Dream ?| SHOOK | Episode 9 | Disney Channel

Dream ?| SHOOK | Episode 9 | Disney Channel

( music playing )♪ Get it, girl ♪Mia Brooks? You’re great. Now walk in it. Glad you made it. The other agents
are excited to meet you. ( no audible dialogue ) So, I know you and I
have met before, but why don’t you
tell all of us a little bit about yourself? – Who is Mia?
– Um… well, I’m Mia, but I gue– I– you already know that. – Um, I go to Northwood and–
– You know what? Why don’t we jump
into the dancing? We’ll save the questions
for after.( song starts )♪ I’m all alone now ♪♪ Just me, myself, and time ♪♪ No running home now ♪♪ Ask me no questions,
I’ll tell you no lies ♪
♪ Not quite where I wanna be,
looked in the mirror ♪
♪ It’s not who I wanna see ♪♪ Point me the exit,
I gotta leave ♪
♪ I’ve fallen
off the grid now, baby ♪
♪ Don’t try to save me ♪( song stops )I’m– I don’t– don’t know what, um,– Take a breath. ( door opens ) Hi. Sorry to interrupt. – Mom?
– Come here. Sorry. What are you doing here? I’m sorry.
I meant to tell you– Stop. Fredgy gave up
the goods. It’s okay. Your dad is always watching. And I am, too. Um… yeah, but these
don’t fit anymore. Really? Are you sure? It’s okay. It’s okay. – I got this.
– Okay. Okay. You got this. Um, so my dad always taught me that actions
speak louder than words. So, this is who I am.( song starts )♪ We got it,
thinking was it luck? ♪
♪ They told us
we’re not good enough ♪
♪ Hey, I finally
believe in something ♪
♪ And I was just
trying to fit in ♪
♪ We’ll show them
our fire within ♪
♪ Our fire ♪♪ Running all night ♪♪ We just wanna
feel all right ♪
♪ Dancing in the bright light ♪♪ Leaving all the pain behind ♪♪ And if you think
that you’re alone ♪
♪ You know you’re never
on your own ♪
♪ We’ve been reaching so high ♪♪ Waving diamonds
in the sky ♪
♪ The sky ♪
♪ In the sky ♪
♪ The sky ♪♪ Oh, the sky ♪♪ In the sky ♪( door opens ) Wait, what are you
all doing here? Um, duh! So? – I’m in!
– Yes! – ( cheering )
– Yes, yes! Yes! – Wait, Mom.
– What? You can do the Running Man? Child,
I am the only one here who was alive when
that move hit the scene. DSA, sign me up, baby. Mother-daughter duo
over here! I just need to say that you have taken on
so much in this family. And I know you can handle it because you are
the strongest girl I know. But it’s still not right
for me to put so much on you, and I am so sorry. – Oh! I love you.
– I love you, too. So does this mean
I’m not grounded anymore? Girl, don’t push it! Miss B.,
how do I do it again? – Oh!
– Join us, join us! Here, here, here,
and add a twist. Fredgy: Wait, what?
What’s that? Mom: That’s the twist part,
to add the funk. So, Miss DSA Queen, what now? Fredgy:
I think it got it finally! ♪…I’m on the scene,
I’m the queen of town ♪
♪ Everywhere I go,
they be playing my sound ♪
♪ A round of applause
when I’m breaking it down ♪
♪ Tick, tock,
time is up now ♪
♪ Someone hand me my crown ♪♪ Blazing the trail and– ♪( song stops )Ready?( music playing )Ready.♪ Now I won’t back off it ♪

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Dream ?| SHOOK | Episode 9 | Disney Channel

  1. Jackie Melendez says:

    Is there going to be more seasons

  2. Edward Sanchez Productions says:

    This is a great ending

  3. Red Eyebrow Senior says:

    MY BBS :3

  4. Yani’s World says:

    I’m at sea world right now am I was still able to watch this

  5. Maleeha Damda says:


  6. tbh keenan says:

    Stop copying Brat

  7. Abbas Busari says:

    I love this episode so much !

