Disney’s CEO Bob Iger to step down, effective immediately

Disney’s CEO Bob Iger to step down, effective immediately

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Disney’s CEO Bob Iger to step down, effective immediately

  1. Mike Fernandez says:

    Take Kathleen Kennedy with you!

  2. Chaching cashmoney says:

    Oh No, there goes Megan Markles debut on her voice role.. LMAO 🤣😂😃😄😁

  3. TeslaMachines Cazares says:

    Too LATE

  4. Anastasia Zoldak says:

    Thank God! He RUINED Star Wars!

  5. Di says:

    Disney sucks and so does the computer graphics.. Bring back real Animation!

  6. license_to_meme says:


  7. Anime Glass says:

    Disney in 2019: stonks
    Disney in 2020: spare change ma'am

  8. JackIsGold says:

    Is anyone here in the comments section just because they are Star Wars fans and didn't like the sequel trilogy?

  9. Cygnus 67 says:

    Disney=satanic pedophiles

  10. Mike Jones says:

    Great news. I'm sure they will replace him with an even bigger SJW though.

  11. Cynthia DeMaine says:

    another one bites the dust…keep talking weinstein…

  12. Sandy Anderson says:

    Funny lil Meggie and harry were trying to make a comeback for meggie with Bob about two weeks ago!!! LOL

  13. Michael D says:

    Running away before they have to pay taxes on their billions. Smh

  14. 5 Star General says:


  15. Richard Garza says:

    Dude…He's standing next to Micky…did he ….do…NOOOOOOOOO…not to MIcky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What? Wrong story?


  16. Simonne Lewis says:


  17. Adriana Davis says:

    I'm sorry but Disney is just about money at this point. It's all about greed. And it's sad.

  18. Captain America says:

    First Iger, then Kathleen. 😈

  19. U Haul says:

    Ain't disnay affiliated wit ABC?
    As in, amay roback?

  20. Maxie Pattie says:

    Take KK with you! Ruin the club house than boogie. Nice!

  21. Kim K says:

    Saying there's nothing wrong fundamentally with our environmental Market is a joke.

  22. D P says:

    Why, did he molest someone?

  23. Anime Glass says:

    Thank you for bringing the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Spooderman back where they belong.

    Other than that you can go f*ck yourself.

  24. American Born Patriot. says:

    Return Ownership of Star Wars to George Lucas.

  25. Punisher6791 says:

    Well, then unfreeze Walt Disney, let him take over.

  26. American Born Patriot. says:


  27. American Born Patriot. says:

    Bob Iger virus

  28. Gnostic atheist says:

    For those of you who own shares sell sell sell. Take that money and move to another country. The socialists are taking over. Sell and leave America. The reds are back. Everything will be owned by the state. Stalin will reincarnate. The Soviet union is coming back.

  29. Lynn Blackburn says:

    Another peado company.

  30. Steve says:

    Monster inc was the only really good creation in the past few years

  31. Alan M says:

    Hes hiding something

  32. Tomahawk Chop says:

    Sam Hyde predicted it a true philosopher of the modern times

  33. Parker Franco says:

    I missed John Lasseter

  34. OneDeep says:

    Iger really raised that company to new heights…grooming lots of future hookers.

  35. MidNiteR32 says:

    Disney owns too much. I'm actually hoping for a Disney collapse.

  36. Justin Z says:

    So basically, buy up Disney stock as soon as it hits its low.

  37. scorptarget says:

    “Begun The Weinstein Effect has!” -Yoda 😂😂😂

  38. Darth Star Killer says:

    Harvey Weinstein ruined it for all the big Hollywood executives

  39. Karen Untz says:

    Watch resignations. Bye bye pedos.

  40. Coolguyx14 says:

    Stocks dropping faster than my grades

  41. Allyn Onderdonk says:

    He was running Disney into the ground.

  42. Anvil Games says:

    He will be missed. One of the greatest businessmen of our time

  43. UpAndOut says:

    Effective immediately. What sexual peccadillo did he get accused of? But he'll still stick around a while for several more millions. It works that way

  44. Buddy Mckimmey says:

    When you wish upon a star

  45. Kade Kennedy says:

    Anakin! the Jedi are taking ova!

  46. TeleTube says:

    Dude ran a Mickey Mouse operation.

  47. Os O says:

    Big Names coming! These people are sick

  48. Lime Waffles says:

    So bob is stepping down for bob

  49. laserman500 says:

    Not that big of a deal, he is still an executive chair until Dec 2021

  50. scarabeo500gt says:

    Disney – NOW FIRE "Kathleen Kennedy" and never let Rian Johnson around again……

  51. Legacy says:

    I hope that the person who takes his place does better than he did. Disney has gone so downhill with all these trashy live action remakes and severely reduced creativity.

