Okay listen, Addison explained everything
to me and I know this sounds weird but I think you need to eat this. I would love to go trick-or-treating with
you and Ariel, Belle. Our invitation to Seabrook’s Big Halloween
Monster Bash. We can go trick-or-treating before the party,
end up in Addison’s neighborhood and then go straight to the party. I am so exited. Come on guys, I can’t wait any longer. Let’s go trick-or-treating and then to the
party. Yeah! Oh my gosh, we’re here. I am so, so, so excited. Why does the sign say, ‘Beware! Caution! Keep out!!!!’? Sounds fun. Should we head in? Oh, what harm could it do? This is the perfect place for a Halloween
party. Yeah. I feel weird. We are zombies! How can this be? Anna, what is going on? I thought you said this is where the party
is. I dont know. I thought it was. The invitation said to meet at Zombie Land. Oh, we’re at Zombie Land, all right. I’m freaking out. What do we do? Anna, where is Addison now? Didn’t you say something about her boyfriend
being a zombie? I just thought he was dressing up as a zombie. Well, you never know. Maybe, just maybe, he’s a real zombie. I don’t know. But I think we should get out of here before
something happens and we get stuck like this forever. I know. I’ll call Addison. She’ll know what to do. Zen, my phone’s ringing. It’s Anna. She might be lost or something. I’m going to go over there where it’s a little
quieter. Sounds good. But don’t be long. ‘All yours’, is up next. Okay. I’ll be right back. Hey, Anna? How is it going? Are you girls almost here? You’re what! So, is Addison supposed to meet us here? That’s what she said. Oh, don’t you know you freaks belong in
Zombie Land? Ready? Okay. Zombie, zombie, go away. Zombie, zombie you are cray! Listen, whoever you are, we’re not actually
zombies. Yeah, we’re actually princesses and we got
turned into- Zombies! Argh! Save the drama for your mama. I don’t have time for this lame chat. I have cheer practice in five. See me you later zombies. Sorry, I rushed over as soon as I could. You guys really are zombies. Wait, you’re not scared of us? No. Believe me. I’m used to it by now. So, um, how do we turn back? What do we do? Listen, if we all knew that, we would have
changed already. This is not good. How am I going to face Beast looking like
this? May I suggest? We go and find Zed, we can put our heads together
and figure all of this craziness out. Good idea. I’ll text him and have him meet us in the
cafeteria. It’s quieter there. Okay, listen… Addison explained everything to me and I know
this sounds weird but I think you need to eat this. Yum candy. I love candy. What is it? Brain. I don’t want to eat humans. No. Not if you eat the brain candy. You see, it’s kind of like a Flintstone vitamin
for zombies. One a day and you keep the zombie away. Okay. I hope this works. Anything? Do you guys feel anything? No. I don’t think it’s working. Do you have any ideas Eliza? If I think of anything, I’ll let you know. Good luck princesses. But I have to go work on this project for school. What about the monster bash party? You are going to miss it? Argh! I don’t really feel like hanging out with
Bucky and his lazy friends. Besides, I’m like right on the verge of cracking
the code and I’m kind of excited about it. Bye. I’ve got it. I’ve got it. You’ve got what? You have a cure? Uh, wait, what? Noway you found a zombie cure. Believe me, we have been trying for years. I was snooping around the library and I found
this old book in the restricted portion. The book outlines this old cheer that is said
to have magical effects. A magical cheer? Okay. Five, six, seven, eight. We may be good at football, we may be good
at track, but when it comes to zombies, you have to treat us best! Did it work? Are we still zombies? Yeah. Sorry, to say. It’s a text from Eliza. Come quick. I did it. Maybe she finished her project? She says “meet me at the soda factory and I’ll
explain”. We’re here. Yeah. We made it to Eliza. What’s up? Did you finish your project? What was your project anyway? And who gives out projects on Halloween nights? I think you’ll like this project. Here, take these. Oh, what are these? They stop zombies from wanting to eat brain. Put these on. And I’ll set the time and date. And you should all sync your watches with
the time-travel software. And voila! It should work. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it’s been
this easy all along. Zed, what about you two guys? Eliza, we should do it too. Noway! What do you mean, noway? I don’t know about you, but I like being a
zombie. And if we went back that far in time, who
knows how I could have messed things up? But let’s see if this works. So, put them on and we’ll sync and test it. But wait, what day are you going to send them
