Dragon Ball Z vs DC Superheroes – What If Battle –  [ DBZ / DBS  Parody

Dragon Ball Z vs DC Superheroes – What If Battle – [ DBZ / DBS Parody

[Applause] [Music] legends shields up [Music] their silly costume heroes I’m trying to protect themselves with some kind of energy shield there is no shield of Saiyans can’t break well guys show them what you’ve got Kakarot all right [Music] [Music] watch out guys think it’d be anywhere oh shoot he’s over here why do you want to hit me first cuz you’re like the Hawkeye of DC Universe you son of a bitch you’d have to do better than that oh yeah how am i doing now long flowing silky smooth dark hair it’s the most fascinating thing I’ve ever seen that incredible body those beautiful curves and that I will you what are you two looking at get back to work yeah of course that’s what we’re doing the whole day no time to look at other women okay back to more action come fix me saying I’ve heard what you’ve done to those Marvel losers ah gay ah let’s destroy this farm off dork together no this is my fight tell me big guy do you bleed hey don’t steal my line give up saying you can never be [Applause] [Music] that should do the trick no one can survive that no one huh but me [Music] that’s impossible not even a single scratch on him he’s a strongest opponent I’ve ever faced Kakarot it’s time for Plan B Plan B what plan B yes cut ah ah there’s something wrong with me I feel so weak what have you done to me what is this place yeah this the King Kai’s new planet King gay no King Kai King gay guy King Kai yeah king k agay King Kai King the gays no no Kai King okay to be gay whatever the best thing about this planet is it has three red suns holy crap let’s have some fun seals [Music] mine she’s mine [Music] Oh mine what’s up thank you so much for watching that skit if you want more please subscribe to our Channel and log on to our Facebook page facebook.com slash cartoon hooligans for more updates see ya why hello there this is vegeta Prince of all Saiyans reminding you never call Super Saiyans gay also don’t forget to subscribe and check out more videos from cartoon hooligans and if you’re not too much a weak earthling go check out funny guy Timmy’s videos and subscribe to his channel he’s the guy doing my voice right now

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z vs DC Superheroes – What If Battle – [ DBZ / DBS Parody

  1. Matheus O Magico says:

    4:53 naughty

  2. Antony Reymundy says:

    Bale bergaaa


    Roshi pervertido

  4. HGM Pro says:

    "….what kind of girl would wear something like that to a battlefield. I will kill you….."

  5. Gufran Shaikh says:

    I hate super man 😠💢 I like Goku 🥰🥰

  6. Trivial says:

    Goku solos DC

  7. Ethe Isaac says:

    This is an insult to Justice League 🙁
    I’m disappointed

  8. Ajay Bahure says:

    Goku not face sitama (one punch man)

  9. Yablakos Gg says:

    Vtf batman непобедим ёпты

  10. X Boy says:

    Why was Hawkeye at 0:56

  11. Alfonso jimenez garcia says:

    Osea, goku que se mueve mas rápido que la luz se preocupa por que superman (el tipo que tiene que darle la vuelta al mundo no se cuantas veces para poder alcanzar la velocidad de la luz) llega a escena, ustedes los estado unidenses y sus mentiras. 🙄

  12. Lucky Lohith says:

    What a stupid !!!!!!

  13. xxsn1perx9000 ur mum says:

    Lol king of the gays no king its OK to be gay lol

  14. Bonbonyera23 says:

    Why Hawkeye there?

  15. Eniobanke Bakare says:

    I'll marry her.

  16. Kawsar Uzumaki says:

    Goku is a legend

  17. TheRumbleVex 27 says:

    They 2 can beat them more easy…

  18. TheRumbleVex 27 says:

    If goku have reached the mastered ultra instinct he can beat all of them with a sneeze!

  19. Nikki Ortega says:

    *vccecctccw z😂🤬✌🏿😘😄👌🏾🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  20. ralph2218 says:

    0:55 HAWKYEYE IS FROM MARVEL!!!!!!!!!

  21. LJ says:

    goku have fear of injection

  22. John Brown says:

    What do you think will happen when she wakes up

  23. Dan 38 gaming B says:

    Goku would actually easily kill Superman

  24. MEGA EMMANUEL says:

    Goku vs vegeta no no no

  25. Jace Infinite says:

    Super having a hard time fighting ask goku

    Goku: this isn't even my final form

  26. Xenomorph says:

    Wait powers cant break anything thats pure will…

  27. murilo boturi says:

    No and dr marathan

  28. Bryan 4528 says:

    You stupit superman how dear you call marvel names

  29. Alpha Reacts says:

    Y'all see Hawkeye tho

  30. Princessmyra Guizon says:


  31. Jam Ali Husnain says:


  32. Jam Ali Husnain says:

    Real Winer is superman

  33. King& Queen says:

    If they can destroy super man that’s how you know someone’s powerful

  34. King& Queen says:

    Super man: king of the gay king of ok to be gay

  35. Mrs. Hawkins says:

    Super man: I saw what you did to those marvel losers gay!!!!

  36. endarasman says:

    Goku and Vegeta must do the Rock-Papper-Scissors thing first before it begins.

  37. Reneerose Lim says:

    Goku is gay!!!!!!

