tazed by the police. I have been denied disabilities even though I keep having seizures and I can't have a driver's license. I can't seem to find any legal representation. I really could use some help. I have evidence that I am epileptic on my page. I could use a little financial help. Any would be greatly appreciated. Here is my gofundme page: https://www.gofundme.com/tazeredepileptic

  3. Muuip says:

    Nice presentation, thank you.

  4. Fettuccine says:

    Aye, this is pretty good

  5. [gd] darkness says:

    When im sleeping.. My Eye is moving does that the epilepsy? ;o
    EDIT: I mean it's moving without moving the eye.

  6. Huggie Auggie says:

    What's the difference between lost of awareness and lost of consciousness

  7. navneet ranjan says:

    my child is 13 year old.he has one time attack.but MRI and EEG reports are normal.is it epilepsy?

  8. LIAMCC-_-1738_-_ GAMING says:

    I have epilepsy and I fucking hate it can't wait till I have the brain operation so i can live a normal life just like everyone els and I'm only 16 years old and good video keep it up

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    my cousin has epilepsy

  12. Lyrics World says:

    Can someone answer my question please😂😂 will EVERYONE get a seizure at least once in their lives?

  13. Md.Alaul Newaz says:

    sir what can I do for my child?

  14. Md.Alaul Newaz says:

    his symptoms is movement of left face.

  15. Pradeep Grg says:

    im also a victim of it..how much does alcohol effects epilepsy??

  16. Julia Ruusunen says:

    I have had some incidents and all but I have this thing my eyes do (by eyes I mean eyeballs) they start to compulsively move side to side and I can't do anything about it. Idk just help?.. what to do or something

  17. Md.Alaul Newaz says:

    sir my doctor give my son tegrtol and 15 days later my son victory of s j s.now what can I do.note he has not given my child MRI or EEG.thank u so much.

  18. Millet Richard says:

    I have an epilepsy and it was just happens again last night.. it's last 6mins.. they poured water on my face.. and it called a tonic clonic seizure…

  19. ChocolateCircus445 ARCHIVES says:

    Don't you mean cool mode?

  20. alexthebro 265 says:

    unfortunately I've experienced myoclonics and tonic clonics. and yes I have been diagnosed with epilepsy.

  21. Jose Robles says:

    God please make a cure for epilepsy. I have it for thirty years

  22. De-Ontre Gregory says:

    I have epilepsy also!!!

  23. Apocalypse _March says:

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  24. One Man Crew Entertainment says:

    I've been having seizures since I was 4 months and I can't stand it I wouldn't wish seizures on my worst enemy it's a bad and scary feeling. Not being able to walk having, to be pushed in a wheelchair, being in a coma for hours not being able to remember what happened then can't even eat nothing and I be hungry I hate it.

  25. Joy Baggett says:

    I survived six seizures within one hour apart from each other. Don’t know what caused it.

  26. MisterAxeMan says:

    Is this insomnia or autism? The animations make it hard to tell

  27. Gaurav Ramrakhyani says:

    Thank you for providing very good video and very nice explanation.

  28. Martin Kim says:

    what the hay

  29. Megha Roy says:

    I'm suffering from epilepsy attacks from my birth and every year I was admitted in hospital I have an tonic clonic seizures I'm feed up of this problem
    I liked ur video and the way u explain

  30. hyfa abdullah says:

    the robot voice is very annoying, but overall good video, thank you.

  31. oh I thought I cared lol says:

    Excellent video..

  32. Richie Korn says:

    doesnt have a cure ….mine stopped at 15 ..after 10 year of hell..my knees were happier

  33. Jole Pure Sarkar says:

    I m from Bangladesh..
    I m Mirgi rug ache… help

  34. Sik alien • says:

    I had it but it wasnt serious like my eybrow went moving up n down n i couldn't control it😂 it was awkward

  35. K C says:

    how do you know if you've got nocturnal epilepsy and that you've just woken from them? I'm epileptic and get sleep paralysis from time to time so I'm wondering are they related?

  36. Gullan says:

    Some one in my class had epilepsy

  37. Hi Bro says:

    I had 5 tonic Clonic seizures

  38. Paola Tartari says:

    Non si puo tradurre in lingua italiana grazie

  39. Victoria Francois says:

    I'm sure them dumping aluminum on us thru chemtrailing is making more people have seizures

  40. Gopinath Mahapatra says:

    I am suffering from writer's cramp more than 20 yrs. Pl suggest me any medication for cure.
    Pen tight gripping while writing,Hand tremor/jerk while writing, Hand muscles Pain ,I can not write a single word in front of other person due to anxiety & nervousness.

  41. Brett Simester says:

    I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 14, my seizures were just getting worse and worse with my medicine getting higher and higher then adding new drugs, replacing drugs until the VNS was installed (I was 42 when it was installed). Now since the VNS was put in my seizures have slowed down one of my drugs has been totally taken off, another drug was lowered (I still have to use that particular drug though). It'll take a few years to get the drugs to the level I need since unfortunately I'll never totally get off my drugs. But the VNS has incredibly helped me. I hope this helps.