back to? How about earlier today right before we came
to the party? Let’s do it. Okay. Press the activate button and I’ll sync on
my end in three, two. Good luck. Bye. One. Oh my gosh, we’re here. I’m so, so, so excited. Finally. My fins, I mean, my feet are killing me. I feel like we walked through every neighborhood. Why does the sign say, ‘Beware! Caution! Keep out!!!!’? It’s just a Halloween decoration silly. Uh-uh! For the Halloween party. That’s spooky. But it makes sense. Yeah. The invitation even said, “Prepare for Monster
Bash and Welcome to Zombie Land.” Zombie Land? Oh, wait, Addison is texting me now. What does it say? It says, “Hope you’re not lost. Meet us at the old Seabrook gymnasium. It’s three blocks over from the old soda factory.” Oh, I think I hear music coming from that
way. Well, I guess we should do what she says. Yeah, let’s go. Does anybody else have Deja Vu? Huh! Like you’ve been here before? Weird. Have fun at your video game tournament. I mean, I’d love to go but- cough! Cough! I think I’m getting sick. There’s always next time. I’ll be back in a jiffy with a ginomorous
trophy. Just you wait. Bye. Good luck. Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough! Uh-oh. Maybe I really am getting sick. Or maybe it’s just a tickle in my throat. Yeah. Mmh, should I go with dark plum or dark violet? Wait a minute, you’re not my nail person. Shh! You’ll blow my cover. You’ll blow your own cover once they realize
how grody your paws are. Anyway, I’m here and I need your help. Why are you here bothering me when I’m trying
to relax and get my nails done? I’m trying to be the king of Arendelle. I need to sneak into the castle and get rid
of Queen Elsa and her pesky little sister. I see. So, what’s in it for me? Well, I suppose you can be a duchess or something. Perhaps, I’ll throw in a bag of gold for your
trouble. Ha ha. If you want my help, I think I’ll need a better
title than that. I think Queen is more fitting. Gross. I am not marrying you. Listen, I would love to stay and chat Hansy-poo, but if anyone is taking over Arendelle, it’s going to be me. So, how is it? It’s delicious. What kind of tea is this by the way? It’s Mrs. Potts’ secret blend. She won’t tell anyone what it is exactly but
I think it’s a mix of English breakfast and Earl Grey. Well, thanks to Mrs. Potts and to you Belle
because I’m feeling better already. The doorbell? That’s strange I wasn’t expecting anybody. Maybe it’s Anna. She probably forgot her video game headset
or something. I’ll be right back. Hello? Why, hello deary. Would you be so kind as the help an old lady
out? Of course. My name is Elsa. What can I help you with? I am going to visit my grandchildren in the
next village over but I am so thirsty. Of course, say no more. Please, come inside and take a rest. Oh, that is so nice of you. Thank you dearie. Well, follow me right this way to the kitchen. Wow! What a lovely home you have. I’m sure it makes England’s castle look like
small potatoes. Take that. And that. And that. You’re going down. Huh! I found an easter egg. You lose. What? Are you serious right now? Hey, sorry Anna. You wrecked it Ralph. I finally thought I was gonna win this year’s
gaming convention. Sorry. Better luck next year. Welcome. It’s such a pleasure to meet you. I’m Belle. What kind of name is Belle? Do you like loud noises or something? Actually it’s the French name for beauty. Oh! Interesting that they named you that. Uh! Would anyone like a little snack from the
kitchen? Oh! Yeah please. Do you want any help? Excuse me. Oh, no. That’s okay, Belle. Thank you though. Was that freezing beams I saw? Um, yes. To be honest with you, I have special freezing
powers. Yes, but Elsa knows very well how to control
her freezing powers. Oh, I see. To me it seems like somebody is getting sick. Do you have a cold dearie? Perhaps, the frozen fever that is going around? Oh, it’s nothing too serious. Well, I may not have freezing powers but I
do have cooking powers. How about I go and cook you up some of my
famous chicken noodle soup? Oh No, I’m truly all right. I’ll be fine. Nonsense, I insist. You helped this old lady out with a nice cup
of tea. It’s the least I could do. The kitchen is this way I assume? Is it just me or is that old lady a little
off? Really? Off? I think she’s kind of sweet. I mean, who comes into a stranger’s home and
offers to cook for them? Right? Yeah, why would she do such a thing? Anyway Belle, how is your recent trip to Agrabah
to visit Jasmine? Oh, it was amazing. Have you seen her pet tiger? ‘Hi, I’m Elsa.’ What an annoying trustworthy excuse for a
queen. And that Belle. How insidious. ‘And she even knows how to control her freezing
powers.’ Blah, blah, blah. That’s it, her freaky freezing powers. Of course. They are a danger to everyone. Or that’s what I will at least make her in
