Einstein Bheem – Chhota Bheem Full Episodes in Hindi

Einstein Bheem – Chhota Bheem Full Episodes in Hindi

Hmmmm…Which among these is the correct formula to use Definitely it is one amongst these two….but which is the right one very confusing just incase if this is the wrong formula then I can always use the other one, and that has to be correct then hahahaha…. Oh my God….wh wh wh what is this what is happening! Help help!! Ha ha he he…just look at his clothes he looks crazy absolutely mad he is mad! Go away keep quite! This is my house and he is my guest he can stay here as long as he wants that was the wrong button….i made a mistake…..ahh h my name is Chutki…who are you!! What went wrong please tell me? mad fellow..where did he come from? Thank you very much! I am a scientist and by mistake I have travelled back in time, I belong to the future which is nearly 2000 years ahead of this time 2000 years in future ? yes You are joking! How can any one travel 2000 years to his past? I hope you are fine? Please believe me Chutki! I have really traveled 2000 yrs back in time I will have to call Bheem he will be able to help you. stop ..hey stop wait for a second Chutki we were looking for you where were you so have you guys also heard about that mad old man Mad Old Man? That scientist Scientist? Is this some new kind of animal? not an animal….an old man who claims that he has traveled back 2000 years in time Lets not waste any more time! Hurry up…I cannot wait any longer I want to see that miracle first What do you want to see??? Have’nt you heard about it yet? Kaalia has become rich overnight and has made a huge Palace for himself Whaaaaaat?? That’s beautifull Oh it is sooo pretty! oooh So Kallia has really made this Palace overnight This cannot be true! This must be an illusion No no it is not an illusion. See all these people are going and touching the Palace Kaalia definitely is up to something… want to bet Come lets go and have a look! stop! My name is Bheem! Let me go inside! Oh so you are the devil…Kaalia has asked us not to let you ever enter inside the Palace He has ordered us that except Bheem and his useless friends everyone else can be allowed to enter the Palace… GO AWAY …get out from here! We want no trouble they will not let us enter inside the Palace kaalia is being highly respected by everyone That is not a problem……but how has he managed to do all this??? i have an idea I will offer some laddoos to Bholu and Dholu and ask them the secret behind this Palace Ha ha ha so she is planning to offer you laddoos and get some information about us but can we not stop her from doing this? You have the magical timepiece with you See what I did I went back in time and got those laddoos from here Ha ha ho ho where are the laddoos? what? where are the laddoos these are just stones are you sure you had the laddoos? I just gave one to Bheem. You all had seen there were laddoos in my bag How can Kaalia and his friends be eating our laddoos, but we have not moved from our place, neither have they, so how did they get the laddoos! I just don’t understand what is happening, I am confused. Chutki you must take us to that Old Man I am sure he knows something and will be able to help us. and then when I searched my bag there were only stones and I could not find any laddoos in there except those which Bheem was eating I have this strong feeling that it is this Kaalia who has my time machine. He must have definitely used it to steal the laddoos from Chutki….i have to meet Kaalia…. i will ask him to return the time machine back to me…..will you take me to Kaalia please Yes yes why not….but I don’t think he will return the time machine to you! How can you be so sure? you will get to know yourself Get out from here and take this OLD Man too along with you! Haven’t you guys heard The King himself is so pleased with me? If I complain to the King about you he will punish you and throw you in prison get out from here but Kaalia have you forgotten that King likes Bheem more than you, he will never do this. I had told you that Kaalia will never give you back the time machine please don’t get worried, we will go and complain to our King about Kaalia..he will definitely help you get the time machine Umm but we do not have so much time to waste! Kaalia can do anything till then! He can also crown himself King, we have to do something fast and stop him What you are saying is right! We will have to beat kaalia at his own game…let me think what to do You Kids are all very brave Yes what you say is very true! Our king has never praised me! For the King, Bheem has always been the most favorite Can you use the time machine and become the King Yes I can do it and I will do it! It is high time Dholakpur should get a new King Wrong! What Dholakpur needs is a Big Prison for you Three cheats! Give that time machine to me Accha…if you have the guts take it away from me then take it Now he will give it to me. I will never return it back to you all ha ha ha ha He is moving the clock backwards watch out Oh nooo. You will break it Stop please stop ….dont hit me please stop, I beg of you Stop it Bheem! Please stop our work is done, we have got the time machine, lets go Ha ha ha.. now I will use this button to return back to my Time 2000 yrs ahead Are you sure which Time you will choose to go back little before the wrong formula time I used the last time before I reached here Next time when you come here please don’t forget to wear all your clothes Yes my sweet heart don’t worry! Ha ha ha ha

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  1. Bittan Vijay fan says:

    Nice episode πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  2. Sanjay Chakraborty says:

    I love this cartoon . Also I am from Kolkata and speak bangla

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