Disney – SNL

Disney – SNL

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Disney – SNL

  1. Cliche Much? says:

    2:24 im dead ?

  2. Devynn Raile says:

    this made me sad

  3. Simply Drug Addict says:

    Dad….. And i mean this…. whar the hell is wrong with you

  4. Ryan's Youtube says:

    Where was the joke? Cheating? Retardation? Alzheimer's?

  5. Slush says:

    This was garbage

  6. It’s all edited says:

    People in this comment section don’t know jackshit about how hard it is to write an SNL skit.

  7. THE CLARENCES says:

    Oh no! Holly is leaving Michael!
    xoxo The Clarences

  8. Weebly says:

    I love how when he says Disney world he has that gru voice

  9. Alex Rollingstone says:

    Every time Steve acts, he literally acts like Michael and doesn’t differentiate his characters, which is why I dislike him because I absolutely hate Michael

  10. SARISS80 says:

    It clear the father has amnesia. Steve is gorgeous.

  11. Jackson Woodland says:

    His wife is holly

  12. Mckenna Riley says:

    Lol Michael Scott after he had kids with holly

  13. Courtney Kwong says:

    Oh no is my dad dumb?

  14. Red Velvet says:

    This just made me kinda sad lol

  15. Jonathan Long says:

    Michael Scott’s kids in the future.

  16. EvacuationOfficial says:

    this was terrible

  17. lavender lamb says:

    I liked the 50s skit best ..

  18. SlayerTank99 says:

    If Brick Tamland was a dad.

  19. Libby Johnson says:

    if this wasn’t cut

    what was

  20. yung alprazolam says:

    women will do nothing but hurt you

  21. Boni Chodes says:

    Twist: He was just a guy with alzheimers that saw these kids thinking that they were his.

  22. Art Deco city Architecture says:

    You hours really don't understand dry humour…you just expect something poppy or flashy… It's a good skit, you just need to be mature enough to know that

  23. Hannah Hampson says:

    Michael Scott!

  24. Uber Films says:

    Wait Michael Scott’s bosses Ron Swanson.

  25. JeezThats Cocky says:

    Toby wrote this sketch.

  26. Lonnie says:

    My dad has the same jacket also this skit is so umm…

  27. Echo Echo says:

    Pete with that wig looks pre-pubescent

  28. Uncomfortable Feelings says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a gay nerd named Michael Scott…

    Michael: How did you get this number?

    Your mom, you gay nerd!

  29. Brianna Andreacci says:

    Dude this Sketch could have been so funny but it took turn for the worst.

  30. Chloe Taterka says:

    It may be my humor but I honestly don't get why people think this is so bad, at least it has funny aspects and acting to it and snl has done much worse. There's something funny to me about how dumb or just out of it the dad is and how it gets weirder and darker as it goes on lol

  31. Capt_BuckWild says:

    I needed a laugh…

    Instead i jumped out my window.

  32. Curious Kelpie says:

    What really happened with Michael and Holly after The Office…

  33. Rain Cruz says:

    Idk why but this made me sad


    Anyone else wonder why there still whispering?

  35. Anonymous Joker says:

    Is the skit about Alzheimer's?

  36. Madison Potter says:

    Why are there so many people hating on this!? I honestly think it was hilarious. If you didnt like the skit then just click off. What is wrong with you people?!

  37. Katherine Chase says:


    Edit:I love the office XD

  38. Trix Ncir says:

    i think this is micheal scarn

  39. ainslie kear says:


  40. Ellianna-Presley Salgado says:

    I think this is baad.

  41. Trey Bates says:

    i have that hoodie. that is all

  42. Addy _Amazing says:

    Micheal Scott really let himself go ?

  43. Rudy casso says:

    The kids have to fill him in on harsh reality ????

  44. Joesph Arnold says:

    If did happens to me shoot me

  45. Mckenna Riley says:

    Michael after he leaves dundermifflin and doesn’t have Pam to tell him to stop being stupid.

  46. Chloecamille Gilbert says:

    “Dad..and I mean this, What the hell is wrong with you??”

  47. Owais Khan says:

    This is the life of western civilization
    Family break ups
    Wife sleeping with another man
    Husband unaware
    Children questioning their genetic lineage

  48. The Laptop Lagger says:

    I liked this skit a lot.