the people of the town believe, ha ha ha! That’s right, two bowls of the old lady’s famous chicken
noodle soup. Prepared with love and lots and lots of pepper. Ha ha ha! Stop what you’re doing! And then Aladdin yelled back, ‘You wish Jafar’,
and then magic carpet flew the police in and that was the end of Jafar’s crazy scheme. Wow! I can’t believe all of that happen on your
trip to Agrabah. Tell me about it. Those villains are always up to something. Here you go girls. I made you soup. Eat it before it gets cold. Oh, thank you. That was so nice of you. And fast. I can’t believe you have the time to cook
this. You were barely in there for like a minute. Excuse me. Uh-oh! Did I add too much seasoning? Mine tastes okay. Elsa, are you all right? Uh! You almost got me with that one. I’m so sorry Belle. You better get out of here quick before Elsa
gets you sick next. I’ve seen this before and you’re gonna get
frozen fever or worse. She might lose control of her powers. Hey, um, Elsa I’m so sorry but Beast texts
me and um, needs me home immediately. I really hope you feel better. Your friend was wrong. Elsa, your freezing powers are out of control. Just a little cough. Just a little cough! You almost froze your friend. What’s next? Freezing innocent old lady? You’re dangerous young lady. Very, very dangerous. But I didn’t mean to. How can you rule Arendelle if you can’t even
control your own powers? This is terribly dangerous. Do I need to call the United Nations? I think you should leave before you hurt someone
else. No. Don’t do that. I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe you are right, maybe I have lost control my powers. You’re doing the right thing. Don’t come back. Hmm. Now, where’s the crown room? Well, now that Elsa is out of town indefinitely,
sorry Hans, it’s time for little old me to take over Arendelle as the most powerful Queen
ever. I can do this My powers don’t control me, I control them. I’m so upset. I almost froze Belle and then what if I freeze
the others? I have to get out of here. Being Queen sure is nice. Maybe I should do something right like turn
this place into a forever winter. Hans? Argh! I have no time to talk to him. Sending him to- Voicemail? I can’t believe her. And to think I was kind enough to allow her
to almost help me steal the kingdom of Arendelle. Huh! I guess I’ll have to do it myself. I know. I’ll make a royal announcement to all my new
subjects that I’m the new queen. Guards sound the trumpets. Maleficent in Arendelle! Argh! Hello little people of Arendelle. I want to let you all know that I am your
new queen. The proper queen. My name is Maleficent the magnificent and
I am the former mistress of darkness. But now I am your new Queen of Arendelle. But you can call me your Royal Highness. Her Royal Highness? Are you kidding me? How could she? How did she? But why? How could she? Not if I have anything to say about it. Elsa has left the kingdom because she is a
very dangerous person and she wants nothing more than to freeze you all. She told me so. I had her banished at once for your own protection. So, if you wish to send me thank you gifts
of gold and jewelry, I’ll have my guards collect all of your tributes at the gates. That is all. I didn’t even leave Anna a note. Huh! And that poor old lady. Uh! This is terrible. I must run away and hide in my ice castle. Yes. I am telling you Lefou. Getting rid of Elsa was so easy. Like stealing candy from a baby really. Oh, no you don’t. Um, how did you get into my castle? Oh, wouldn’t you like to know? You’re the queen now? Is that it? You just steal my grand plan? How could you? Stealing sort of our thing. We’re villains remember? Huh! Speak for yourself. What are you doing? Fine. You leave me no choice. Huh! Maleficent, will you marry me? Ha ha ha ha! Marry you? As in you be my ball and chain? Not likely. But I am the rightful King of Arendelle. Nah. I don’t think so. What? I am the rightful King of Arendelle and you
know it Maleficent. The answer is no. N-O. Now get out of my castle before I stick my
dragons on you. Oh, yeah? Yeah. Guards? Bye. Argh! I still can’t believe Wreckit Ralph wrecked
my chances of winning Video Gamer of The Year Award. How did he get through that level so fast? Maleficent has another thing coming. Jeez! Watch where you’re going Hans. Oh, now you want to steal my walking path
from me? Why is everyone out to get me today? Argh! Uh, what’s his problem? That’s weird. Something looks different about the castle. And the door is locked. Elsa never locks the door. Hey Elsa, it’s me. The door is locked, can you come open it? Sorry, Elsa isn’t home right now. But if you’d like to leave a message I’ll
