“Descendants 2” Stars Find Out Which Disney Princess They Are

“Descendants 2” Stars Find Out Which Disney Princess They Are

– You know what?
– Hey, you guys, this is an inaccurate quiz. – It’s like this. – Just a little. (electronic music) – Hey guys, it’s the
cast of Descendants Two and we are at Buzzfeed and
we’re about to find out which Disney princess we are. – I’m very excited. – Are we ready for this? – I think. – [Sofia] Alright, first question: What is your favorite Disney movie? – Black Cauldron – I’m stuck between Freaky Friday and Lady and the Tramp. – I’m gonna go with Hunchback. – You know what? The Lion King. What am I even doing? – Oh wait, Hunchback is a good one too. Black Cauldron, though. Next one is, secretly, you think your
enemies are envious of? I think I have to say I don’t
have any enemies, right? – That’s what I said too. – Yeah. – My dreams, maybe. I almost wanna pick that just because you guys picked the other one.
– Do it. – I’ll do it. – [China Anne] What
are you most scared of? – I’m gonna go with war. – War is pretty scary, right? – [Sofia] Pretty scary. Standing still, global warming, scissors. – Scissors. – I feel like it’s either Walmart or war. – Walmart is pretty scary. – Well, I mean, war and global warming are kind of the biggest threats, though. Ima go with global warming. – Okay, I respect you guys. – What do you look for in a soul mate? I would either be passion or adventure or humor? Okay, yeah, okay, I’m gonna have to go with
a sense of adventure. Choose a talking animal. My favorite. Favorite kind. Shark
– Opossum – I need a talking shark in my life. One hundred percent. – You know, I’m going with phoenix, man. – I think I want a mouse, I had one in Cinderella
Story, it was very cute. – Anybody who chose Animals
Can’t Talk have no soul. – You always say I’m like Minnie Mouse – [China Anne] What do you
like to do with your time off? – I feel like get out of
town or I’m always working. – Yeah, I’m either get
together with my family or I’m always working. – I’m out. – Get out of town; I like
to go on random vacays. – I’m gonna go with get
together with my family. – Man, I love my family. Yeah, I’m gonna go with that too. – [Dove] What is the secret to true love? Ooh, it’s gotta be either communication, compassion or humor. – Is there an I don’t know button. – Yeah, I don’t know. I’ll know when I find it. – But I feel like humor comes
from a sense of like happiness and joy and when you’re on
the same page with that– – Being comfortable with someone. – Yeah, then it’s like
everything’s in alignment. At least for me. – I’ll know when I find it. – You can have chemistry with
someone that you do not love. – True, I’ll know when I find
it is what I’m gonna go with. – [Dove] Where do you like
to have your first date? – Sofia’s always into club – No, I’m not. I’m like into club called bed. – I know Sofia’s like: “I go to bed every night at nine” Just kidding, she’s at all the clubs. Can you picture her on her own just like bopping in the corner. – With my little glasses
and sipping some tea. You can find me in da club. – You know what, it’s the first date. Da club. – Where we going later tonight? – To the club. – For a first date, I feel like
the movie theater’s perfect ’cause you don’t have to
and or talk to that person. – No, but then you don’t
get to talk to them. – She’s like, you don’t
have to look at them, talk to them.
– Avoid all contact. – You got snacks. – I’m just saying, it’s just like if I can’t sit and
comfortably sit next to you and watch a movie
– But, then there’s like that awkward moment where like, do
you touch the person’s hand? – Well, Sofia when you and I
were going on out first date, what did we do? Da club. – It was da club. – I totally forgot. – Should we all just pick da club? You know what I don’t have time to date, that’s final answer. So, pick an artist. – [Dove] I wanna listen to Bruno Mars. – [China Anne] Drake. – I really love Miley’s music lately but I love Bruno Mars. – Bruno. – [China Anne] Bruno? – [Sofia] What is Happily Ever After? That is the question. – In finding inner peace,
for sure, one hundred. Because when you do that everything else falls into place, right? – [China Anne] No, yeah,
I’m picking that too. – We got our answers! – Wait, I’m not done, I’m
not done, I’m not done! – Okay well– – What?! – What?! – What?! – What?! – Wait, Rapunzel? Wait, I got Mulan. – I got Ariel. – I got Rapunzel. I wanted to get Belle. – I wanted to get Rapunzel. Okay, now we’re going to take Which Disney Prince is our True Love, you guys ready? You got Aladdin? – I got Aladdin too. – Oh what, why did I get beast? I got beast. And he’s not even like the prince version of beast. – He’s the beast version of beast. Are we about to fight in the club?
– How do these work? – No I’m gonna be the one
in the club with beast. – Keeping up with Dove, China and Sofia in da club. – I hate you so much.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on ““Descendants 2” Stars Find Out Which Disney Princess They Are

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  2. Gaming Land says:

    I did the quiz and I also got Mulan!!

  3. Samira Mohammed says:

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    At 1:16 in the video Sofia’s snort was the best thing

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    Omg Mulan and Flynn Rider xD

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