Disney Movie Food Challenge w/ Jon Cozart & Noah Cyrus

Disney Movie Food Challenge w/ Jon Cozart & Noah Cyrus

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Disney Movie Food Challenge w/ Jon Cozart & Noah Cyrus

  1. James Power says:

    The funniest guest hosts ever, and Noah deserves a comedy movie so funny!

  2. pamela jebor says:

    4:19 Noah just taking the scorpion up and then when she saw it she screamed

  3. Fuck Off says:

    I love Noah’s voice❤️😍

  4. SniggleNips says:


  5. BluesHooves says:

    Dang it I wanted somebody to get poisoned

  6. Kat says:

    Honestly didn’t know much abt Noah before but I love her

  7. Aaron Woodward says:

    She said Winnie and the Pooh XD

  8. Hayden W says:

    this girl was high as shit and not from marijuana

  9. Mariela says:

    "Winnie AND the pooh" 😂 I died

  10. Casper Frost says:

    I love how cute Noah is oml

  11. Elli_Loves Music says:

    Literally just Rhett and Link on a good day

  12. Taylor Morgan-Young says:

    2:47 I actually laughed so hard I cried

  13. Mad Hatter says:

    Lol the point when the worms come on and you're a hedgehog mom and you're just so used to live buggos~

  14. I don’t know What to call this says:

    2:48 me when someone flirts with me

  15. Alex Heldman says:

    9:00 Noah's right (I slowed it down to 0.25 speed), therefore Jon should've eaten the apple.
    9:20 … But YOU do!

  16. Sassy Anonymous says:

    Rhett And Link-Ties
    Gets Punishment
    Guest Stars-Ties
    Gets Rewards

  17. Freaky Euphoria says:

    Of course lady and the tramp

  18. PeachHazel7 says:

    Oh my god she acts so much like Miley 😂

  19. Chubby Golddy22 says:

    for the holes one Noah started saying holes first but they finished at the same time but I think Noah got the point

  20. Papacam 1030 says:

    This is the funniest episode I've seen to this day

  21. TrappedinaTardis says:

    I LOVE this.

  22. Patrick Russell says:

    Am I the only one who knows what holes is?

  23. Cakemonster ! says:

    6:41 “Winnie and the Poo” well done

  24. Bella Smith says:

    2:47 the best way to reject someone 😂

  25. Hulu Juju says:

    Wait, is Jon actually gay?

  26. littleghost82 says:

    Winnie AND the pooh…. XD

  27. The Tezuka says:

    Qooee, qooee, qooee

  28. nachotee says:

    What's wrong with her nails? D: that's horrifying

  29. Celes-tea Ludenberg says:

    "um im gay"
    oh same

  30. * sundae * says:

    Noah: We can share it like the movie!
    Jon: Umm… I’m gay.

  31. Khloe Sinclair says:

    I am just laughing my head off because of his screaming XD

  32. Amy Carey says:

    i feel like jon and Noah switched roles Noah is so brave ( a typical boy ) and Jon is just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  33. Pokemon There's No More Kid says:

    First video with swears

  34. CJ Sluiter says:

    Jon could have won this if he was actually trying.

  35. Karen Robles says:

    I love Jon reactions to, literally, everything xD

  36. darkleo77380 says:

    All screaming Jon is adorable!!🖤

  37. winsomejester67 says:

    me: “NOOOO”

  38. Baguette Gott says:

    Why is nobody talking about the LIVING lobsters??? I'm kind of having a panic attack just from watching them blindly picking them up, oh my goodness…

  39. Chloe H. A. says:

    um…Im gay

  40. Morgana Delacour says:

    This video is so hilarious 😂 Especially because we're used to Rhett and Link being pretty fine with animals that are alive and they had to experience quite some horrifying things already, while those two are so scared of everything 🤣

  41. Gabriella Dure says:

    they should have done sunflower seeds for holes

  42. Fandom Hooligan says:

    the last food is authentic Klingon gagh

  43. Ava Fowler says:

    2:47 me

  44. Payton Wisdom says:

    “Ew, don’t touch me”
    -Jon with spaghetti

  45. casanne cloud says:

    Detox !

