Disney’s Big Hero 6 Easter Eggs | Everything You Missed

Disney’s Big Hero 6 Easter Eggs | Everything You Missed

>>Crazy Nate: Hey Gents and Gentlets, welcome
back to another show of everything you missed. There was a lot of people asking for Frozen
and Big Hero 6, so as a tie breaker I let the Patreon team be the ultimate tie breaker. So today we are covering everything you missed
in Disney’s movie of Big Hero 6. Also keep an eye out for the famous five hidden
Easter eggs for your chance to win a free Share a Smile shirt. I’m also going to give away two share a smile
wristbands. [intro music plays] In Hiro’s bedroom there are a bunch of hidden
Easter eggs just waiting for you to find them. If you watched our favorite arcade movie Wreck
it Ralph, then you will recognize the cake topper of Wreck it Ralph is sitting on top
of Hero’s monitor.>>Wreck it Ralph: See that? Look at that smile.>>Crazy Nate: Also, even if you’re really
young or not a gamer I imagine most of you will still recognize that as the original
Nintendo controller. Then just to the left of the controller you
might recognize that helmet is Eve’s helmet from Wall-e. Also remember the famous world from Buzz Lightyears
bad trip? [Buzz Lightyear Screams]>>Crazy Nate: We can see it clearly in the
hidden storage up high. There’s the famous Luxo Lamp of course.>>Fred: Well then, what about invisible sandwich? Imagine eating a sandwich but everybody just
thinks you’re crazy.>>Crazy Nate: Pixar is the king at making
epic animated movies that warm our little hearts, of course Disney wants their animated
movies to be just as awesome as Pixars. So naturally they have been getting a lot
of advice from John Lasseter. Who that? John Lasseter is arguably one of the best
directors, Pixar ever had. My personal opinion is that he has even passed
the Great Walt Disney himself. Here we can see John Lasseter is hanging out
and the, science show. He’s always recognized in his cool button
up Hawaii style shirts themed to the movie he is working on.>>John Lasseter: Over 370 shirts here right
now, I wear Hawaiian shirt every day, and my wife Nancy said don’t just wear Hawaiian
shirt. Pick the subject matter of the shirt to match
what you’re doing in that day.>>Crazy Nate: … What? Haven’t you ever seen someone eat an invisible
sandwich before? awe… I’m all out of Pepsi. Here’s a painful version of Wreck it Ralph
in the hero suit.>>Wreck it Ralph: It’s me Ralph.>>Crazy Nate: If we rewind it though, before
the shelf brakes he aint there. Then all of a sudden after the shelf breaks
there he is. Now is this a mistake, or is it a reference
to Toy Story, because the toys are alive!>>Baymax: On a scale one to, on a scale,
on a, on a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?>>Hiro: Uh, a zero?>>Crazy Nate: The reason Baymax keeps asking
is because zero is not an option from one through ten, and he’s a robot, he wasn’t programed
for zero.>>Hiro: How do I get in?>>Nerdy Nate: Actually, that’s not even
a functional website, and I found no evidence of it being a real school.>>Crazy Nate: Well, you do know San Fransokyo
is a made up city right? It’s a combination of San Francisco and
Tokyo.>>Nerdy Nate: Are you serious? Nobody tells me anything!>>Crazy Nate: Yeah, see that’s the famous
Golden Gate Bridge, with a little bit of Tokyo’s design splashed in. In the “Nerd Lab’” there are a few violations,
first of all you can’t wear open toed shoes in a lab, but that girl of there is clearly
wearing flip flops. And this cute little Honey Lemon is wearing
high heels. I’m not sure that’s allowed either. But get this! When our little Hero is talking to GoGo Tomago. If you look at the reflection of her helmet
you will see all the people that were in the lab just magically disappeared. OOPS.>>Hiro: That’s a whole lot of Tungsten carbide.>>Honey Lemon: 400 pounds of it.>>Crazy Nate: Also Tungsten carbide is actually
two times stronger than steel and it’s twice as dense.>>Hiro: Wow!>>Crazy Nate: But here’s the crazy part,
when it’s in dust form it can lead to many health issues including Fibrosis, radiation,
or even cause cancer! So blowing up 400 pounds of it, is NOT cool
Honey Lemon, not cool Spoiler alert, the Professor turned out to
be the bad guy the entire time, but if you listen, he hints that he had a daughter here. Right here.>>Professor Robert Callaghan: When my daughter
was younger…>>Crazy Nate: This is leaving us bread crumbs
to solve the case. Even though the whole time we thought Alistair
was the real villain.>>Fred: Wola, Alistair Cray.>>Crazy Nate: Now lets point out a few hidden
Mickeys! Look closely and you will see that car is
made by Mickey. And the only thing better than Air Nike’s
are Air Mickeys! Looks like they are also shipping Mickey’s
all around the world. and if you stayed past the credits, which
I hope you did. You will see the famous Stan Lee from Marvel
is actually Fred’s DAD, and he wears Mickey pants… every possible way>>Stan Lee: I wear them front, I wear them
back, I go inside out, then I go front and back.>>Crazy Nate: That’s grouse. Here’s another hidden Easter egg for Oswald
the rabbit that they are trying to sneak back to life. And the part number for that laser glove is
