Ellen Has More Surprises for Malachi and His ‘Superhero’ Mom

Ellen Has More Surprises for Malachi and His ‘Superhero’ Mom

[APPLAUSE] A couple of weeks ago, I
sent our receptionist Jeannie to Queens, New
York, where we had two surprises for a viewer
named Malachi and his family. Take a look. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hello. Excuse me? Hi. Anybody? [SCREAMS] Hi, hi. Hi. Is somebody at your door now? No. No, no, nobody’s at the door. [SCREAMS] You call your mom
a superhero, right? She’s just pushing me to
get my bachelor’s and just never making me feel like not
having my father in my life was a big deal. I’m just so blessed. I’m so blessed to have him. We’re going to give you five
plane tickets to LA and VIP tickets to a taping of my show. How’s that sound? [SCREAMING] Yeah! All right. One more thing,
during the 12 days, we gave away over 100 gifts. I want your family to get every
single thing we gave away. [SCREAMING] [APPLAUSE] So we brought them here. Are you enjoying the show? Yes. Yeah. I told you I was
bringing you here. I wasn’t– [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. Oh, that’s great. What’s your favorite
part of the show so far? You, tWitch, this guy dancing. [LAUGHTER] Everything, everything. We love everything. It’s been amazing. Would it be your favorite part
if I invited the whole family down right now? Oh, my god. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] [INAUDIBLE] Hi. [INAUDIBLE] Hello. Are you Cha-cha? Anna. Cha-cha. Hi. Hi, Michelle. Oh, my god. Ellen, I love you. Hi. Hey, Ellen. All right. I have to give everybody mics. Pass them on down. Pass them down, pass them down. OK, so I heard you
were very surprised that I was in your living room. I’m surprised right now. [LAUGHTER] I’m surprised right now. But yes, it was like, amazing. I initially thought
they were going to show clips of old episodes. I’m like, wow, this
is a nice touch. And then you’re
like, hello, guys. I’m like, did she? And then you said it again. I’m like, whoa, Ellen’s
talking to us right now. And you’re getting recognized
since you’ve been on the show, I understand. You’re like famous there? Oh, man. And you know, New York,
it’s hard to be famous. Yes. What are you getting? What are people doing? Oh, man. I actually went to
the Verizon store to get a case for the
phone you gave me. That’s right. I gave you a phone. I didn’t want to crack it. So I got a screen
protector and a case. And the guy goes, you
look really familiar. Do you act? I’m like, no I don’t. I don’t act. He said, I seen
you before on TV. I’m like, well, I was
on The Ellen Show. He’s like, that’s it, that’s it. He gave me a 30% discount. Oh wow. [CHEERS] On the case and the
screen protector. So thank you, Ellen. Oh, you’re welcome. Thanks for that. That’s nice of you. Thank you. Yeah. All right. So we gave you all 12 days– everything we did all 12 days. What were your favorite gifts? Honestly, mine wasn’t
so much a tangible gift or a physical gift,
it was more just the experience of
being on your show. I love you. I love you as Dory. I love you as Ellen. I love Portia. And it was just amazing for me
to just have that experience and just have my family with
me to receive those things. Just that. That’s so sweet. What about you? For me, just hearing
you say Cha-cha’s name. I’m like, the Ellen Degeneres
is saying my daughter’s name on national television. You just kept saying, Cha-cha. I’m like, oh my god,
she’s saying her name. Well, it’s fun to say Cha-cha. It was amazing. And Anna too, it’s
fun to say Anna. And Star, what about you? What was your favorite? I love the virtual
reality glasses. They’re amazing. It’s like you’re time traveling. I was playing Jurassic Park,
and it’s just like, whoa, like, I was in there. It was so much fun. Well, when you have
a brand-new baby, sometimes you have
to time travel. And you need an escape. Definitely need an escape. You need to go someplace
else just for a little while. All right. So you have been a teacher,
Michelle, for 20 years. 20 years. And the reason we
found you is Malachi wrote this beautiful letter
saying that you’re his hero, and what an amazing mom
you are, and that he never missed not having a dad because
you were such a great mom. So you had a birthday recently? It’s coming up. Yeah, it’s coming up. OK, whenever it
is, I don’t care. Our friends at
Shutterfly want to help you make another
memory for your family with a check for $20,000. [SCREAMING] You’re amazing. We’ll be right back. You really wrote in
because your mom, and you said you wouldn’t be the
man you are today without her. And why is that? I think a lot of
people don’t realize how hard it is to raise a
child with both parents, and then to raise a man,
being a woman by yourself, is extremely
difficult. And I can remember days my mom getting
on the bus and train, and it’s snowing, and
we didn’t have a car. And she would take me to
school, then go to Brooklyn and go to her job. And you know, those things
just taught me perseverance and how to be a hero. Because she’s my hero. And I just hope that I’m able
to be the same type of hero to my daughter
that she was to me. What an amazing guy. [APPLAUSE] You’re amazing. You’re amazing, you’re amazing. All right. So you’re a recent
college graduate. Yes, ma’am. And you just had a baby,
and how old is she, Ava? She turned one today. Today is her birthday. Today is her birthday? [APPLAUSE] Today is her birthday. That’s got to be
tough financially though because, yeah. Yeah, you can say that again. Yeah, yeah. That’s got to be
tough financially. I’ll say it again. Very. [LAUGHTER] So, you know, we knew we wanted
to help your mom because you said that she was an amazing– and then I called my
friends at Shutterfly. Janet answered the phone. And I said, Janet, we
can’t just help Michelle. We have to help Malachi. Because he’s an amazing guy. So they said, what if we give
Malachi a check for $20,000? I said, OK. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] [INAUDIBLE] All right. We’ll be back.

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