  8. tbh keenan says:

    You know Disney is failing and they desperate for views when you know they start copying Brat

  9. Shaniya Tucker says:

    would it be cool if andi came from andi mack came to visit mia

  10. Destini Bracey says:

    I love this show

  11. Drawgirl103 RG says:

    That was such a great finale?

  12. Indira Solis says:

    i can't believe this is the finale! ?

  13. rajirasmom says:

    Yes awesome want more videos

  14. RANDOM ACCOUNT says:

    #ShookSeason2 who else wants it

  15. Indira Solis says:

    awww she's designing new sneakers!

  16. Indira Solis says:

    sky is just the cutest ?

  17. NIYAH _CUTIE says:

    Plsss a season 2

  18. Janice Caldwell says:

    omg episode 9 rinlry pretty good carinlrys you comeinry my scinlry up and down my sinlry

  19. Mickey mouse clubhouse and Minnie mouse clubhouse says:

    Nooooooooooo,,it's over

  20. Ja'niyah Cudjo says:

    I wish they posted everyday

  21. EditsxTyrus says:

    OMG IM SO GLAD I HOPE THERES a season 2 I love this series!

  22. Queen of Mean says:

    So is this the last episode or is Shook over? If not hopefully there is another season.

  23. Mickey mouse clubhouse and Minnie mouse clubhouse says:

    Her dad faded away,?

  24. Editing Photos With Sarah says:

    ? ? ?

  25. Clara Park says:

    I am in tears this was such a great show and so moving

  26. Fatima Merchant says:

    Woahhhhhh there has to b a season 2

  27. Fatima Merchant says:

    Woahhhhhh there has to b a season 2

  28. SpaghettiWipeAwayFace D says:


  29. Disney Channel says:

    Mia’s audition was ?! Comment below your favorite moment from the series!

  30. Jasmyn Pillay says:


  31. Chyna Try Things !!! says:

    Why is the episodes so short nooo I wanna see more??‍♀️.

  32. Ilem Horna says:

    Am I the only person who thinks mia and ritz would make a cute couple just from seeing them in the series

  33. Jenna Z Alvarez says:

    Thanks for watching everybody!!! ?? hope you enjoyed the series as much as we enjoyed creating it. Xx, Liberty ?

  34. Trains and Band in Louisiana says:

    The engines owned Mia Brooks an apology.

    Daniel: We’re sorry we hurt your feelings.
    Nick: Yeah. Can you forgive us?
    Mia Brooks: Yeah. I forgive.

    The engines smiled.

    Mia Brooks: I’m so glad that we’re friends.
    Gordon and James: Indeed we are.

  35. Tamara Noel says:

    SIX MINUTES! I'm impressed!

  36. Omg its Niah says:

    I love this show

  37. Kesley Mal says:

    Love mia's dance
    I guess dreams do come true

  38. Kiana Perry-Wilson says:

    I love Mia's earrings! Shook was fun while it lasted!

  39. jackjackster123 says:


  40. Melyssa O'brien says:

    This would be better as a movie

  41. Billie Pridgen says:

    I can't wait for more of it.

  42. Ty Marie says:

    It’s funny how she’s on here and hsmtm ?

  43. Deathstone 82 says:

    Shook is a amazing show!!

  44. beLIEve uwu says:

    I relate to this show to the point its unhealthy

  45. Trinity Harford says:

    I just had smile when Ritz and Freggie was dancing in the background.

  46. Hannah Thompson says:

    Yah her mom is finally supporting her!So cute???

  47. Latavia Latty says:

    Her journey is just beginning. She's going to do great things in the future. ??

  48. Alyssa Taylor says:

    so great

  49. Arielle Beamer says:

    I like these but the videos are so short

  50. Abigail Michael says:

    She can dance so good honestly. And her mom finally supported her!

