DISNEY PRINCESSES GUESS  HALLOWEEN COSTUMES (Pretend Play with Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle, Elsa & Anna)

DISNEY PRINCESSES GUESS HALLOWEEN COSTUMES (Pretend Play with Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle, Elsa & Anna)

Can you guess who I am? Hello, class? Hello, Miss Behave. As everyone knows, it’s Halloween season. Is everyone excited? Yeah, I am. Me, me. This year we’re going to do something special. Each and every one of you is going to bring
in last year’s costume and this year’s costume. And we’re going to play ‘Guess The Halloween
Costume’. Who’s ready to do that? Uh! Me. You call it Halloween? Ah! To me it’s just another Wednesday. And the best part is, you kids can play along
at home. We’ll have multiple choices for each costume
and at the end of the video, you’ll find the correct answer. Girls, are you ready to bring in your costumes? Uh, me, me. Yes, I am. Welcome back class. Are you all ready to play Guess The Halloween
Costume? Yes, she’s back. I am. And who wants to go first? Uh! Cinderella, it’s your turn. Supergirl! She’s Catwoman. Wonder Woman. So, who do you think I am? The Energizer Bunny. Jiggly Puff? Pikachu. Which one do you guess? Ariel, I’d love to see your costumes. Finding Nimo? Uh, Dora The Explorer. Chiquita Banana lady. Does anybody know who I am? Take a guess. Huh! Mrs. Doubtfire. Mary Poppins. Hermione from Harry Potter? Can you guess who I am? I have a movie coming out. Anna, are you ready? Hello Kitty. Ah, Felix the Cat? Uh, Winnie the Pooh. Can you guess who I am? I’ll let you know the answer later on in this
video. Mario. Wreck-it Ralph? I say Garfield. Can you guess who I am? I’ll let you know later on in this video. Belle, I want you to go next. The Hulk. Shrek. Fiona. Okay. Did any of you figure out who I am? Make a guess. Alice. Alice of Wonderland. Harley Quinn? Barney. Guess who I am for Halloween? Okay Maleficent, this should be interesting. Yzma. Moana. Ursula aka Vanessa? Who do you think I am? Pick one. Mavis from Hotel Transylvania. Mulan. Mal. Guess who I am. Elsa, let’s see what you have. One of the country bears. Violet from Incredibles. Kairi. Okay. Can you guess who I am dressed up as? Oh, easy. Buzz Lightyear. Royal police. The Nutcracker? Can you guys guess who I am? And now it’s time to find out what each costume
was. If you guessed Pikachu you are right. Whoever said Chiquita Banana lady is right. If you guessed Wreck-it Ralph, you’re right. From My Little Pony, I’m the one, the only,
Rainbow Dash. The answer is Moana. In fact, I’m a better Moana than the actual
Moana. If you guessed The Nutcracker, then you’re
right. If you guessed Mary Poppins, your right. Now, off to bed little ones. I
am Hello Kitty. I hope you like Hello Kitty as much as I do. If you guessed Shrek, you’re wrong. I’m Fiona, his girlfriend. I’m obviously, the number one costume of the year. Mal, from Descendants. That’s right. I’m Kairi from Kingdom Hearts. How many did you get right? Let us know in the comments. The best thing about carpools is that you
get to hang out with your friends both before and after school. Huh, it’s kind of hot in here. I think it’s time to crank up the AC, the
air conditioning full blast. Here we are, Belle’s house. Hey Elsa, looks like a great day to carpool! Oh, I get shotgun. Hey Elsa, bye Beast. So, Elsa, what’s your favorite subject in
school? Uuuum…Wait! Don’t slow down, I see trouble! Oh look Gaston, it’s Belle! Oh Belle, nobody rides for free like Gaston. Step on it Elsa, they are always up to no
good. Wait, wasn’t he in your movie? Yeah, but he won’t stop bugging me. Anyway, back to what we we’re talking about,
what’s your favorite subject in school? Oh that’s easy, science . We’re studying the
Ice Age right now. Oh my gosh, I love that movie with the woolly
mammoth and Scratte. Well, no not the movie, I’m talking about
the Ice Age time period. Millions of years ago, when America and some
of Europe was under the glaciers, that’s how Arendelle was formed. Uhhh, well mine’s – oh, wait, look who’s here. Oh she must be stranded, let’s pick her up. Jasmine, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you flying to school? It’s my flying carpet, it’s a new electric
version. It doesn’t have the same range as my old gas-powered
one. Wait, your magic carpet runs on electricity? Battery actually, I forgot to charge it last
night and it ran out of juice. Well, there’s plenty of room so hop on in. Sweet, I’m gonna go put this in the trunk. Thanks a bunch, I wouldn’t want to get detention
for being late to school. That’s what friends are for. What is wrong with your car Elsa? It’s freezing! Oh umm, I just like to crank up the air conditioner
on maximum, the cold doesn’t bother me anyway. Do you think you could turn it down Just a little
bit. Oh sure, go ahead. Thanks pal. I think my fingers are turning blue. Elsa, there she is. Oh, hey you guys. For a second there, I thought you weren’t
