Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King – Announcement Trailer | PS4

Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King – Announcement Trailer | PS4


David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King – Announcement Trailer | PS4

  1. Timur Sarmanov says:

    I thought he was playing switch 0:13

  2. Jomboid says:

    Hercules, Tarzan, Little Mermaid ?

  3. Rose love says:

    Hey make Hercules more like adventure like

  4. Valenzuelas Studios says:

    Now we need Toy Story 2
    PS1 and Dreamcast.

  5. Aventuras en Videojuegos says:

    What !? 😍😍😍😍😍 really ??????!!! 👍😮

  6. dadevious says:

    Aladdin with the rewind feature is literally prince of Persia 😂 man, I loved that game. Might pick this up to play it again.

  7. joshua keely says:

    What's next world of illusion with Mickey mouse?

  8. Viru_ 95 says:

    10-20 $ take it or leave it. ain't gonna spend 50-60$ for slightly remastered 🤣

  9. yzoooon says:


  10. M Bryant says:

    This right here is the definition of whack.

  11. TheWinxWarriorClubZ750 says:

    Snes miss

  12. FILMANDGAMES says:

    The price…

  13. Andres -PRO MASTER uchija says:

    No remaster

  14. TheMakeshiftHero says:

    If you install an emulator on your toaster you can pretty much do all of this. Try harder if you want my money.

  15. Miraitowa and Someity the Frozen 2 otaku says:

    Better than the live action remakes

  16. Stel Lucas says:

    Lion King? I thought Hercules would have been a better pick along Aladdin.

  17. Felipe Styleby says:

    Kd o Tarzan

  18. Norbi K says:

    Will there be more such renewals?

  19. Ryan Music says:

    Im not gonna pay to torture myself

  20. Diego Alberto Zetina Sosa says:

    Watch mode. That's really dad. Those games are jewels

  21. Sheeraz Ahmed says:

    Hercules and jungle book?? 😭

  22. Samurai Mimimi says:

    No it's not 16:9! Don't lie!

  23. knuclear200x says:

    >NEW Disney© GAMES!!!
    >they're a bunch of ROMs for $30

  24. Harrison Fornasier says:

    I want the SNES version, that was the best one

  25. Pierre Green says:

    I beat The Lion King on Sega Genesis when I was a kid and I also beat the Aladdin on Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo some kids can't say that with a straight face

  26. Hüseyin Derya Güngör says:

    İ want hercules

  27. James 1137 says:

    Hercules next please.

  28. Tropi Cano says:

    This trash games where never classics change that title

  29. Polarity says:

    What about a bugs life 😂

  30. Raj Ashwin says:

    i love alladin so much..

  31. The Great Saiyan King ✖ says:

    Isnt that the one where simba hangs himself for everyone death/gameover cutscene?

  32. metal rs says:

    They have run out of ideas. Thats why they keep recycling old games again and again.

  33. Mateusz Gzel says:

    We just want Sly cooper 5😭

  34. khalid Dian says:

    Please bring jackie chan stuntmaster to ps4

  35. Highspeed Tarantado says:

    I remember when simba loses he just hangs himself

  36. Carlos Freyre says:

    Where is Twerking Simba?

  37. Brian Maisonet says:

    Can we get the spice girls game for playstation ?

  38. Joaquín Astudillo Olmos says:

    Those games are so difficult to find in Internet.

  39. blake {gacha} says:

    Can’t wait for Disney to make their own console so they could beat the market cause of greed xD

  40. nakib imtiaz says:

    Wait… So theses aren't free to play? Should just play it on PC. Sigh…

  41. Miyuru Eranda says:

    they could've add few more games.
    what a scam.

  42. SmoothSoulBrotha says:

    Does Toy Story unlock if you beat both?!

  43. FF Games says:

    off course they gonna forget hercules game , at this point they rehearse the disapointments

  44. NEXUS ART FANTASTIC (reseñas frikis y dibujos) says:

    Copy of sega aladin. Plajeo

  45. Ken Masters says:

    They should've developed 2020 remakes of Aladdin and The Lion King while adding the 2 classic ones along with them.

  46. Patrick Gomes says:

    Jungle book was also Nice 😁

  47. Vincent Cavo says:

    I thought that they would be remastered

  48. UL CA says:

    “💎 “

  49. Renaegis says:

    i remember playing this as a kid and the carpet riding lava level was very hard. i always asked my mom to play that stage for me

  50. Rick Somchai says:

    Not remastered…… nope.

  51. DavijoMan says:

    These games are my childhood, but at £25 theyre a complete ripoff! Barely anything has been done to them to warrant that price….I'm going to have to wait for a sale.

  52. comedycord123 says:

    Oh I member!