the famous A113. We have all grown to love… to hate our new
villain from frozen, Hans. If you look on the bulletin board behind Gerson,
you will see he is wanted, probably dead or alive. [crowd cheers]>>Crazy Nate: But, when Baymax is trying
out his new hammer fist, if we slow it down just a little bit, you will see it’s a statue
of Hans that got smashed. [crowd cheers]>>Crazy Nate: But my question is this, why
did Fred have a statue of Hans in the first place? Especially if his dad is a super hero. But when Baymax and Hero are flying around
San Fransokyo if you watch in slow motion you have a chance to see our favorite snowman
Olaf hanging out down there. A lot of you are might hate on this one, but
I’m gonna say it anyways. That’s probably a reference to Mushu from
Mulan. Meanwhile, back at the police station though,
we can also see our characters, Esther and bolt from bolt hanging out in picture frames.>>Ester: Sweat Sister Frances.>>Crazy Nate: Also on the bulletin board
next to the Hans wanted poster, we see a cameo to the directors Don Hall and Chris Williams. Also there is the famous chef from Monsters
inc. Also later on we see the super hard working
cop Gerson is taking a lunch break. Survey Time. If you were going to be one of Hiro Hamada’s
sidekicks, who would you want to be? Fred, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, GoGo Tomago, or
Baymax? That by the way is a real fact that bees are
being endangered. Seems like it’s not a very big deal right? Till you realize almost all of our food is
made because of bees. So that’s kinda more scary than this guy.>>Baymax: Hairy baby.>>Crazy Nate: Baymax is being all nice and
hugging the cat and all right? But if you think about it, he’s just doing
that because the cat was experiencing drama of being launched up the stairs. [glass breaks]>>Baymax: Other treatments include compassion
and physical reassurance.>>Hiro: Oh, that darn cat.>>Crazy Nate: Speaking of kitties, Recognize
that old lady? It’s the witch from Brave. Or if you believe that big conspiracy theory,
it’s Boo from Brave.>>Witch: Are you sure you know what you’re
doing?>>Crazy Nate: Big Hero 6 clearly likes the
movie Lilo and Stitch. Because we see Stitch all over the place. Here we can see Hiros cuddly cat Mochi wearing
a Stitch cat costume. Also in Fred’s room on his bed, there’s
a Stitch pillow. Also see Wreck it Ralph covered in green slime
in the background.>>Wreck it Ralph: Give me back my metal right
now!>>Crazy Nate: And there’s Satan from the
villain therapy session.>>Satan: It’s Sa-tin actually.>>Crazy Nate: We also see Cybugs from Wreck
it Ralph, on the shelf, in the bedroom, in Freds bedroom. Those little critters are hiding all over
the place. Did you see any more spots where the Cybugs
were hiding?>>Sergeant Calhoun: Cybugs are like a virus.>>Crazy Nate: If you notice she uses the
same piece of gum the entire time, and saves the piece.>>Charlie: Why hold on to it? Why not start a new piece?>>Crazy Nate: Probably because she is trying
to beat Violets record from Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory.>>Violet: I’m the junior world champion gum
chewer, this piece of gum I’m chewing right at this moment, I’ve been working on for three
months solid. That’s a record.>>Crazy Nate: Also even though she is a girl
of few words when they’re making a video talking to Hiro it looks like she’s the only one that
didn’t say anything, right? But look at the video timer. Hiro just ended the video right before she
was able to say something. That’s rude. This Easter egg you would of never known about
unless you got the movie Zootopia. Recognize jerk faces mask? Well, in a deleted scene from Zootopia when
officer Hops was doing research, we can see that same mask in the background. If you are a fan of Doctor Who, then you will
recognize this guy as one of the Daleks here on the shelf. What?! Do my eyes fool me? That guy looks like Dr. Woo from Jurassic
World, or Jurassic Park if you’re a veteran. On the shelf we see Mikes little Mikey from
monsters inc and monsters university. Not only is little Mikey here though, oh no. Look, not in the trash can, he is the trashcan!>>Sully: What was that?>>Mikey: I have no idea.>>Crazy Nate: When they’re flying around,
if you look in the bay, you might recognize that boat from Frozen. [Pokemon music plays]>>Baymax: Balalalala>>Crazy Nate: If you found all 5 hidden Easter
eggs make sure include #BigHero6 for your chance to win a free share a smile shirt,
or your very own share a smile wristband, and remember gents and gentlets, share a smile
today, they are contagious. Singer: hey, share a smile, they’re contagious
can you imagine a day without smiling, that would be outrageous.>>Nerdy Nate: OK! Good, he’s gone. I have to tell you, there’s no such thing
as invisible sandwiches, I hope you know that, and there’s no such thing as invisible drinks.>>Crazy Nate: Nerdy Nate! What are you doing?! Get out of here.>>Nerdy Nate: Oh, gotta go.>>Singer: Thanks for stopping by and hanging
out with Crazy Nate, make sure to leave a thumbs up if he left you feeling great. Have fun and we’ll see you next time, and
don’t forget to subscribe.

David Anderson

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