Epic Disney Sidekicks Medley – Peter Hollens feat. Brian Hull

Epic Disney Sidekicks Medley – Peter Hollens feat. Brian Hull

Lumiere: Ma chere Mademoiselle it is with deepest pride
And greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight And now we invite you to relax, As the dining room proudly presents The Sidekicks! Baloo: Look for the bare necessities The simple bare necessities Forget about your worries and your strife I mean the bare necessities Old Mother Nature’s recipes That brings the bare necessities of life Timon: Hakuna Matata!
What a wonderful phrase. Pumba: Hakuna Matata!
Ain’t no passing craze Timon: It means no worries For the rest of your days Timon & Pumba: It’s our problem-free
philosophy — Hakuna Matata! Woody: You’ve got a friend in me You’ve got a friend in me You got troubles, and I got them too There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you We stick together, [then]
we’ll see it through Yeah, you’ve got a friend in me
You’ve got a friend in me Maui: Hey, what has two thumbs
that pulled up the sky When you were waddling yay high
This guy When the nights got cold
Who stole you fire from down below You’re lookin’ at him, yo So what can I say except you’re welcome For the islands I pulled from the sea There’s no need to pray, it’s okay
You’re welcome Ha, I guess it’s just my way of being me You’re welcome
You’re welcome Olaf: Bees’ll buzz,
kids’ll blow dandelion fuzz And I’ll be doing
whatever snow does in summer A drink in my hand,
my snow up against the burning sand Probably getting gorgeously
tanned in summer I’ll finally see a summer breeze,
blow away a winter storm And find out what happens to
solid water when it gets warm! Oh the sky will be blue And you guys will be there too When I finally do what
frozen things do in summer Timon: Iʼm gonna tell him
Pumba: Don’t you dare! Olaf: In summer! Genie: Mister Aladdin, sir What will your pleasure be? Let me take your order —
[And] jot it down — You ain’t never had a friend like me Can your friends do this? (Olaf: Iʼve been impaled.) Can your friends do that? (Lumiere:French baguette laugh) Can your friends pull this (Woody: Thereʼs a snake in my boot) Out their little hat?
Can your friends go — Terk: Zabby Dap Zooby Doop
Zabba Dap Zabm Ba Ba Bwee Dap Genie Joins: Zabby Dap Zooby Doop
Zabba Dap Zabm Ba Ba Bwee Ba doh Lumiere Joins: Zabby Dap Zooby Doop
Zabba Dap Zabm Ba Ba Bwee Dap Everyone: Dwee Dap Dwee Doo Zabby Dap Zooby Doop Zabba
Dap Zabm Ba Ba Bwee Dap (Genie: You ain’t never had a
friend like me) Zabby Dap Zooby Doop
Zabba Dap Zabm Ba Ba Bwee Ba doh (Terk: Wap pap doobee do wap ba) Zabby Dap Zooby Doop
Zabba Dap Zabm Ba Ba Bwee Dap (Maui: What can I say but… you’re welcome) (Woody: You got a friend in me) (Timon & Pumba: Hakuna Mattata) Dwee Dap Dwee Doo (Baloo: Necessities of life
will come to you.) Dwee Dap Dwee Doo (Olaf: In Summer!) Dwee Dap Dwee Doo You ain’t never had a friend like me!Peter being a nice guy…Subtitles by the Amara.org community

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Epic Disney Sidekicks Medley – Peter Hollens feat. Brian Hull

  1. Evynne Hollens says:

    Ashland just watched and said "THIS IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO DAD HAS EVER MADE PLAY IT AGAIN!!" So Do it! —–> 0:00 <—– Click and watch again! Nice job lovey!

  2. DarkPlay Br says:

    I would love to see u guys singing friend like me in that style, it's my favorite disney song

  3. Diana Studios says:

    This is amazing

  4. J Smooth says:

    Love this and frieken love brian his impressions are so good hes even been a character in the tangled series now

  5. Ciccio Botta says:

    You should do a sweeney todd/nightmare before christmas medley

  6. Gorilla Slash says:

    Woody is a sidekick not to Andy but to buzz
    Because the whole 1st movie is about buzz learning his place as a toy

  7. A concerned stranger says:

    This is amazing, but I have one thing….

    Terk is a girl, like, I get it if you didn't have a girl to play Terk, but terk is 100% a girl

  8. Little Missy Cloud says:

    sorry but woody is not a sidekick!