coming. Oh sorry Tiana, we had to stop and help Jasmine. Oh, hey Jas, what a treat. I thought you drive yourself to school. Actually I fly but… Not today. Yeah, her carpet’s grounded today. Nevertheless, I brought my famous breakfast
pastries. Here we are, Aurora’s stop. I don’t see her. Did she sleep in again? Sorry girls, did I make you wait long? No, not at all. Hi Aurora, right behind Tiana. Elsa, you better show us your expert driving
skills so we won’t be late. Okay, sports car mode. Now I know why they call her Sleeping Beauty. Usual cure? Yes, order the usual. Hey, I’d love to order a Mocha Frappuccino
tall size please. Oh Aurora. Ah yes, this should power my day. What happened to Tiana? How can we turn her back? She has to be kissed by a prince. Oh great, how are we gonna do that? I don’t know but we’re here on our last stop. Hey girls, ready for school? We sure are…Except one of us. What’s with the toad? It’s not a toad, it’s a frog. Well, Tiana turned into a frog. And she will stay a frog unless she’s kissed
by a prince. Wait, I have an idea… Hey charming. What’s up girl, did you forget your homework? No, I need you to kiss a frog. What! Have you lost your mind? No, it’s Tiana, she’s stuck as a frog and
needs a prince to turn her back. But, I’m a king now. That’s just a technicality, so hurry or we’ll
all be late for school. Okay I guess. This is so weird. Wow! I don’t know what happened but I’m glad to
be back. Thanks charming. Let’s go. Okay let’s go or we’ll all be late. That was crazy. Oh-oh, Elsa stop. We need to turn around. What is it? I forgot a shoe. When will you learn not to do that by now. Yeah, kind of a bad habit. Oh Cinderella, you forgot your… Yes, we know. I can’t believe I left this, it’s my favorite
pair. On our way. What’s that boat? It’s going faster than us. Wait, It’s Moana. You guys better hurry or I’ll beat you to
class. See you at school. Maybe we should try some music. I love this song. Um, can we play something a little bit more
cheerful? I got this feeling inside my bones, It goes
electric wavey when I turn it on. All through my city, all through my home,
we’re flying up, no ceiling, when we’re in our zone. And park. We’re here! Bye Elsa. See you guys after school. Got to get to class. I’ll see you after school. See you after school. I’m going to
class. Bye. Totally TV, Aa-aa-aah. Uu-uu-uuh. Oo-oo-ooh. A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re
fast asleep. All those days, watching from the windows. All those years, outside looking in. All that time never even knowing just how
blind I’ve been. Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, it’s home from work we
go. [whistle] Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho. Under the sea. Darling, it’s better down where it’s wetter
take it from me. Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains. Can you paint with all the colors of the wind. Who is that girl I see staring straight back
at me? When will my reflection show who I am inside? Be a man. We must be swift as the coursing river. Be a man. With all the force of a great typhoon. I don’t care what they’re going to say. Let the storm rage on. You just remember what your old pal said. Yeah, you’ve got a friend in me. Oooooh, whistle while you are away. Tu-ru-ru, tu-tu, tu-tu, ru-ru. Do your best and take a rest and sing yourself
a song. Everybody, everybody, everybody wants to be
a cat. Everybody, everybody, everybody, wants to
be cat. But I’ve been, done, seen about everything
when I see an elephant fly. When I see an elephant fly. Your poor unfortunate soul, so sad but true. You poor unfortunate soul. Now sing. Aa-aa-aah, a-aa-aah. Be our guest, be our guest, put our service
to the test. I know you. I walked with you once upon a dream. I know you. That look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam. Tale as old as time. Song as old as rhyme. Beauty and the beast. I can show you the world. Shining, shimmering splendid. Tell me princess now when did you last let
your heart decide? A whole new world, a dazzling place I never
knew. But when I’m way up here, it’s crystal clear,
now I’m in a whole new world. I wanna be where the people are, I wanna see,
wanna see ’em dancing. Strollin’ along down a street. Up where they walk. Up where they run. Up where they stay in the sun wandering free. Wish I could be part of your world. From the day we arrive on the planet and blinking
step into the sun, there’s more to see that can ever be seen. More to do than can ever be done. The seaweed is always greener in somebody
else’s lake. You dream about going up there but that is
a big mistake. With all the strength of a raging fire. Mysterious as the dark side of the moon. For the first time in forever there will be
music. There will be life. From this day on now and forever more. This is the night, what a beautiful night. And they call it bella notte. Anything your heart desires will come to you. Uu-uu-uuh. Mm-mm-mmh. Never stop, never stop, dreaming.

David Anderson

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