Detective Donut vs Aquaman: The Case of the Missing Trident! SuperHero Kids

Detective Donut vs Aquaman: The Case of the Missing Trident! SuperHero Kids

Aquaman is in theatres December 21st This video is sponsored by Warner Brothers. I am Aquaman Ruler of the seven seas. I must save the fishies and to do that I’ll use these DC branded action toys My friends my brother’s come with me and help me to save the land of the sea. Little me looking so fine. I am the true king of the sea! Try me! Buff as ever! Shark, you better take me on my adventures to get the evil Black Manta. My love, I will free you from this packaging that inboxes you. The Legos, ages 7 to 12, Aquaman, Black Manta and Strike, there are two hundred and thirty five pieces Altogether we will do amazing things! And with that I will take my trident… Where’s my trident? I can’t do the scene without my trident prop! I can’t breathe! I think I’m going to pass out! Cut! Angie! Pull yourself together! Now where is my trident prop? Whoever lost it fess up now. So I can fire you! My trident! A little to the left Johnny, a little to the left. It’s not here anymore it’s been stolen Mwuhahaha! My trident, I lost my trident. Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla And that is how I’m going to be the best detective in the whole wide world! Detective Donute! I told you donut just because you changed your name to Detective doesn’t mean you’re a real detective you have to solve a real crime in order to earn your Detective badge. Please, solving a crime is the easiest part. Oh really? Where are you gonna find a crime to solve? A crime has been committed, a crime has been committed. A crime has been committed on the set of Aquaman the trailer movie On the set of Aquaman the movie, the trailer, a priceless trident prop has gone missing. Was it stolen or perhaps misplaced? We don’t know. Um, we thought you did A crime! Now I can earn my detective bag right Barney? I suppose if you solve the crime, you can get your detective badge and become a real detective. Well, here we go again. My career is ruined! Oh hush Angie. You’re a famous actress playing Aquaman This whole project is a disaster. I swear if one more person talks to me…. Hello my creative artisits! Your day is saved. You’re fired! Go home you sleepless brat. I don’t even work here. You must be my assistant. I need your help. No way Is that the real Aquaman? About time you got here, I need some more goldfish. Reporting for duty. Mr. Aquaman, sir, but sir couldn’t you just summon them with your fish powers? Never mind, one goldfish coming up sir! Fish powers? Come to me crackers. Goldfish, now where could I find some goldfish? (laughing evilly) That’s the trident! She must have stole it! All I have to do is catch her and then I’ll have my detective badge! Stop thief! Sorry sir! Goldfish are coming up! Not again! Back it up! You’re this close to getting fired! Again, I don’t work for you. Oh well then, you’re hired. I am? Yep, congratulations and now you’re fired! Huh There she is, but how am I gonna stop her? I can trip her with that! I caught you thief! Now what did you do with the trident? What are you talking about? I’m just an actor. An actor? But you were laughing evilly! I was practicing my part. I play a villain in this new movie coming out called the Red Herring! The Red Herring? That’s the name of the movie! But I saw you holding the Trident ! You mean my script. Well, then where is the trident? I think you’re the only person who can answer that. I can’t fix it. Have you tried duct tape? I saw you take it out of the trash can. You’re not my assistant Are you? No sir Detective Donut kid sleuth. Is that drawing on paper? With crayon? It’s a permit. We’ve got to fix this trident quick. I can’t afford to get fired from this job. I’m sure you don’t have to worry about that sir. They can’t fire Aquaman. I’m not so sure about that and stop calling me sir. I’m a ma’am. Aqua ma’am? Where is everyone? If no one shows up soon I’m going to fire everyone! Not again Everybody! This will do Do you mind? We have serious business to work on here. I don’t get paid enough for this. Yes! Perfect! Now all we have to do is… They’re in here. I knew something was up! You’re the thief! You stole the trident! And my scarf! No, I’m Detective Donut! I found the trident and I fixed it! Well, then who broke it? Oh well, you see. The trident got thrown away in the trash can. I saw the whole thing. Oh isn’t that just marvelous? Not only Donut person here is fired, but all of you are fired! Go home you little sleepy brats. Hold on just a minute, I know what happened here. This trident wasn’t thrown away on accident! It was on purpose! It was thrown away by you! How dare you accuse me of such a thing. You were eating an orange cupcake but you didn’t have a fork. You took the only thing available The trident prop! But the orange frosting stained the trident and you didn’t want to be blamed for it. So you threw the trident away didn’t you? You blamed it on everyone else! Good job, you figured it out, but guess what? You’re all still fired! I don’t think so. Don’t be so sure! The real Aquaman is here? Wow, Aquaman and Aqua ma’am in the same room! I want my movie run better than this. You’re the one that’s fired miss director. Whatever, I’ll fire you all again one day. What is going on in here? Barney! I did it, I solved a mystery! That’s great, but you didn’t really solve any crimes. Nothing illegal happened. Maybe next time you can get your detective badge. Well, see you around Donut. What are we going to do? We lost the trident. Oh this trailer for the movie is going to be a disaster. Oh, ohh, Mr. Aquaman, I might have an idea. Barney! You have to see this! I can feel the sea! Look Barney that’s me! It is my destiny with this broken trident I can… Guys, I fixed it! It was meant to come apart! You did good donut, you did good. Thanks Barney Atlantis my time has come as king! I’m coming for you Detective Donut. I hope you’re ready for The Puzzler! This video is sponsored by Warner Brothers, we’re taking the DC kids secret box challenge We’re competing with other YouTubers to see who can make the best videos with the toys. Click the link in the description down below to see more of the DC kid secret box challenge And vote for our video in the comments. Aquaman is in theaters, December 21st Bye guys!

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