Doing Disney:  Why use the Disney Dining Plan?

Doing Disney: Why use the Disney Dining Plan?

David Anderson

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8 thoughts on “Doing Disney: Why use the Disney Dining Plan?

  1. Monday cleghorn says:

    Great video! Love the information on how to use the Disney Dining plan! And the children are adorable too!!

  2. Evie H. says:

    The Disney Dining plan is one of my favorite things about booking on property with Disney. So convenient and delicious!

  3. Dawn Todd says:

    Very helpful. Haven't tried the dining plan yet, but this sounds so convenient, I will have to try it on my next trip (this year!!).

  4. Melissa Raynes says:

    I just watched your 3 minute travel tips for the first time. Wow!! Thank you so much for making these videos. Great tips!! I just subscribed, and will use these when I take my family to Disneyland. They do work at Disneyland too, right? I'm on the west coast.

  5. Sarah Hannah says:

    So it's worth the money? Planning a trip for me and my friend next year 🙂

  6. thecoolestdad says:

    We are going down in Sept and based on what we know now, we should be having the free dining plan. Ours will be the quick service. So with the quick service plan what are we limited to? Are there any restaurants that we cannot use the quick service plan on property? can we use our quick service plan at Downtown Disney, and if so, which restaurants there? In the parks? At our resort food court?We have never had the dinging plan before so we don't know anything about it.

  7. Post 50 Rx says:

    Disney restaurants can be a real budget buster- the Disney Dining Plans not only allow for a stress-free trip, but save money too!  Great channel Sid!!

  8. Review The Magic says:

    We need to start collecting these

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