Elf Bootcamp Battle! | SuperHero Kids

Elf Bootcamp Battle! | SuperHero Kids

(upbeat music) – I don’t know how much longer
we can hold our ground, Noah. – We’re surrounded, I’m
running low on ammo, I only have one more left. – Whatever happens, know, you’re my favorite brother, named Noah. – That’s oddly specific but thanks anyways. I’m taking my shot. (upbeat music) Are you through attacking us yet? – Yes, well, for now. Thanks guys. – Why are you even attacking us, anyways? – Well, today’s my first day as an elf at Santa’s workshop in the mall. – Hey, Eden, your alarm’s going off. – So.
– So. I wanna make sure I go and prepare. And snowball fights are
scientifically proven to help improve dormant elf (mumbles) – Eden, pay attention. – No, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, you’re going about this all wrong. – Trust me, it’s science. – No, I have a better way. – Eden, your alarm. – No, I’m late for work. I have to go. – Hey, Hope, you wanna do something? – No. – I didn’t get any of the presents, at work today, wrapped. So they sent me home to finish them. Guess my training didn’t work. – He tried to tell you, it wasn’t going to work. – Gonna train right, gonna do the trainer. Them’s the rules of the North Pole. – But where am I gonna get a trainer? (upbeat music) – All right ladies, we
have exactly 12 hours and three minutes to get you in tip top, elf of the shelf, shape. – Why do I have to be here. – Because I said so. Okay, first things first, is you can’t have no contact
with the outside world. Phones, now. You will have four separate challenges. Get through them and you will receive your elf certification. Challenge one, toy building. You’ll each be given a toy to assemble in under 30 seconds. Little Tommy wants his toys, are you gonna deny him his toys? Looking good, Hope. You trying to ruin
little Tommy’s Christmas? Pitiful, Private. Challenge two, everyone
likes a taste of Christmas before the big show. There aint a bigger sweet tooth on this great earth than a
little kid on Christmas morning. You’re doing so bad, I could throw that in the trash can, right now. You’re never gonna make it
through the bootcamp, Private. Challenge three, gift wrapping. When a child wakes up on Christmas morning they should be greeted with a presentation ordained by the heavens. I want those corners crisp, those (mumbles) and the paper shiny. (upbeat music) Great job, as expected. – This is so difficult. – Really, this is so easy. – Maybe for you. – I told you, don’t
call this number again. – Hey, Noah, what was that call about? – Nothing, I took care of it. For the final challenge, you have to defend Tommy’s presents, for your life. I will attack and you will defend. Ready, go! Come on, protect the presents. – I can’t stop him. My powers aren’t suited for this. – Keep trying, elves never give up. – Yeah, yeah, elves never give up. – That’s what I’m talking about. Oh, oh. – No, no, no, no, no, I can’t believe, I just destroyed all of the presents. I’m gonna be fired. – Eden, remember your training. I haven’t been pushing you to the limits to cower at the face of defeat. Now, what are you? – Afraid?
– No. What are you?
– An elf. – Yeah, and what do elves do? – They do elf stuff.
– Exactly. Now go make Christmas happen. – Yeah. (upbeat music) – I knew you could do it soldier. – Yeah, Eden, you did okay, I guess. But I think I did a better job as an elf. – Thanks guys, I couldn’t have
done it without your help. – So, are you gonna go to work now and deliver all those presents? – Yep, I’ll make you proud. – Eden, before you go, for how many hours you put into bootcamp, you get your very own certification. – That’s awesome. Oh, hey, what was that phone call about? – Well, about that, your work called and because of the hours
you put into bootcamp, you’re fired. – Oh, okay. – What am I gonna do
with all these presents? – We could drop them off at Toys for Tots, they always need new donations. – That’s a great idea,
Private, now you’re thinking like a true soldier. – Does that mean I get
an elf certificate too? – I’m not actually certified
to give certifications but you can have this instead. Here, isn’t it beautiful. Great job today. – Hit that big, red,
subscribe button, down below. – And make sure to give
this video a big thumbs up. – Click right here to see
more of our awesome videos. – Merry Christmas.
– Merry Christmas. – And happy holidays. (upbeat music)

David Anderson

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