Epcot Vlog & Travel Day! Walt Disney World – Day 1 (July 2018)

Epcot Vlog & Travel Day! Walt Disney World – Day 1 (July 2018)

Hi everyone! It’s Eva. And I’m on my way to Disney World right now. We’re gonna stay at Art of Animation. We’re going to Epcot first. We’re driving on a six-hour drive and I’m
really excited. Just 24 minutes until we’re at Epcot. I’m walking into Epcot right now. You can see Spaceship Earth. I’m just so excited. We just crossed over to World Showcase. We’re going to Norway first. So I just got off Frozen Ever After and it
was really fun. It’s one of my favorite rides. It’s definitely my favorite in World Showcase,
but that’s ’cause there are only two. But I don’t know. I really like that ride ’cause I love Frozen! So I just got out of the gift shop in Norway
and I got this Anna PEZ ’cause I already have an Elsa one, and I got this chocolate bar
that’s actually vegan, so I’m really excited about that. So we’re on our way to Soarin’ now. We have FastPasses for it. I just got off Soarin’. It was really fun. We rode on C1 and it was kind of on the edge,
but it was pretty fun anyway. I’m going on The Seas with Nemo and Friends. So we just got off the ride and next we’re
going to Spaceship Earth, which we have FastPasses for. We just got off the ride. It got stuck for like a minute. So I just met Anna and Elsa and it was pretty
awkward, so I’m not gonna show the video, but I’ll just insert pictures. Here’s me meeting Elsa and here’s me meeting
Anna. We just ate some chips and guacamole and now
we’re gonna go ride Gran Fiesta Tour in Mexico. I just got this at the store in China. It’s, um, a kiwi drink. It’s good. This tastes like apple Jolly Rancher. So we’re going to explore all the countries
in World Showcase. This is really fun because I don’t usually
do this. A lot of their countries I haven’t really
been to before. So now we’re in line to meet Snow White in
Germany, and this is exciting because I don’t think I’ve ever met Snow White before. So I just met Snow White. It was kind of awkward, but here’s the picture,
and so now we’re in the shop in Germany and we’re gonna buy these salted potato things. This is so American! Look at this American duck. It’s the American version of Minnie Mouse. This is the kind of stuff we like to wear
here in America. Japan now. Look at this pretty stuff! It’s Japan. We’re about to go get some sushi, maybe. So we just got out of Japan. We bought, like, a lot of sweets. And now we’re headed to France to meet Aurora
and to buy, um, something for my sister. Well I just met Aurora. She was really nice. She, um, said the fairies changed my hair
color. And now we’re buying some macaron soaps for
my sister ’cause she really likes macarons and everything French. There are some little bunnies! So cute. So, um, we’re about to go on Test Track. We weren’t able to get FastPasses for it,
so we’re going in the single rider line, so I’m gonna get to ride with my mom, but it’s
gonna be exciting. I love this ride! This is such a short line! I just got off the ride. Um, it was fun. So my mom and I both rode single rider, so
in her car she was with a bunch of strangers, and um her car came in first place out of
everyone in her car, but this guy was like, kept saying, “I got beaten by a girl,” and
it was really annoying. Look at this BIRD. Look at all these stuffed animals. So now I have to leave Epcot, which I’m really
sad about, but that’s okay ’cause I’ll get to go to Magic Kingdom tomorrow morning. Bye Epcot! So this is our room. It’s themed as The Little Mermaid, with the
beds and then like the decorations and stuff.

David Anderson

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    Awesome Job on the Vlog! Hope you enjoyed

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    Soarin! Snow White! Great time!

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    What a fun video! Love Epcot and Love Art of Animation! Soarin' for the win!

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