  9. Alley Farley says:

    I didn't read the title and I was like "Brian? Is that You?"

  10. Rod Costello says:

    2:56 This is The best part of it

  11. ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴜɴɪsᴛ ᴍᴏᴛᴏ ᴍᴏᴛᴏ says:

    I REFUSE to believe that woody is the sidekick

  12. Adeline Slater says:

    I the first person Brian hull?????

  13. Minecrafty Safty says:

    It mine know whriris

  14. Minecrafty Safty says:

    Hey how

  15. Minecrafty Safty says:

    You wellcome

  16. Minecrafty Safty says:

    Please get too 400 likes

  17. Deidara-senpai says:

    During Olaf’s bit.. I love how they were all like “Oh, no, sweetie”

  18. Michelle Johnson says:

    I don’t remember his name but that candle guy didn’t even have that much time and at the end when they’ll have a little part to sing he doesn’t get a part

  19. Willow Moon says:

    Did they hire the dude that plays Olaf!?

  20. Joshua Eldridge says:

    Thank you Peter for playing Genie and wiping the horror of Will Smith as Genie from my mind. Any local shows in the future?

  21. David Joshua Luneta says:

    If Timon were Anna and Pumba were Kristoff, would they be a couple? XD (you get it right?)

  22. Missy Lopez says:

    0:48 pumba farted on mowie

  23. pitbull hugger says:

    can your freinds do this

    I'vE bEeN iMpAlDe

  24. BambiFoxEater ! says:

    dont forget terk is just a girl XD

  25. Christian Gibbs says:

    Two of our very favorite guys on the internet collaborating? Yes, please.

  26. Good Gamer says:

    With princess

  27. kirishima bakugo says:

    Woody is not a sidekick he is the main chr.

  28. Jenn Allred says:

    Best medly so far. But Maui and Woody were never sidekicks. They were main characters.

  29. carinaeldred7 says:

    Terk is actually a girl 🙂 But I am way ok with the genderblend Terk 🙂 Great song gentlemen!

  30. JakeSwervo 234 says:

    I started singing along when Terk came out with the Tarzan vibes

  31. Nils says:

    thss is so funny

  32. SilvrLightning says:

    Woody is a sidekick?

  33. Ian Stull says:

    Whoever's idea it was to include Tarzan and to transition from Friend Like Me to a breakdown of Trashin the Camp is a frickin genius.

  34. Tobias Thomsen says:

    I lige The last part

  35. Jix Barredo says:

    Hey thats Brian hulll im a fan

  36. Elyssa Elaine Sison says:

    awsome i luv it

  37. Santa Claus says:

    Is that Brian hull as pubaa?

  38. Swifty666 says:

    Love it 😁
    But, Terk from Tarzan is actually a female sidekick… 🤔

  39. Ana Chagas Souza says:

    Nota 10 woddi

  40. Bailey Moon says:

    Is Brian Hull in this too?

  41. billoo13 says:

    I truly loved the Trashin The Camp cover, it's one of the disney songs I rarely hear people talk about.

  42. Hayley Parker says:

    Love IT SO much

  43. Komelikus says:

    Omg, i love the outfit of Terk <3 GREAT.

  44. Marianne Savage says:


  45. Louve Garoue says:

    Man you need t- . . . No you know what ? I need you to make a full, normal cover of "friend like me" because that part was amazing and was way, way, wayyyyyy too short. Seriously it's the best version of this song I ever heard, original included and that saying a lot from me believe me… So yeah please do it, I beg you !

  46. Veronica Jackson says:

    This is terrific

  47. McBubble Tea Vlogs says:

    W a I t we all know Terk from Tarzan is a girl right?-

  48. Foxy_ Cupcake says:

    Timor and puma singing

    Maui: Get his farting tail out of my beautiful face!!!

  49. Joe Kerr says:

    Why is woody part of the sidekick medley

  50. Kawaiipuppysaregreat says:

    where are my fello disney fans

  51. Joshua Nguyen says:

    Pumba farted in Maui’s face!!!

  52. The Nightmaric Senpai says:

    Maui: "Woody isn't a sidekick!"

    Andy: "He was my sidekick.."

  53. crystal clark says:

    theres 5 brian's and 4 peter's

  54. ISITDIMONDS?! says:

    my sis said that Anthem lights is better. LOL BYE!!!

