Disney’s Baymax from Big Hero 6 In Real Life | Oh My Disney IRL

Disney’s Baymax from Big Hero 6 In Real Life | Oh My Disney IRL

[music] Ba-da-la-la-la-la-la. [sneeze] Hello, I am Baymax,
your personal healthcare companion. You have a mild allergy to pollen. I suggest you move away from your friend
who is covered in pollen. You appear stressed. May I scratch you behind the ears? I am not a licensed crossing guard,
but it is safe to cross. How did you find me? Now you hide,
I will seek. It is important to stretch
before physical activity. I suggest you start with
a quick jog. Let’s go. I am not fast. [music] Ba-da-la-la-la-la-la. Bubbles. Bubbles. Oh, I will get it for you. Bubbles. And, ball. [music] -Am I doing it?
-Whoo. -Am I doing it? Ba-da-la-la-la-la-la Go Baymax! Go Baymax!
Go Baymax! Goodbye. Please monitor your salt intake.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Disney’s Baymax from Big Hero 6 In Real Life | Oh My Disney IRL

  1. javier castaneda says:

    Tadashi is here. 😭😢

  2. Misuki says:


  3. I Love Apple but sadly cant afford it says:


  4. Aditi Animated says:


  5. 오유림 says:


  6. Rainbow Snake's World says:

    What if he poped 😐

  7. Twilight Sparkle says:

    Awww……. From now I wanna hug Baymax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Some_Nobody_On_The_Internet says:


  9. yeetus doritos says:

    He is realy short

  10. yeetus doritos says:


  11. Jessica Raine says:

    im crying

  12. Crusader Memes says:

    Wow we got roasted at the end

  13. AlisonIsHere says:


  14. opportunity says:

    B u b b l e s and ball

  15. GoldenDragonSlayer _07 says:


  16. Isabella says:

    b u b b l e s

  17. kimber miyura says:

    O my Baymax😍…I seriously need u here Bay😘

  18. Noah’sToons says:

    b u b b l e s.

  19. AlphaDragon says:

    Am i the only one who would double back in laughter if i saw this IRL?

  20. Peppermint Pearl says:

    These are adorable

  21. *.*Irulan*.* says:

    I am not fast.

  22. Iris Rico says:

    If i saw baymax in here i will literally hug him

  23. Luna VN says:

    I love him😭😍❤

  24. Angie2343 says:

    Huge props to Scott Adsit for voicing him.

  25. Lintang Maharani says:

    Baymaaxxxx, when Indonesia?😞

  26. Flamin Hot Cheetos says:


  27. It's Dev says:

    "please monoter your salt in take"
    as i stuff my face with ramen

  28. Альпакыч says:


  29. Taliah Miller says:

    B u b b l e s

  30. prichingles says:

    le ples do more irl disney :"D

  31. Emma Sanford says:

    I'd sell my kidney TO GET THIS!!!

  32. jhllgh says:


  33. Opshutit WTTPD says:

    I am not fat uwu💜💜

  34. Jeff Woods says:


  35. Maxiiaan says:

    Nice. I'll take 10

  36. Lily Huli says:

    I like when he try to catch the bubble lol

  37. Lara PlayGame says:

    I'll give u my 2 houses for that baymax. Wish I have one ;-;

  38. Olivia Paige says:


  39. junior dusuchett says:

    im not fast

  40. cody nut kiss says:

    What would happen if Jr from sml saw him in real life

  41. Beauty Chatterjee says:

    Thanks, Baymax, I shall monitor my salt intake.

  42. maddiemoomo says:


  43. Daniel Funes says:


  44. Xvttr. sndrx says:

    Baymax is my spirit animal

  45. Steffi Smileey says:

    I am a 21 year old Aduld and I ABSOLUTLY NEED Baymax !

  46. Izzy_Doodles_A_lot says:

    In the words of Edna mode…

    OMG. YES.

  47. DTB 1217 says:

    I need one it would be the best thing ever.

