Doki Doki Literature Club ANIMATED

Doki Doki Literature Club ANIMATED

Not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed… Something tells me this literature club ain’t gonna be too good for my health. (LOL) Welcome to literature club, it’s a pleasure meeting you! You got purple hair …You’re probably evil :V Thank you for all standing in order of tallest to shortest and also… Biggest boobs to smallest boobs. I appreciate that That’s really welcome. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) You got the family and *Markiplier stuff.* Okay everyone, shut your traps! (markimoo: wtf is happening??) Ding dong, bing bong! Time to read your poems, here Monika duc-decree that it’s TIME! Whoa… What the hell? wait whoa without?that music! *markimoo gets a T H I C C face* Doesn’t a good cup of tea help you enjoy a good book? I DON’T TRUST YOU, YURI!! That’s good enough for me! What about you, Yuri? *with accent* Yuri? She’s still sulking, she’s dead inside… …just like everybody else is gonna be dead on the outside! I wrote… Butthole on one, just in case someone’s favourite word is butthole, You’ll never know! Aardvark, for people who enjoy the beginning of the dictionary, you know. (Or for Arthur cos he just took it) Uh… Markiplier, for people that don’t want a cupcake. (Sayori: LETS BACK IT UP!) Anyway, I’d say, I’m gonna go with Monika. I know Sayori probably needs to be by her side right now, but EH! What’s this? I flipped to Sayori’s poem. It’s one that I haven’t read before. this got real.. OH… I change my mind, I’m gonna go get Sayori! x2 Sayori? Wake up dummy! There’s no response, I gently open the door- WASTED 𝚆 𝙷 𝙾 𝙰 I don’t like this! you’ve unlocked a special poem. Would you like to read it? Sure. Yeah Stare at the doctor. I don’t trust this. I’m sharing it the dot, DON’T YOU BET, DON’T D-UH DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE JUMPSCARE ME! oh I love you

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Doki Doki Literature Club ANIMATED

  1. Rebecca kat says:

    “Coding for psychos.”

  2. Hunter Campbell says:

    teacher: what are you thinking about? me: nothing! my mind: 0:32

  3. Diana Ryder says:

    ”I usually put in little eastereggs somewhere in a lot of my cartoons. I do see if you can find some * win * this animation took me forever to finish, lemme tell ya (I don”t understand here).. the longest I”ve ever done this message I sapersonalthanxyouaor (??) watching my animations and also time to read this”

  4. Timothy Michael says:

    1:42 LMAOOOOO
    bottom left corner

  5. tsquad poyfair says:




  7. Mr.FREDDIE says:

    Esta buernado jaja

  8. billyjack456 says:

    So no one is going to talk about how Logan Paul is behind Mark at Sayori’s hanging scene?

  9. Sanchez Roberto says:

    peep logan paul in the corner when they find sayori😂😂

  10. Smash Time says:

    EMAIL, aw shit

  11. Smash Time says:

    2.21 funny

  12. Reverser says:

    2:33 Me When I Score A 599 On My SOL

  13. Deion Greenaway says:

    Hmm is look nice markplayer?

  14. Prankster Gangster says:


  15. HyperDare Stunts says:

    why a bloody nose?
    just why?

  16. Emiiy Landra says:

    0:32 markiplier WTF is happening put subtitles on
    1:38 WASTED

  17. Ball Draws says:

    She's dead inside… same as all gonna be in the OUTSIDE!

  18. LMG13 says:

    How I Feel Like How I Look Like When I Ask To Hang Out With Friends:

  19. Boni Huang says:


  20. xX No Name Girl Xx says:


  21. Ngân Trần says:

    Thím sao ko có tiếng việt

  22. Brian Chapman says:

    0:32 I wish girls would act like that

  23. KRASH-BrawlStars says:

    B U L L S H I T

  24. Latte Boi says:

    I have purple hair😂

  25. Lee Ping says:

    you said sayori dummy

  26. Lee Ping says:

    bold shit

  27. Blackops Vocaloid says:

    It's true that game is bullshit.

  28. ArTKALI [FLOCK] says:

    Markiplier: 2:35

  29. Stephen LAMMERS says:


  30. Splitissue YT says:

    1:42 look guys it's logan Paul!

  31. TheCookieBoss101 says:

    I like little boobs 0:20 lol 😂

  32. Yair Witty says:

    Awww the end oh no

  33. The1Dragonprincess says:

    0:33-041 I love the animation here! XD

  34. Autumn FoxChan says:

    Natsuki was…THANOS SNAPPED

  35. Jackinabox says:

    The part where tiny Monika was getting rid of the tiny versions of everyone else is so cute

  36. SALM Alamri says:


  37. KRASH-BrawlStars says:

    0:30 monika SNAPPED natsuki

  38. Jaya Mae Gallenera says:


  39. Peyton Spengler says:

    What if Monika is Thanos 😱

  40. XXIron Trooper984XX says:

    The Logan Paul part cracked me up…🤣🤣🤣

  41. Kami TV says:

    0:40 it’s time for u to BE QUIET MONKIA!