  53. Mallika K says:

    Captain claw anyone

  54. -Lé Antisocialyté- 85 says:

    Dlc's for Scar or the carpet? 🙄

  55. Khali Lamar says:

    In 2019 disney made a movie remake of Aladdin and The Lion King, now they are remaking the games, is it a coincidence, I don’t think so, do I like it? Yes! Hotel? Trivago!

  56. Dragonfury3000 says:

    Thats quite the nostalgia in one package

  57. Mody Al Shareef says:

    We need rio💔 on ps4

  58. mnooolosh says:

    No thank you

  59. Zé Carioquinha br says:


  60. Felipe SV says:

    Am I the only one who liked the lilo and Stich Ps1 game???? I played a ton of that game.

  61. KingHeartsSyndicate says:

    Wow the best i buy it 100% now Hercules and TMNT

  62. Luis David chollet Sevilla says:

    I would like them to take the donald duck: goin quackers from the version of ps2 since in that version they removed 2 levels of two maps and I would like them to put them in addition that it is an entertaining video game.

  63. Quarantine 666 says:

    Nostalgia at it's best, and for £29.99.
    Alladin and Donkey Kong Country 2 were my favourite SNES games as a kid.
    I hope the Donkey Kong Country series get a remaster too

  64. Disney knights padilla says:

    It only did that because both movies came out as remakes this year even though originally they came out separate years

  65. NewCanadianTurtle says:

    These games were trash back then. They're still trash now

  66. Matias Castro says:

    I remember Playing Aladdin on a Sega Genesis emulator on a Windows 98 computer, the farthest i got was fighting Jaffar. I also owned the SNES version which i completed with all the gems

  67. Connor DeJong says:

    Now where is Tarzan

  68. Roukuh444 says:

    It's amazing how I can recover my lost chilhood, I never got to finish these games due to crontrolling parents but now I again have a chance! xD

  69. Luu Sapphire says:

    SEGA is such a boss, and a legend, that the latest consoles want their games. Can't blame them.


    Now bring forth Tarzan and Hercules

  71. 6ix 9ine says:

    My sister wants Hercules

  72. House Music says:

    Why would PlayStation try to make this a thing? These games sucked then and aren’t any better now?

  73. Kazuki Emiru says:

    I hope they remake Mickey & Donald : world of illusion so i can play it again with my brothers..

  74. King Kong says:

    Wow.. Future is true ps4 hahaha

  75. Shadi M says:

    Can't wait to play this on rtx 2080ti with rtx on at 22fps

  76. Tsuta says:

    What’s the point? Both of these were bad games, nostalgia has no end I guess

  77. mohamad rifqi says:

    Watch mode ? Like direct link to gamer youtuber ?

  78. Shaffa ilham says:

    Old time sega

  79. SKATE BG says:


  80. Joey L says:

    They couldve fit every single Disney release from that era onto a single disk.

  81. Karim Kj says:

    Stop making a fool of us.

  82. Karim Kj says:

    I can't belive that they will charge you 20 bucks for this on ps4 , playing with your nostalgia… Play them on romstation for free…

  83. Amanda Mol says:

    PS4. You sound to me like trying to say goodbye.

  84. soufian says:

    greatness awaits

  85. PopAttack Music says:

    Ok.. but we want TARZAN!! ❤️
    Please! 🙏🏻

  86. StarLord says:

    I hate disney but i love you Sony ♥

  87. Rasmus Karlsson says:

    Where is hercules and Tarzan?

  88. ron umali says:

    Mickey and donald coop game play please!

  89. Diogo Plays says:

    With this rewind, the games get (presses random number buttons f4anticly) easier

  90. Link Elegido says:


  91. Richard Julian Zapata Torres says:

    Nadie se da cuenta que eso es un robo? Mejor un amulador! Pff

  92. gabriel hicaro says:

    Hercules and tarzan man

  93. BrainDead says:

    Nobody wants to play those games on ps4

  94. Crazer entertainment says:

    Remake in coming?

  95. Sunny Baig says:

    My childhood

  96. avishai jahanian says:

    Just release all the disney classics compilation like hercules pocahontas pinocchio etc….

  97. Vivek Kumar says:

    Please do remaster and bring Tiny Toon from Sega genesis on PS4

  98. WGC says:

    Чёт не дохрена ли 2000р (30$) за обе игры? Я все понимаю, классика, но они же короткие. Когда doom издали на ps4 он значительно дешевле стоил

  99. Javier Sánchez Paños says:

    Where's Aladdin and Nasira's Revenge

  100. Deskas Andreas says:

    The billion dollar industry that is called Disney doesn't have the decency to remake those games like Crash Spyro and Medievil did at least with high detail sprites.

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