Dumbo | As Told by Emoji by Disney

Dumbo | As Told by Emoji by Disney


David Anderson

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62 thoughts on “Dumbo | As Told by Emoji by Disney

  1. Joel ManCab says:

    Omg this is amazing and so cuteew??❤️

  2. Xristos Xatziantonis says:

    I remember seeing the Zootopia one

  3. Avery the Cuban-American says:

    The train’s in Florida? That makes Dumbo a Florida Man

  4. Luis Pedro says:

    ratatouille as told by emoji

  5. Stracimir Petrov says:

    Cars 1,2 and 3 please.

  6. Yuri Sama says:

    IT told by emojis?

  7. Eden Rahav says:

    The crow characters has been removed

  8. Toys, Reading, and More says:

    Loved the way Dumbo was told by Emoji ???????????????????????

  9. Gerard Gianoli, II says:

    So beautiful and cute!

  10. Claudia Salas Acosta says:

    I loved this part 3:35 ?

  11. Ernesto Chacon says:

    Yay, you did Dumbo. ??

    Although sadly they disregarded the Crows. ?

    Hope you do an As Told by Emoji on: Aristocats, Bambi, Pinocchio, The Jungle Book, Ratatouille and Toy Story.

  12. ArbyTV says:

    Too bad the crows and Casey Junior were omitted from this

  13. GreensAndBeansGaming says:

    So if you give somebody a Disney plus gift card, you can only do it once because its only for new customers? So you can give it to a child every year for Christmas?

  14. A Username says:

    Please do Toy Story as told by emoji!!!!

  15. 1nforma tic facile says:

    217 like 🙂

  16. виктория брик says:

    That's my childhood's cartoon! Thank you, Disney! It's so cute!

  17. MinionFan1024 says:


  18. Gokudera Primo says:

    I really love the cartoon dumbo ^_^ My fav even now

  19. Lucas Coleman says:

    101 Dalmatians Next

  20. Lucas Coleman says:

    Cruella De Vil

  21. Aaron 17988 says:

    Mulan told by emoji?

  22. Boris Hristov says:

    So cute

  23. Nathan Cruz says:

    Can you do the live action remake of dumbo and the other movie, please?

  24. David Padilla says:

    Okay but still can you please create toy story and Big hero 6 emojis I'm so desperate. And I can't take the delays anymore

  25. RorySeizeTheDay says:

    CCS – Casual Crow Skip

  26. MrDisneyfan101 says:

    I want an emoji for Hercules.

  27. SheWolf Warrior says:

    How cute ??

  28. Las Videolocuras el canal show says:

    The next can be Inside Out

  29. Matthew Lucas says:

    Loved the original Dumbo

  30. Lidia guiovana Azogue cabrera says:

    Qué hermoso la película Dumbo❤??

  31. garcia adrian says:

    Happy 48 year anniversary of Disney movie bedknobs and broomsticks

  32. mindmonkey00 says:

    What a disgrace for them to take out the crows. This is an embarrassment honestly. You're getting so much more of an uproar for taking them out than leaving them in

  33. pizza cooked says:

    o o

  34. Mexican Food says:

    Ok the way how dumbo’s mom slaps the people

  35. BabySimba 1994 says:

    Fianly a dumbo won

  36. The Paranormalist says:

    Please do Peter Pan!!!

  37. Mariasela Silva says:

    Please make Spider-Man into spiderverse told by emoji please !

  38. Kac Mac says:

    I'm please "Adventures of Gummi Bears" as told by emoji!

  39. MovieTV The Pokemon Fan says:


  40. langrab ivan says:

    Where birds?

  41. Α p says:

    Cool that you made! My favourite part from this video was the scene with the elephants! By the way, can you make an emoji version on "Bambi"", ""Sleeping Beauty" and "Mulan""?

  42. Mattia Massaroni says:

    Cute Short 🙂
    Next One Wreck-It Ralph As Told By Emoji Please 😉

  43. Emma Hess says:

    Do the 2019 version eek!!!!???????????

  44. Folole Luteru says:

    Why are marvel actors getting fired =((((

  45. Melodi says:

    What about the post-credits scene ?

  46. Princess Esmeralda says:

    This was so sweet and cute, I love Dumbo and Ms. Jumbo

  47. Ronan Buddy says:

    I want Wall E told by emoji

  48. Backstory Ben says:

    Aaaaaaand to no one's surprise, the Crows are MIA.

  49. ilsa zamzam says:

    so cool can you do sleeping beauty?

  50. Matthew White says:

    Pinocchio | As Told By Emoji by Disney

  51. AceLix says:

    Another level to advertise apple products

  52. Anthony Nevarez says:

    Do Disney's Pinocchio, please?

  53. Julio Bustamante says:

    I would like you to do the incredibles 2 ??

  54. TIGER 2354 says:

    Disney is really trying to distant themselves from old racial mistakes (crows and siamese cats)

  55. Tay Tay playarts says:

    Amazingly beautiful uwu

  56. Maciel Lucas says:

    Make emoji of Shrek

  57. David Winsock says:

    Tim Burton has a newer sequel: "Dumbo: From New York to Vegas". and the a newer trilogy: "Dumbo III: World of Animals".

  58. the reading unicorn says:


  59. Maddie Robinson says:

    Can you do a wall-e one please

  60. Giggity King says:


  61. Tia Lombard says:

    Amazing ???????

  62. ArmiGirl90 says:

    So cute! I loved the pink elephants effect

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