  51. Destiny Squad says:

    Pls make these longer

  52. diariou is awesome says:

    she be slayinggg peridottt

  53. kjdnyhmghfvb says:

    "It's Over…and I feel so alone. This is a sadness that I've ever known."

  54. Mary Amewonu says:

    Sofia is so talented… Like wow?

  55. Mary Amewonu says:

    Season 2??

  56. BTSdaBest 7 says:

    Ughhh the only thing I didn’t like about this show is that it ended ? but it was soo good. Each episode was short but good. My fav moment was probably each time Mia danced and gave it all she got ⭐️?

  57. Jen'na Wright says:

    That was so sweet

  58. Sarah E.S. says:

    Wait…. finale as in LAST EPISODE? Nooooooooooo?

  59. Mila Reyes says:

    You guys need to make these episodes longer .Its soooooo good

  60. Pinky Creepypasta says:

    This show is the reason I watch Disney Channel.

  61. Shanneil Williams says:


  62. Trevin Carroll says:

    Can’t believe this is the finale ?

  63. Jabari Khaemba says:

    The whole series is about 55 minutes woah.

  64. logan castleman says:

    Season 2 nowww please

  65. taytay Washington says:

    My soul is SHOOK

  66. Miracle Osaghae says:

    Why is. This the final scene this is the best

  67. Jenny Amador says:

    Who else thinks Sofia Wylie is the best for this role

  68. Nysaaah Bapoo says:


  69. aly says:

    Wait this was the last episode? No….
    but real talk this show is so beautiful and Sofia is a talent. I hope we get a s2

  70. GabyPlays uwu says:

    So I guess this is the end?

  71. Taylor Swift cool page says:

    Love this ???

  72. Jonteq1l2wttyhm.ioki, Gilliam says:

    This cant be the finals it was sooooooooo gooooooooood if y'all think so too then press the ??or commet

  73. Captain spongebob underpants Hicks says:

    Please don't end

  74. Bryson Turner says:

    Is this the finale? I feel like there's at least one more episode coming.

  75. Bethany Sinnett says:

    Shook season 2

  76. ur mom says:

    finALE?????? NOOO

  77. Iyanah Kiragu says:

    I'd love to see her and Zendaya dance together

  78. Christine Mullings says:

    They posted every week every day

  79. Jade Trumbo says:

    So this is it!?! Can there be a season 2 pleases! ??

  80. h193013 says:

    This should be a real series it can follow the events of the videos

  81. Mila Roach says:

    I’ve never seen this show before what’s it about?


    is this the finale

  83. BabyGirl Favs says:

    This was such an amazing finale ?? This is just the beginning for her

  84. Peggy Rohde says:

    Every week I think ONLY about Shook. Shook is LITERALLY the only thing that I watch on Saturdays. I LOVE SHOOK!!!

  85. Smart Sophia says:

    THIS IS WHAT I WAS WAITING FOR! I love Mia's mother, friends, and sister's support for her! That was so sweet! Also her audition was FIRE! SHE KILLED IT OUT THERE!

  86. Smart Sophia says:

    Is there going to be a second season? And if so, when is it coming out?

  87. Lara Karaman says:

    Finale woow

  88. Rica Seymour says:

    I love Mia’s outfit

  89. Indira Solis says:

    0:24 ritz is funny but supportive

  90. LOve Life says:

    Love this show

  91. Mikayla Roman says:

    is there a season two

  92. Tasiaaa K says:

    This is realllll disrespectful my favorite show this is already the final episode. Get it together Disney

  93. 6 Squad Goals says:

    SHOOK makes Saturdays so much more AWESOME!!!!!!!

  94. Nick Link says:

    Nice ending.

  95. Tyrone Brailsford says:

    You get it girl power this is my favorite epsiode

  96. Xyrone Madero says:

    Is this the finale?

  97. Sunset Kawaii Cornz says:

    So this is free???

  98. Blin3el 46 says:

    These songs really pump me up and motivate me thank you for this awesome show and cast Disney ?!!

  99. Liana Goodman says:

    That isn’t the end, right?

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