Easy to Make NINJA STAR | Christmas Ornament | In Hindi

Easy to Make NINJA STAR | Christmas Ornament | In Hindi

What’s up, guys?
I’m Rob. Welcome to my channel. Guys, can you believe it?
This year is going to end in a few days. It’s like a new year
comes along every year.. ..and ends in double the speed. That is to say,
time is working on overtime. But it doesn’t make any difference to me.. ..because my favorite time
of the year is coming along. Christmas. It’s the season of joy.
It’s the season of giving. I thoroughly enjoy decorating my house.. ..spending time with
my friends and family.. ..gifting things to each other. In fact, today’s project
is inspired by gifts. But before I tell you what it is,
I have a small request. Do you see the subscribe
button underneath? Please click on it to
subscribe to my channel.. ..if you haven’t done it already
and if you have already subscribed.. ..don’t forget to click
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my new video is uploaded. What is today’s video?
We receive so many gifts. We use the gifts but
we discard the wrapping paper. Today we shall recycle that
wrapping paper to make ninja stars.. ..which will be used as
Christmas ornaments this year. Wait. What?
Get ready. It’s time for some DIY. Why? Because I love it. Alright, let’s get started. You can see I have some
old wrapping papers here.. ..which we will recycle
to make our ornaments. I chose two of these designs
and cut these square pieces.. ..and we shall convert
these into a ninja star ornament. I shall show you how. Alright. We have our square pieces here. The size is 3 inches by 3 inches.
You can cut bigger sizes if you wish. The bigger the square,
the bigger your ninja star will be. All you have to keep in mind is
that the shape should be a perfect square. You need 12-14 pieces
to make on ninja star. Let me show you what you have to do next. We shall take one square piece. Like that. We flip it and fold the corners
to form a triangular shape. Just like this. Make sure
the corners are properly aligned. Then we open it and we’ll do
the same thing for the other side.. ..so you get an x on the big square. Like that. You can see the x here. Next, we fold all the corners inwards. Like this. To the middle point. Just like that. So we get a small square shape once again.
There you go. Once you get this shape
you take any one line.. ..and fold the corners inwards
like we do when making a paper plane. Like this. Once you get this shape you
must fold this small portion outwards. Like this. You must bear in mind,
the fold is on this side.. ..and you must take this
triangle backwards like this.. ..to the side where there is no fold. We align it neatly and press it. Then we fold it this way from this side. There you go. Your piece is ready. This is one spike or
one part for your ninja star. We have to make 12 or
14 pieces in the same manner.. ..and then fold them.
Let’s get all the pieces ready. Alright, we have our 14 pieces here. Now I shall show you how to connect them. What you need to do is hold this
piece with the small triangular end.. ..that has two small cavities.
You take another piece.. ..and slide the open
ends inside these cavities.. ..so it lodges itself in place. Again, for the next piece
you slide the two ends.. ..into the two cavities or pockets. Once it goes in it will
automatically lock itself in place. You don’t need to stick it. You can stick it if you wish
but it will automatically lock like this. It doesn’t fall off
even when you shake it. We have to connect the remaining
pieces in the same manner. And with the last piece, we shall
join these two ends in this manner. You must push or tuck
in all the pieces properly.. ..so that you get a perfect
circle in the middle. Only then your ninja star will
look perfect. Look at that. It’s ready. And you can use this technique
to make a ninja star from wrapping paper. Look at this. Even though there were many folds
and wrinkles on this wrapping paper.. ..those wrinkles and
folds are not at all visible. The ninja star ornament
is looking perfect. There you go. Here’s another one. As you can see,
I have followed the white and gold scheme. Out all the old wrapping papers
I used the white and gold ones.. ..to make these ninja stars. Also I made a hole in this
one and passed a string through it.. ..so it can be easily hung anywhere. Be it on a Christmas tree,
the door or the window. There you go.
Your ninja star ornament is ready. So, what did you think
of my recycling idea? Give me a big like if you enjoyed it. Share it with your friends if possible.. ..and if you make them you must
click pictures and share them with me. If you tag me I too shall see it. Here are my instagram handles.
You can follow me here.. ..and let me know
in the comments section.. ..what you will recycle this year. Wrapping paper or gifts. Many a times one receives gifts,
they are left lying around.. ..and they are wasted.
You can recycle those too. So, please tell me in the comments
section what you’re going to do. Okay. I shall see you next time.. ..as I have one more fantastic
DIY project next time. Alright. Till then, do good and be good. Peace.

David Anderson

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