  46. BeccaJ says:


  47. Shelly says:

    Love her short hair

  48. MadHatterScreechyBorb says:

    Did Noah say "Winnie AND the pooh"?

  49. Huiya Yuan says:

    "I thought it was breadstick!"

  50. Hope van Aardt says:

    Jon came out

  51. Salwa says:

    I died xd omfg

  52. Hunnybee says:

    this was such a great episode 👏👏👏👏

  53. fem wynn says:

    ok the repeated shrieking at random and unwarranted times is REALLY obnoxious. what is he, 12?

  54. 7LeopardStar says:

    "It's gonna be as fun as getting double re-vasectomies" OMG THEY FORESHADOWED how bad it was…

  55. P r o g r e s s says:

    please have some courtesy

  56. Marshmoona Alwan says:

    Wait is he gay or not??!

  57. Marshmoona Alwan says:


  58. Emma Ingram says:

    I love how Noah is basically wearing for pajamas

  59. Bex Bex says:

    I love when they say which round it is and they get more depressed everytime

  60. Stephanie Kimbrell says:

    if rhett was gay and link was a woman

  61. bayleyandbeckylynchfan huggerstraightfire says:

    2:48 Jon Cozart says he is gay

  62. T Frahm says:

    Our brief trip to Paris… iS It SnAiLs!?!?

  63. Claire Nelson says:

    “Um, I’m gay.”

    -Jon Cozart 2k18

  64. Logan Eisenman says:

    Jon is so damn gay

  65. Imene ZC says:

    4:37 💀💀

  66. Raven N' Denise says:

    2:48 I died and is still dying

  67. Serena Bille' says:

    I count it as a coming out.

  68. TotakekeSlider says:

    This was hilarious! They're great together.

  69. Angie MontoyaCuri says:


  70. Tyler Murphy says:

    Jon appears in more videos on other channels than his own channel.

  71. Shannon M. says:

    After watching these two, no one should ever complain about Link's pickiness or hesitation again.

  72. Angie MontoyaCuri says:

    Um.. I'm gay


  73. Angie MontoyaCuri says:


    Me: wth?

  74. Angie MontoyaCuri says:

    AHHHH IT'S ALIVE!!! HOLY SH***!!!!!

  75. Melanie Lindberg says:

    4:22 Look at dat Breadstick

  76. Vietta Costello says:

    I thought it was a breadstick-Jon cozart

  77. Erik Esposito says:


  78. SlayR says:

    Noah is savage, "I love charity" LOL
    Jon is so jumpy and that's funny XD

  79. Holychickendinner says:

    Noah is adorable. I hope they get her on the show again sometime…if she's not too traumatized to want to come back.

  80. LPS Cat Bros 2 says:

    WHY IS JON LINK??!!!

  81. Adi Burgos says:

    I thought it was a breadstick!!! 😂

  82. Adi Burgos says:


  83. sofieea lo says:

    Love Noah Cyrus humour and funny way of speaking

  84. db happiness says:

    "I'm Gay" Noooooooooooo? Really?

  85. Chocolettino says:

    She seems … hollow.

  86. ana says:

    also they're so much funnier than rhett and link?

  87. Aimee Laquez says:

    “It’s a crab!”
    Screeching from Jon

  88. Erjin Son says:

    Noah: it’s a crab
    Jon: terrified noises


  89. Lydia Ronia says:

    Them together reminds me a lot of timone and pumba for some reason lol

  90. Hurley Quinn says:

    this is the loudest episode of gmm ever

  91. Gen Gg says:

    Hilarious asss duo

  92. Kaye's food craving says:


  93. Dixie For-Mindfulness says:


  94. BlueEyed Scorpio says:

    😣😣😣😣 Missing Rhett & Link!

  95. Toxic Touch Productions says:

    Why Noah cheeked up like that?

  96. Heidi McMahon says:

    This is cute tho lmfao

  97. Arden Allen says:

    This is johns gayest video, he literally says it himself

  98. MmeganN Space Unicorns! says:

    Winnie and the pooh!?!?! Winnie the Pooh… lol 😂 XDDDD

  99. Reina Arana says:


  100. Reina Arana says:

    Can they be on the show again please

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