  55. Winnie The Pooh says:

    I knew that it was Brian hull 😊

  56. JakeSwervo 234 says:

    Who else really liked this video? Like and comment below.

  57. JakeSwervo 234 says:

    Peter, I really loved this mashup of all these favorite characters from Disney movies. Props to you and Brian Hull for making this video. ❤️❤️❤️😃

  58. zheng yi says:

    Man I wished lumiere sang be our guest I even heard the track ;-;

  59. Olaf Dziemba says:

    Mein Name ist Olaf

  60. Josiah & Jash’s World says:

    Whoa whoa whoa Woody isn’t a sidekick Buzz Lightyear is

  61. ItsDerpyLogan says:

    This would be better if it had songs from the Beauty and The Beast, like Be Our Guest

  62. Detective Pug says:

    Who else wants to see Brian and Peter do a single of Trashing the Camp? That's the best part of this video! 🙂

  63. crystal clark says:

    on 3:08

  64. Vanillama728 says:

    Terk just came from left field and honestly i dont mind

  65. It’s the Gaming glitch says:

    We need a hero’s medley

  66. Latte ́s Coffee Shop says:

    Who will tel them terk is a girl

  67. EmoWolf 616 says:

    I loved this! And come on someone has to break it to Olaf 😂

  68. Alesha and Lozza Roblox says:

    I feel like sidekicks don’t get any love at all, so thanks to this song, us sidekicks can get some love.

  69. XJAXX Jackson says:

    I thought Tarzan’s terk was twerk xD I was like ok Disney come through

  70. Elizabethmaria _ says:

    That moment you realise that Woody is a sidekick, and you try to figure out when that happened

  71. Thia says:

    Brian Hull? Yes please

  72. Nick Cervenka says:

    I love this so damn much.

  73. Bobber Foote says:

    Woody is is not a side kick

  74. unicorn gamer says:

    Hang on.. Isn't Woody a main character..?

  75. Shannon H says:


  76. Siumoo Letalu says:

    Genie vs Maui
    Magic vs ocean

  77. Josiah & Jash’s World says:

    Buzz Lightyear is the sidekick

  78. Miraculous CAT says:

    I Love it I Love it I LOVE IT!!! 💕💕 THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY DAY!! Keep doing what you do!!

  79. smith smith says:

    Terrrrrrrk!! OMG He was my favorite in Tarzan!

  80. MEW2DAMAX Minecraft and more says:

    That was good

  81. Defyinggravityagain says:

    Please cover "The Other Side." I think you and PAINT should do it;) The Greatest Showmen. Genie is still sounding better in Peter's voice. compared to ..what we got. for…the..LA ..

  82. That Luigi Kid says:

    Woodys a sidekick?

  83. Ovadi Alemán González says:

    who watched this after frozen 2

  84. Eriks Rose says:

    I agree with Maui, Woody isn't a sidekick, I wouldn't class Baloo as a sidekick either. I love you guys but seriously, those two are not sidekicks.
    Kindest Regards

  85. I don’t know What I’m doing says:

    2:06 literally the reaction of the people watching the movie felling bad for Olaf
    Edit and not wanting to tell him so you don’t crush his dream

  86. Jen Teal says:


  87. chewie says:

    Lol i had go back watch it again for the comment saying Woody is not sidekicks. But both of you guys joy watching do really good job

  88. MUI gogito Ultra sonic says:

    Wait..woody is the main character, not actually a sidekick. If really a sidekick, maybe buzz

  89. Cassie Aroha says:

    The ending was from Tarzan! Still love that short music soundtrack!

  90. A. Ray says:

    Maui's wig is terrible and I love it XD

  91. Ladytatobug Lol says:

    Is no one gonna mention that at 3:07 the captions say "French baguette laugh"?

  92. Lego Robloxian says:

    Olaf does not have a scarf.

  93. Nicholas Blaschke says:

    Buzz Lightyear Is More Of A Sidekick Than Woody

  94. Jadon Berg says:

    A sidekick medley with woody is not a sidekick medley

  95. PotionWolf says:

    I need a full version of “I got a friend in me”

  96. Anya Lazorina says:

    Who is that dude with dark hair on the bottom right? Please, tell me!

  97. Anita Carl says:

    Yaaay another impressions duet with Brian! Glad you two paired up!

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