  42. Jasmine Ellison says:

    I wrote BUTTHOLE on one just in case someone’s favourite word is butthole, ya never know. AARDVARK for people who enjoy the beginning of a dictionary, ya know. OH! MARKIPLIER for people that don’t want a cupcake…”

    – Markiplier

  43. William Afton says:

    0:56 how you said yuri? 😂😂

  44. Konstantinos Skoutelis says:

    I love you <3 the dot says

  45. Monika F Ө Я Σ V Σ Я says:

    My protagonist comes in many variations of appearances

  46. Rickey Reid-Owens says:


  47. Ingé MSP says:

    1:26 that lets me think of Slenderman ya know?

  48. Koreify says:


  49. Sir Mista says:

    I can't stop watching this lol

  50. XxDark MystifyxX says:

    I think monika(or the pink ribbon white girl)is read7ng CODING FOR PSYCHOS

  51. Carey Grant says:

    GaSp WhOaAaAaAaA

    ^ <•> _ <•> ^

  52. Flaming Shadow says:

    1:41 The animator did not just do that!

  53. Diamond Brony says:

    yuri is gay

  54. Diamond Brony says:

    sayori using thanos gauntlet

  55. Jorge López says:


  56. Jaden says:

    me trying to focus without teacher giving me a b+

  57. Blake Jefferson says:

    0:42 kingu crimson

  58. Luvable Peaches says:

    Big brain where did you say boobs

  59. Luvable Peaches says:

    Y did u throw the cross toYuri

  60. Initialhornet39 says:


  61. m3l0n1k YT says:

    Its bullshit!!!!

  62. Hollis Dominick says:


  63. Talon Cunningham says:

    Lol he keeps on saying bullshit and shit

  64. Juggernaut 258 says:

    I call dibs on monica

  65. tangy sponge sauce says:

    is that Logan Paul making a new vlog?

  66. Jaden says:

    Disaster, Contamination.

  67. xXGacha ErinXx says:

    Right when mark opened the door to her room to see her hanging my lights flickered

  68. Not Tobi says:

    1:12 ARTHUR!?!?

  69. Natsuki Gushiken says:

    Eat my cupcakes

  70. Angelo and Noel gaming says:

    Cupcake flavor butt hole

  71. sans x frisk undertale says:

    Puple her and evil hmm mm sounds like puple guy form fnaf

  72. Sharon Tidwell says:

    Yes we are still on for tomorrow at all I just have to run home doing me. Yes it was a good a few minutes ago but I'll try. I will get some of that is why we are not sure what to do with my family so I can do the job I have to go to the store fory I am asking. I have to go for them but I'll have it for your email address to send a pic of this is the one we can 💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏👪👪👪👪👪👫👫👫👫

  73. Sharon Tidwell says:

    Yes we are in the middle of the night to go for a walk to get back to his house to see if I have it in school 👯🛀💃💏💏👪👪👪👫👫👫👫💪

  74. ANIME SQUAD !!!! says:

    That face tho 0:42

  75. Brian Lassetter says:

    You've got purple hair,
    You're probably evil.

  76. Andrini Christiana says:

    I think i draw better

  77. Ambitious Williams says:

    Sans the skeleton is here!! Really I am a huge fan of you!!!!

  78. Naruto says:

    "Just Monika"
    Shutting downfgkiu3jyurd……..

  79. Ali Coskuner says:


  80. Clods. PNG says:

    Sayori be d e l e t u s

    Yuri be d e l e t u s

    Monica be touching our f e e t u s

  81. YT FireDragon_ says:


    Find the message

  82. ItzAlexandriaThe HybridFoxx says:

    “You got purple hair ur evil”
    -2018 Markiplier

  83. Gab8 DELUXE23 says:

    monica.EXE F

  84. CrazyCurlyFry says:


  85. ISteDL Win says:

    I from Russia. Кто-то сказал русский акцент? 😀 LoL

  86. Señor Bolainas :v says:


  87. Dragonball fan boy Mehmet Öztürk says:

    "Markiplier 😀 for pepole that dont wanna cupcake |=/"

  88. null says:

    We need a full song of Markiplier’s poem song

  89. AyyyItz Kiwi says:

    Monika snaps Natsuki out of existence.

  90. Roma ProMC says:

    0:30 tAnOs???)))))))

  91. the none sense sisters says:

    I love the Logan Paul reference

  92. Cheesy Surprise says:

    Yuri: I have purple hair

    Monika: I have pink hair

    Mark: hmm yuri is evil

  93. An Enderman says:

    “I hate to say this but I think someone’s hanging right there”

  94. CredibleDerek6511 says:

    "If there's anything that could make my reading time any better. It's a nice line of cocaine zap my stabbing knife slash zap tea? splash " -Jacksepticeye
    "No I don't trust you." -Markiplier

  95. barbara chiesa says:

    0:30 Thanos intensive

  96. Šunflower Rîver says:

    2:34 Me when Sakura says “ I love you Naruto “

  97. BBQ Sauce says:

    Ngl,that kinda looks like ichigo's shikai

  98. Monika DDLC says:

    She's still sulking..
    She's dead on the inside.
    just liek everones gonna be dead on the outside! ⊙_⊙

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