be sure to never give it to her, ha ha ha! Maleficent, what do you think you’re doing? Have you lost your mind? And where’s Elsa? Have I lost my mind? Hmm, let me think. Probably. But your sad little sister Elsa ran away because
she realized she’s a major danger to everyone and she can’t control her freezing powers. So, she left me in charge. I’m queen now, scram pigtails. Elsa is the opposite of dangerous. Everybody knows that. Besides, even if she did run away I would
be Queen not you. What’s that? I can’t hear you. Guards, get her out of here at once. What? Are you kidding me? This is messed up. Maleficent cannot be Queen. Huh! The guards. Belle, this is crazy. Maleficent has no idea how to rule kingdom. I totally agree. It had to have been her disguised as the old
lady the whole time. I knew there was something off about her. Yeah. We need to get her out of the castle. But maybe we should focus on finding Elsa
first. Yeah completely. Maleficent said Elsa ran away because she
thinks she’s a danger to everyone. And it didn’t really help the situation that
I left when I saw the freezing beams. Maleficent must have put a spell on her because
normally she has complete control over her freezing powers. That makes total sense now. Uh, okay. Where would Elsa have run to? Her ice castle. Should I meet you at the base of North Mountain? Yeah, I’ll meet you there. And Belle, uh, bring a heavy coat. Did Jafar hear you correctly? You want to marry Maleficent? Yes, Jafar. Clean out your ears. I need to marry her. That way I can become king. Why don’t you just put a banishing spell on
her? A banishing spell? It works like this. You give her a gift and when she touches it
she’ll be banished to land far, far away. Oh, I like it. And where do I get such a thing? I can get you that banishing spell for let’s
say one million dollars. Are you out of your mind? I don’t have a million dollars. Well, you will when you become king. Right. I’ll do it. Pleasure doing business with you. With this gift, whoever touches it will be
banished. Go away. But be sure not to touch it yourself. Oh! It’s perfect. Finally, I’ll be King of Arendelle at last. I feel like we’re climbing Mount Everest. Tell me about it, North Mountain is no joke. Wait, I think I see Elsa’s ice castle. I see it too. We’re finally getting close. Come on. Okay. Well, my cough is gone and I’m starting to
feel like myself again. Okay, conceal, don’t feel, don’t let it show. We finally found you. You need to come home Elsa. Ah-ah. No way. You guys need to leave immediately. I mean, the old lady was right. I nearly froze Belle and and I need to learn
to keep my power under control. No Elsa. That wasn’t an old lady at all. That was Maleficent and she tricked you. She wanted to make you think you’re dangerous
so that you would leave. And I’m pretty sure she put something in that
soup. Urgh! Maleficent is always up to no good. You cannot let her make you believe that you’re
dangerous. Arendelle needs you. We can not let her be queen. What? Maleficent is the Queen of Arendelle right
now? Huh! Yeah and it’s a total nightmare. She had the guards chase me out. Huh! I can’t believe what I’m hearing. I think you should go back to Arendelle and
take back your kingdom. You girls are right. She can’t be queen. Then let’s go home. Yeah, let’s get out of here. What are you doing here Hans? For the last time I am not marrying you. Marry me? Oh no. I’ve had a change of plans. I came to congratulate you on taking over
Arendelle, I always knew you’d make a great queen. What are you up to Hans? I can smell a sneaky play for power a mile
away. Nope. Not this time. You won fair and square. I just wanted to bring by this little gift
and say great job. A gift for me? Oh, you shouldn’t have. Mhh! Uh-oh! What’s happening? Something is happening. What did you do Hans? Yes. It worked. To be king. What! Where am I? Brr! It’s freezing. Hans, you’ll pay for this. Do you want a warm hug? Finally, Arendelle is all mine, ha ha ha! Hans, freeze it right there. Yeah, back away from that crown. What! How did you get in here? Wouldn’t you like to know? I’m the king now. You have to get out before I call the authorities. I don’t think so. The only authority around here is us. Mm-hmm. Yeah. And if you don’t get out of here on the count
of three, I’m gonna freeze you. Yeah. You may want to watch it because this girl
is really good at controlling her freezing powers. But you’re being so unfair Elsa. One. Can’t we just talk about this like civilized
people? Two. You wouldn’t dare freeze me. Two and a half. Aah! Three. Yay, Elsa. You are back to being the rightful queen. Yay! I’m sorry about all that drama Belle and almost
freezing you. Wasn’t your fault. No worries at all. Who needs video game tournaments when you
have all this drama here?

David Anderson

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