  42. Lumber Jack says:

    mine is atonic seizures

  43. Munazza Muzaffar says:

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  44. Tajinder Jeet Singh says:

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  49. Benny Vegas says:

    I caused my younger brother to have a seizure. Be holding his neck against a wall. And I was scared to death!!

  50. suneetha Ramakrishna says:

    Thanks a lot sir

  51. leo lesi says:

    chris linto has epilepsy

  52. Kyi ara says:

    i had only 4 seizures in my life, but i get in coma 4 times from it.

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  54. Heather Carey Vlogs says:

    I’m 15 and just started getting seizures please help. I have autism too. I had an mri and there was nothing on it

  55. Muhd Hazim says:

    I will have a seizure if i sleep late and wake early

  56. Paul Jackson says:

    Nice presentation will recommend to work colleagues in future. One thing… I had a seizure a while back and cracked/broke reb(s) (can't tell without xray and they never bothered with one. Thing is it would be nice to see how violent this can get on a film like this. Oh and how did I not injure my head/neck in any way whatsoever?

  57. MC says:

    Voice is annoying but educational

  58. Natalie Carnes says:

    Can ultra violet flashing lights cause a seizure? I could tell that I was gonna have a seizure in a haunted house

  59. Mary Lee says:

    Been told that what I keep having may be epilepsy but we’re not completely sure yet I haven’t been fully diagnose yet sadly and it’s been over two years 😢 I’ve uploaded a video of my episodes if anyone like take a look and lmk what you think it might is .

  60. Caskit Endefer says:

    I get a pain in the front of my forhead on the right side, and I lose senesation in the side of my face (eye closes and my mouth drops) and then the pain location travels through my brain and as it does my muscles tense up (jaw locks shut and my neck muscles clench up) and the pain feels like its pulsating and I have to lay down cause my arms will lock in place and my head will start jerking ( starts as small nods and shaking turns into angry shaking and my muscles tremble) and I can still see and hear everything around me but my brain cant identify what anything is ( i look at a cup but my brain wont tell me that its a cup) and I cant verbally communicate with anyone when this happens ( i can make noises but my brain wont communicate or form words that are understandable) i can see words on a screen but i cant mentally process the letters and if i try to say words that i look at, it comes out as " slurred jibrish" So I basically wait for my mobile strength to come back so i can do sign language. (my family doesnt sign and im not a hearing impaired person) and these things last for atleast an hour and 30 minutes and I dont remember anything 5 minutes after or before this sensation and i dont know what to call it.

  61. Lucero Romero says:

    I have been having sieziures sinces 9 months n I have been taking medicine to calm them it's there any cure for them😥

  62. Thanos Nugget says:

    I had 3 absence seizures

  63. Right-winger Indian says:

    4:13 ..There's no cure for epilepsy? Really?? 💔

  64. Dixie Dog says:

    Epilepsy sux !!! I'm glad I found the right combo of medication to combat my seizures. I have generalized simple partial seizures that happen in my medial left Temporal lobe. Very good video to explain different types of seizures in a way where anyone could understand without using crazy big medical terminology hahahahA

  65. ميدو البرنس says:

    its very helpfull but he is talking soo fast you can solve by writing the speak

  66. Vinicius Fidencio says:

    My mother had epilepsy until the age of 13, she told it was frequent, almost everyday, but she got cured of it in the most impossible way ever: she suffered a terrible accident while riding with a bike, broke a lot of bones and hit the head on the street and got in coma for 26 days, she said my family lost hope she was still alive back in that time, but when she woke and she never had the seizures anymore. I wish i could know what made such a thing end her seizures, the human body is something that cience will never fully understand. My wife has strong seizures, i wish she could get cured but every doctor says that it doesn’t have cure, and she will need to take medicines for the rest of her life. Life is hard for us to take care of this, everytime she has the seizures i think she is going to die, we gotta be strong to deal with it.

  67. XenoXenon says:

    I have Complex Partial Seizures

  68. PinkAxolotl says:

    this is good as long as you mute it in favour of captions, christ who thinks these robotic voices are in any way a tolerable decision

  69. Sneha Spatil says:

    Is epilepsy is symptoms of brain cancer?

  70. think boss says:

    Ive been having EPILEPSY for 2 yrs now i just found out i have frontal lobe seizures i mostly have them n my sleep it lasts about 1 Hour after i shake and bite my tongue i get up n walk around i cant talk n if u get 2 close i swing on you. I am fuked up with these seizures. This is the dumbest shyt ever.

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    Cricket ball



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  76. NightShade Angel says:

    I'm a epilepsy sufferer had it since I was six years old almost 30 years the worse was when it nearly killed me only one in my family to have it what non epilepsy people don't realise is what it can effect us in strength , sight feeling tired dizziness everything that comes along.

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    To find out if you have epilepsy or not, just search Epilepsy Test in Youtube and watch the first one.
    Thank me later.

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  86. Jake Myers says:

    I have seizures and epilepsy for 16 years since I had cancer (Leukemia) when I was 3 years old

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    So a seizure is basically when your brain starts having lag spikes.

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