DNA Replication Animation – Super EASY

DNA Replication Animation – Super EASY

In this animation, we’ll see the remarkable way our DNA is tightly packed up, so that 6 feet of this long molecule fits into the microscopic nucleous of every cell. The process starts when DNA is wrapped around special proteins molecules called “Histones”. The combined loop of DNA and protein is called a “Nucleosome”. Next, the nucleosomes are packaged into a thread. The end result is a fiber known as “Chromatin”. This fiber is then looped and coiled yet again. Leading finally to the familiar shapes known as “Chromosomes”, which can be seen in the nucleus of dividing cells. Chromosomes are not always present. They form around the time cells divide when the two copies of the cell’s DNA need to be separated. When DNA replicates, its strands are separated by the enzyme Helicase. Single stranded DNA binding proteins keep the strands from reanealing One DNA strand encodes the leading strand, which forms from its 5′ to its 3′ end. Using DNA polymerase III. No problem here, but the lagging strand presents problems. It has to form from 5′ to 3′ too. It forms in pieces called the “Okazaki fragments”. First, an RNA primase lays down an RNA primer. Then, DNA polymerase III lays down a new DNA. The process repeats again and again. DNA polymerase I replaces the RNA primers with DNA. Finally, DNA ligase links the Okazaki fragments.

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    Imagine the money/man hours spent figuring this out .. Then imagine what the CIA controlled establishment hides from us that they've been doing with this knowledge

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    DNA replication in prokaryotes can you plzz create a video on that too….

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    6 ft…. in each cell nucleus… 0_0

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    Good work, but Not upto the mark

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    explain in hindi also plz

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    but it is nyc video

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    sir i am 12 medical student i request to you plz aap genetics ke or imp topics ki video upload krre thnx

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    sir ye jb single cell protein enter kerta h DNA me tab ye iski shape ko further aage increse krta chala jata h kya

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    Nice one. Very easy, don't know why I didn't see this when taking biochem.

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    Why are primers RNA in nature…

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    Where does RNA come in for Transcription?

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    Much simple?

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    seriously , i am soo thankful to u for posting this , its soo simple and time saving , saved hours of mine ! thank uu

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    Zoology pure science practical to 12 in books order

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    This gave me anxiety.

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    is it for prokaryotes or eukaryotes?

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    I am little bit confused about this video.Two separate DNA polymerase replicate leading and lagging strands or one DNA polymerase replicates both strands,which one is correct?

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    It's really understand

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    Those first few seconds made me think of something David Lynch would come up with.

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    I wish There was Subtitles

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    This video does a very good job of explaining DNA replication. I might use to the teach my students

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    Literally my biology teacher teaches things so fast and expects us to understand everything he says and take a test two days later when I basically don’t know anything. But this video is only like three minutes long and I understand everything I need to know for that test tomorrow so ummm petition to fire that biology teacher..?

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    I felt like I could’ve had a anxiety attack

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    what kind of animation is this? This shit looked real af

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    I have a question, we have 23 pairs of Chromosoms, so when DNA replication begins, are they doing it all 23 in same time?If yes which chromosome contain each genes ? I think i missing something here :/.If every chromosome contains whole DNK structure why we have 23 pairs, what is diference? Are they replicating separatly one by one or in same time, and are they all together building one mayor DNK chain or separate chains?

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