  49. Gianna Ordaz says:

    Say whatever you want but this is one of my favorites

  50. Susan Parent says:

    Absolutely hysterical!

  51. Lily and Marilena ! says:

    I’m just…. confused?

  52. Ruatfela Hmar says:

    I not only did not even smiled a little. I was extremely annoyed the whole time.

  53. oscar kys. says:

    Steve's back must hurt from carrying this poorly written script

  54. ElliShushi Vlogs says:


  55. Capri Suns says:

    This is pretty sad if you think about it…

  56. Piiwee Piggy says:

    This would have been Michael Scott if he married Jan.

  57. Piiwee Piggy says:

    A lot of sheep in the comments lol

  58. MEvox says:

    Steve had like 4 different voices.

  59. C Chane says:

    I lost respect for Steve from these skits. A lot of people don’t realize it, but in these skits he is actually portraying a person with a form of autism, where they don’t pick up on certain social cues and say socially inappropriate things. For this character being the comedic relief in these skits, it is offensive and belittling.

  60. Kate Opre says:

    Oml the dad looks like my art teacher

  61. Ian Stiehl says:

    What was it like when you realized that one of your parents was actually… Really fucking dumb?

  62. lolly azul says:

    The only funny part was "You mean YOUR dad" high fives

  63. nobody says:

    That was not funny and frankly just depressing.

  64. Gara -bō says:

    Lol isn’t it so funny to make fun of dementia

  65. luis pineda says:

    This was bad, very bad, and I'm easy to please, but this was bad

  66. Zoë MacGregor says:

    He looks like Hitler

  67. Salvatore VIVACQUA says:

    This script is just sad

  68. Emma Schuyler says:

    Am I the only one who actually thought this was a good skit?

  69. Kris Avery Averoe says:

    This high key just makes me really sad

  70. Aditya Patel says:

    This was the first time Pete Davidson felt he has a dad?

  71. Team Bloxxers says:

    2:59 did anyone else notice the tattoos on “Jeremy’s “ knuckles?

  72. Dalilah Nelson says:

    Everyone says this is a bad script and I half-agree. Steve Carell isn't funny in this- but the kids are fucking hilarious.

  73. Caramel Undead says:

    I remember when my parents toke me to disney World but it was for mi birthday

  74. Bradford Perkins says:

    Well I’m gonna go to bed I got a big day today I’m gonna surprise my kids with a trip to Disney?? LOL

  75. e g g says:

    it’s not the funniest sketch but i did still like it :/

  76. JMRG GRMJ says:

    Wow this was baaaaad

  77. Kevin's Mavic Footage Live says:

    I hate SNL. I want to go to bed, but I see an eye catching title and see a short video

  78. ultimate squid says:

    i laughed like once. it’s just sad…

  79. c z says:

    This skit was more sad than funny and went on way too long

  80. Geoff Stemen says:

    This depressed me
    He started giving off dementia vibes

  81. Casie Calhoun says:

    "She what?!" It took a dark turn.

  82. Br1aNn88 YT says:

    I think their dad is a little “slow”

  83. Mitchell Seyna says:

    Not . . Funny . .

  84. Laykan Thee Alien says:


  85. Devendra Chaure says:

    I feel so sad fr dad… ?

  86. Susan Peterson says:

    This is what happens after Michael leaves the office

  87. Hayley Felkins says:

    Does Steve Carell know how to play characters that aren’t depressing?

  88. Inner Excavator says:


  89. Asha Anderson says:


  90. c c says:

    It was funny at the beginning

  91. No Named Lollipod says:

    I guess I'm an idiot, because even though most people say this was a horrible sketch, I found it a little funny.

  92. Meme Iselfaneye says:

    Pffft…call the dad dumb but can't notice clear signs of dementia.

  93. Jillian Hepburn says:

    am I the only one who likes this skit

  94. Harley Quinn says:

    It's amusing but it's not that funny.

  95. Rana Vesaire says:

    This was so sad, i was about cry at the end

  96. Martin McMayer says:

    "I'd love to go to Arizona I've never seen the ocean"?????

  97. Thor The God Of Thunder, Hoes, and Beer says:

    Wow has Alzheimer's was terrible

  98. Emilywantstobattle Scianno says:

    Steve Carell is an awesome actor . He did a good job portraying the dad in this skit .

  99. Wiseytt says:

    Steve Carell was on a year ago! Time goes by so fast I swear

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