  38. Molnár Erzsébet says:

    Goku nob

  39. I am legend says:

    But Goku wouldn't do that because he is only interested in fighting strong opponents, so weakening Superman that way is boring for him. He'd rather fight him with his full strenght and loose

  40. Kelby Blythe says:

    cool animation though it is horribly inaccurate like flash would never be touched by them and captain atom (the blue guy they fodderized) would be a better match than Superman in fact he could fight either and arguably win by himself. Martian manhunter would also be a challenge and green lantern has beat Superman before and would also be a fight. There are to many characters here who are superman level or above for them to win.

  41. Ofelia Dejesus says:

    Do old lady vs dragon ball she can give them there weakness

  42. Chuckocalyps The Theorist says:

    Goku would have won

  43. Narine Spence says:

    Anyone watching this video in 2019? Lol

  44. talentedpigeon says:

    Someone's a big fan of dragon ball z

  45. Abiyasa Naaa says:

    DNZ vs DcS

  46. Sujatha Suji says:

    I hate dragon ball z

  47. artistic baka says:

    Could we note goku is in ssj2 here ,also make this a little more serious and I would've loved this

  48. Yrllan BRYoutuber says:

    O cabelo do goku é um macarrão

  49. Osmar GG02 says:

    O c’mon Superman ain’t that strong

  50. Myrna Quinto says:

    Goku ssj3 or 2 or 1 is definitely stronger than superman

  51. Kaz YT says:

    Batman could beat them with prep time

  52. Patrick Henry says:

    what happened to wonder women i want to a video about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Jaycee Walsh says:

    Batman would get clapped by vegeta

  54. Panda says:

    Come on.. Why you got to do Aquaman like that

  55. Wilbert Morel says:

    as mejor la vos de vegeta

  56. Juan Li says:

    Batman: IM BATMAN.
    Saiyan: I DONT CARE
    batman: WHAT THE FUCK

  57. Sandyz says:

    If Goku was in MUI he would one shot all of them. I think

  58. Ginza has says:

    0:56 is that Hawkeye in DC or am I dreaming

  59. arjun gupta says:

    batman: you have to do better than that

    Batman saying that VEGETA itself…….is like the best part of the video….

    Vegeta is the best.

  60. senait dagmawi says:

    Why is hawkeye next to the flash he isn't dc

  61. 1000 Subs with 2 vids says:

    King of the gays 🤣 lol

  62. Dab Dude says:

    0:56 is that Hawkeye or some other bow and arrow guy I know it’s not green arrow

  63. Katherine Contreras says:

    Flash is faster than that

  64. Ishita Bhalla says:

    If it's real superman will win
    Only superman can beat goku.

  65. Isaiah Dixon says:


  66. Tinh Pham says:

    If goku and Superman (main universe) fought goku would win goku is more superior in combat and would just fight him until he finds a weakness while Superman is undoubtably strong he relies on his pure strength to fight unlike goku, goku uses his teachings in martial arts to beat people also his ki(energy beams) not to mention his super saiyan forms

  67. Lazy Boy says:

    king gay? 😂

  68. Lazy Boy says:

    king of the gays 😂

  69. Ino Yamanaka 2899 says:

    Jajajajaja that's cool

  70. Natsu Dragneel says:

    Goku:he’s the strongest opponent I’ve ever faced
    Jiren:HOLD MY BEER

  71. Macrina Dolores says:

    Wait Superman gets stronger by suns SO I AM CONFUSION

  72. Alpha Calixtus Santos says:

    King of the gays?

  73. Oscar Medina says:

    I hate you videos your dum

  74. Fabian Aicas says:

    Porque Goku porque Vegeta le ves a ella si no si no es nada

  75. Joshuasss Josshuaujaja says:

    Why doesn’t come dr Manhattan

  76. Shuvrashankar mukherjee says:

    Aaaaaaaaandddd, roshi gets the girl, ( well wonder woman IS older than roshi, so it's okaaay)

  77. Retro On Mobile says:

    Dad I just watch Batman loose a fight?

  78. vashu rawat says:


  79. The Guy Who Knows says:

    No matters who's fighting


  80. Franco Matteo De Leon says:


  81. SansTheSleketon says:

    1:47 not today brah

  82. Ming Tai Chan says:

    dc is not stupid

  83. Zackary Biagi says:

    3:22 lol I just realized batman didn't move either.

  84. Habeeba Hayum says:

    Legend says after that the greatest DITACTIVE vanished

  85. Temporary Kinda says:

    So plan B is to fuck him?

  86. Eduardo Ferreira says:

    Superman é forte o bastante para luta

  87. Gamer kid 5 Plays roblox says:

    Wow Wonder Woman is still beat up from the girl stepping on her and Batman and the others were still alive

  88. Suret Artan says:

    It's true there gay

  89. Bodhisatya debsharma says:

    Roshi takes the advantage from this fight

  90. Saitama Sensei says:

    Goku: His the strongest opponent i ever fought!
    Broly: *Kills Jiren* Hold my beer

  91. Carl Freericks says:

    Poor Wonder Woman got raped

  92. joshua morgan says:

    1:54 when a girl looks to pretty

  93. Switchtastic I says:

    Ok the flash would win because he can think faster than they can hit

  94. Dhawal Nehete says:

    1:28 dont fuck with batman 😤

  95. SA.ODrawing 1728 says:


  96. i'm weird says:

    King of the gays bruh

  97. Kaiky Souza says:

    1:26 RIP Batman

  98. LIGHTNING BOLT says:

    Oh 3 years ago

  99. LIGHTNING BOLT says:

    I mean 4years

  100. Ansu Hussain says:

    Vote for the winner Goku not saitama

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