Disney World Trip Haul | April 2019!

Disney World Trip Haul | April 2019!

Hey guys. In today’s video I’m going to be doing a haul
from my most recent trip to Walt Disney World so keep watching. Hey friends, welcome back to my channel or
welcome if you haven’t been here before. My name is Liz. I put out videos every Friday about my Disney
parks obsession. Please consider subscribing below if you want
more of that from me. Today I’m going to be doing a haul video for
all the stuff Sam and I bought on our most recent trip to Walt Disney World. We just got back from a three night stay at
Pop Century. We hit up the parks. We went to the Flower and Garden. We saw the Happily Ever After fireworks. It was awesome. And during our stay we bought some stuff that
I thought I’d share with you today. We do have annual passes so at the time of
filming we do get a 20% discount on merchandise, which for better or worse rationalizes some
purchases that maybe we wouldn’t have made before had we not bought the annual pass. The first thing I’m going to show you is this
Ringer T. I got this at Epcot and it was $29.99. And it has this vintage Walt Disney World
logo on it which I like. It has the little fig and the monorail. And it has that vintage feel but it isn’t
pre-worn. I’ve noticed that Disney World figured out
that people like vintage t’s but they made them kind of pre-worn and I don’t like that
look. I like that this looks fresh, clean and new
and I will make it look worn as I wear it over and over again so that’s why I bought
this shirt. I love it. I’ve been wearing it all the time since we
got back. The next thing I bought was this silly headband. It’s just like a tiny Minnie hat that sits
on the top of your head. It’s so silly but where else can you be silly
but Walt Disney World. This was $27.99 and then I got the 20% off. I checked the Disney Shop website today and
it is on sale for like $15 so I’m kind of a sucker but I do actually really like it. I think it’s so silly but super cute so I
got that as my pair of ears this trip. The next thing we got was this Epcot travel
mug and this is from Starbucks. It has a little land ride boat on there. It’s got spaceship earth. Mickey’s looking real dapper in this. And I love ceramic mugs so that’s why I like
these Starbucks mugs. And this was $24.99 and then we got the 20%
off with that so love this. Can’t wait to use it. I haven’t used it yet. Okay, if you’re my brother Danny, don’t watch
this part because I’m putting what we got you as a gift on here. My brother watched our cat while we were gone
so naturally we got him a souvenir and we got him this little Wicket stuffed animal. He’s so cute. This was $19.99 so we’re going to give this
to Dan as soon as we see him so I hope he likes that. If not his little baby son will. Hi Bruce. The next thing we got was this Disney Afternoon
mug. I actually have the Duck Tales mug already. And I love it so much. It has this detail in here. I love it so much that I knew when we went
back on this trip I was going to see if they had other Disney Afternoon mugs. Not only is it an amazing design for a 90s
person but it’s a really good feel for a mug. It’s like a diner mug. This was $13.99. Well worth the price if you ask me. I love getting mugs at Disney World, I love
drinking coffee everyday so it’s really and nice to just have this mug to remind me of
our trip. And mugs are pretty reasonably priced, especially
if you have the annual pass. And the next thing we bought was this Wilderness
Explorers dad hat. This is so awesome. I love this hat. This was $27.99 and Sam wore it basically
the whole trip after we bought it. He can wear this wherever and it won’t scream
Disney. We really like this and we got the 20% off
on this so that’s great. The next thing we got is this pass holder
magnet from the Flower and Garden Festival. A perk of having an annual pass is from time
to time, usually during festivals, they will offer these little gifts that you can scan
your magic band and you get this as a perk of the annual pass. I want to say for free but it’s really not. It’s with the price of the annual pass. Love these. These are going to go right on the fridge. The next thing we got are these refillable
mugs. We were on the quick service dining plan and
when you’re on the dining plan each person in your party gets one of these mugs and basically
for the length of your stay you can refill your mug with coffee, tea, soda any time you
want while you’re at your hotel. And if you’re not on the dining plan, these
cost $18.99 and then for the length of your stay you can refill your mug. These are new mugs. I haven’t seen these this year. This is a Pixar one so there’s Buzz Lightyear
and that guy from Cars I don’t know, and here’s Dory and Nemo or Nemo’s dad. I really like this. Especially because it’s a new one for our
collection. If you can’t tell, I like mugs. And then we also got this one, which was also
new. This is probably like Mickey’s birthday celebration
kind of mug. And of course there’s the Mickey waffles on
here too I like and the black top is nice too. I prefer a ceramic mug but in a pinch I’ll
use these and bring coffee to work in these. We went to Flower and Garden on our trip and
one of the things people were going crazy for is this Orange Bird sipper that had a
creamsicle drink in it and it was $14 which was a little steep but it’s really cute. But it’s obviously like [inaudible 00:06:18],
vintage Disney, love it so much. And I did not like the drink at first but
after like seven sips I was obsessed and drank the whole thing. This was worth it and I’m sure it’ll go up
on a shelf and it will remind us of our wonderful time at the Flower and Garden festival. Okay, and the last thing we got was this large
sweatshirt that Sam can wear. Sam loves these pullover sweatshirts and he
basically wears them out over the course of the year and then the next Disney trip he
gets another one. He bought his one and I’m sure I will wear
it too. And this sweatshirt was $44.99. That’s it for our haul. Thank you so much for watching. We had such a great time on our trip and I
do have some vlogs and other videos coming out over the next few weeks so stay tuned. Make sure to like this video and subscribe
to the channel if you want to hear more about that trip and I’ll see you guys next Friday. Have an awesome week. Bye.

David Anderson

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15 thoughts on “Disney World Trip Haul | April 2019!

  1. Theme Park Nut says:

    Yay! Excited to hear more about your trip. Also incredibly jealous. Like so jealous. But still excited πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

  2. Evie Richards-Cashman says:

    So happy you were able to go on this trip!

  3. Liz C says:

    Howdy, friends! Do you have your eye on any Disney merch you want to get on your upcoming trip Disney World??✨⚑✨

  4. Sunrise Sunset says:

    Hi Liz! Thank you for the weekly meditation! The merch is awesome! Please wear the ears to work!!! Another masterpiece. πŸ˜„πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  5. Laurens Travels says:

    I love your refillable mugs! And 🍊 bird!

  6. Hemphilly Ever After says:

    I LOVE that headband! So cute! We will never use that orange bird sipper… but it’s definitely still on our list of things we want to get! Great haul Liz!

  7. Sam Gaskin says:

    I wonder what next year’s sweatshirt will look like! πŸ€”πŸ₯°

  8. Candy Pennington says:

    Fun video Liz! Glad you had a good time and bought all that Stuff! You’ll have a Disney museum pretty soon!

  9. I Like Zike says:

    Lots of good finds! Really love the design of the travel mug from Starbucks. So glad you got your Orange Bird sipper!

  10. The Disney Fam says:

    Love the birthday Mickey refillable mug!!

  11. DansVideoMosaic says:

    oh a cat cameo ! I'm excited for the new designs on the refillable mugs ! I have 4 of the same old design just with a different colour lid πŸ™

  12. AlphaTraveler1 says:

    Such an awesome haul Liz. So are you planning another trip for the remainder of 2019? LOL

  13. Cheers Ears says:

    snap!!! Luke got me an ewok from DLP !! Great video

  14. Adventure Mode Traveling says:

    Looks like you got some good stuff. That is a cute bird cup.

  15. Dare to Disney says:

    Such cute finds!! Awesome video!

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