  52. Hugh Meade says:

    Disney is too expensive for the average citizens. All they do is want your $$$$. Too many shops for kids to want everything they see. Four day pass, hotel, food and gift shop.
    About $4000.00

  53. SHAZOM says:

    With a hefty golden parachute, I'm sure.

  54. Joseph Crofts says:

    sniff sniff…..


  55. nicolashrv says:

    Anyone who destroys a franchise like Star Wars the way he did, by protecting Darth Kennedy, deserves to be in jail…………I guess he is scared about what Harvey Weinstein will say to "reduce" his sentence.

  56. Christian S. says:

    This is a good day for Star Wars but I doubt anything will change.

  57. Keith Gross says:


  58. lildscrew202 says:

    Lmao watching the stock fall was priceless

  59. Twistyy says:

    Weinstein ratted on him

  60. Ricky Tikki Tavi says:

    Just like Q said would start happening.

  61. nick99 says:

    Get rid of the Star Wars films and Kathleen too

  62. Dan Hollingsworth says:

    Pedos !!!!!!!!!

  63. Chad Perez says:

    Good. Terrible that Disney went to pushing the liberal agenda. High school musical not a kids show

  64. Tokyo Rose says:

    Of course, he was a child diddler

  65. Desire La Belle says:

    Let's hope the new CEO pays the Disney employees with a better salary.

  66. Beegee L says:

    Pedophile charges are coming !!!

  67. Blizz Dog says:

    Disney sucks anymore with all the SJW crap they have been losing money even the script writer is attack in South Park lol

  68. osc says:

    so pretty much just do the opposite of what the media says and you will be fine.

  69. ADD Me On's says:

    Marvel and Lucas film are the future of Disney and he fumbled Lucasfilm

  70. Saltine Kracker says:

    How many of the major networks and brands are owned by a protected tribe member? Most of them from what I've seen.

  71. Marcelino Silva says:

    Maybe the coronavirus has an effect on large gatherings, they knew it was going to hit the states.

  72. Matias Roman says:

    Something very strange is happening.


  73. Bicentennial Nagger says:

    Must have said something to anger their Chinese overlords

  74. donna ford says:

    Take your kids camping in the real world & dump Disneyland, much healthier for them. Disney is twisted

  75. Instigate The Millenium says:

    I bet he runs to Israel. My guess is he did something bad for it to be effective immediately.

  76. DD Yodaman says:

    The man who came on board and made candy costs and other foods at the park 4 fold! Remember the day he went through the park marking up prices like a bandit and reamed all customers👎🏻. Maybe too big?

  77. Dean Tait says:


  78. Brenda D says:

    Pedophilia trips for kids without parents to Epstein Island must have caught up to this one. No more free passes. Demand justice!

  79. Dave Pawson says:

    And people wonder why they're trying desperately to push perversion.

  80. Nice Try says:


  81. George Ayers says:

    Disney is run by pedovor cabal members, and soon ALL will know this fact.

  82. Scrazz Man says:

    seems like something Q said.

  83. customvideo454 says:

    A punch in the face will stop bullying, not Disney's participation trophy.

  84. Andrew Macaulay says:

    Hollywood its. Draining

  85. Bryan S says:

    Of course he is. He knows what the virus is going to do to their theme parks. We will see lots of them bail as to not have to go into office again, while leaving employees there. The corporate cowards will be the first to quit or work from home.

  86. Just the real news says:

    Trump sucks

  87. Zonned Comfyshortz says:

    You Bob Iger who took Star Wars away from the man who created and handed it incompetent SJWs who ruined the franchise. That is your legacy.

  88. Ballz Diggity says:

    I hope the first thing they do is get rid of Kathleen Kennedy after what she did to star wars

  89. larry spizzirri says:


  90. Steve Cj says:

    Oh no what's harry going to do now for future job prospects for MM

  91. Jasper The Hammer Collins says:

    Wasn't Bob Iger accused of fondling Pinocchio's nose because he enjoyed watching it grow?

  92. davenetdog says:

    Followed Q, no surprise here. There will be many more.

  93. johnny rotten says:

    Little boys under the desk?

  94. johnny rotten says:

    Ray charles could of done a better job of running this crap

  95. johnny rotten says:

    Give him lots of money to stay away

  96. Harris Anne says:

    PEDOVORES ARE GOIN DOWN! Like plague ridden vermin on a sinking ship the pedophiles are scrambling!

  97. johnny rotten says:

    They ruined star wars

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