  48. David Padilla says:

    Love it and I wish there's another live episode where Bay Max meets stitch in Epcot or magic kingdom. Or a have a New meet and great accessory but this time in his armor like do like how you created with buzz light-year, Sullivan, beast and Hades when there buff.

  49. Lino Pao says:

    Poor man under the sun inside of a plastic bag…😂😂

  50. Ash Flowers says:

    « I am not fast »
    Yeah me neither

  51. Aleyah Garza says:

    I really want to see Baymax NOW!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  52. Sarkastic Chik says:

    I would run and hug him

  53. QueenShireen says:

    THIS IS THE BEST !!! '' bubbles bubbles '' .. xD

  54. Susan Riojas says:


  55. Ryoruma says:


  56. Cindy Evangelista says:

    Totally made me smile!

  57. Mac and Cheese sloth says:

    I want him

  58. Celest Clark says:


  59. 『WølfyXD』 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:

    Omg he looks so FLUFFY I just wanna hug him 🥺

  60. PineCsne says:

    “Please monitor your salt intake.”

  61. idkmegan :3 says:

    this video just made my day

  62. Sierrah Kitty the lps and mlp house says:

    Mine…… hES MiNEsS

  63. kirstin gracee says:

    I want to be him

  64. Wide Neck says:

    Imagine being the person that made all these people’s day ❤️❤️❤️so cute when people smile

  65. Pedro y Amaia Rodriguez says:

    Plz do a Walle in real life

  66. ThatOneHufflepuff says:


  67. Blurry says:

    We jumped out of a window.

  68. Asemahle Latha says:

    My mom was watching over my shoulder and when the video ended, I looked up at her and was about to ask if I could have one. Before I said anything, she just said
    "Not going to happen." And walked of😑😢

  69. Disney William says:

    Loki:we have a Amry

    Me: wE HaVe BAYMAX!

  70. Gowri Tumma says:

    Was that a costume

  71. Mihaela Hatch says:

    Dude I'm going to dress up like b max.

  72. SimbasGuard says:

    Very neat.

  73. sipp1969 superdigital says:

    Wow! so cute!!

  74. M KHg Hajong says:


  75. Se Kirk says:

    AH hearing baymax say 'Bubbles'! I can' handle that, I never knew my life needed that, but nothing can compare

  76. Snowy Collar says:


  77. Sarah splits 15 says:

    I love Baymax 😄❤

  78. Kimchanelleee _Clemencyy says:


  79. nisa rojas says:

    This is what I’d imagine baymax to look like irl

  80. Dentedsmile Gaming says:

    Lol how

  81. LeAnn Holsclaw says:


  82. salty BOMBER says:

    How does the eyes blink cause I know it's not random I feel like he controls it since when he hugged that girl he closed them I need to know D:

  83. ShadowtheCartoonist says:

    I find it a complete waste that such an amazing, unique, and helpful concept for a healthcare robot is wasted as nothing more but another puppet mascot for the corporate entity that is Disney

  84. Chase Keliipaakaua says:


  85. URyan99 says:

    If i saw Baymax walking around like this, im gonna HUG him so bad

  86. Joi Perkins says:

    😋☺ good job I love you your real recycle it a real good

  87. PAYAL BANERJEE says:

    Ohh! My baymax! I want to be with u💖💖💖

  88. Isaak Costa says:

    I want to hug them I want to get some Fist bumps

  89. Daniela Emerich says:

    Is he really talking?

  90. SPIDER SHADOW says:

    I'm not fast

  91. JSone4Design says:

    Baymax: "You appear stressed. May I scratch you behind the ears?"
    Me: "PLEASE!"

  92. Natalino Raposo Belina says:

    I love u baymax♥️

  93. Ashok Kumar says:

    Is bay real

  94. Javier Hrdz. says:

    Wow baymax in real life 😍😍😍😍😍😇😇😇

  95. BLUE FOOD says:

    Please monitor your salt intake 😂😂

  96. DuelerKendall says:

    That costume is amazing.
    Is there any possible way I could buy one?

  97. craziness level says:

    "it's important to stretch before physical activity"

  98. Tianna Carlson says:


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