DELICIOUS TOAST – I am Bread Animated

DELICIOUS TOAST – I am Bread Animated

Alright So my task today in the kitchen is to become a piece of… Toast Let’s break free! Break free little bread man. Break free! Let’s get all on this Get up all on this I’m good? Yeah! Let’s get both sides! Full of glass and jam Let go! Let-Oh look at that you gotta do the circle motion Woooo! I did it! Ahhhh. the sweet success of butter I would love to put some ham on my body Can i put some ham on my-Oh! Oh nonono! That’s raw meat! Nope Nope Not edible! Not edible Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh. Are those banana chips? Those are banana chips Woah. Woah! Ahhhhh! Oh no! Go! Oh no! No nonono… Ahhh i’m underneath the- C’mon i’m ruining my-my chances to be delicious piece of edible bread I’ve lost my chances. I ruined it! Okay were still edible Were still edible Someone will still eat me Someone will still eat this delicious piece of bread You know why? I got delicious jam and nuts I think those are nuts I don’t know what it is Oh yes… Oh yeah… Ohhhh Am i gonna get burned? Can i burn? I’m done! I am toast! I am burning… I am burning I burned my self!

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “DELICIOUS TOAST – I am Bread Animated

  1. Odd Broad gacha says:

    ( ._. )
    / >🍪
    Cookie still wants to die

  2. Sarah Thai Uyen says:

    You have to climb to the table

  3. Martín Carrillo says:

    Omg i love toast

  4. Giffany says:


  5. Jin’s windshield Laugh says:

    Look at the last person for the English subtitles in the description…

  6. MrIdealPlayer11 says:

    Why Do I keep using the phrase “Circle Motion” LoL 😂

  7. Dương khánh linh scp says:

    ( ^_^)

  8. Dương khánh linh scp says:

    ( •_• )

  9. Gacha ANIME says:

    This was 10 days before my birthday!

  10. Angel Houle says:

    Hahah always your my favourite you tuber

  11. Angel Houle says:


  12. unicorn toast says:

    Wierd and funny

  13. Florence Gosselin says:


  14. ED - 06GS - Camilla Road Sr PS (1353) says:

    ( • ^ • )
    / > ❤
    Accept me love.

  15. こはるといろは桜花びらチャンネル says:


  16. Amryn Heer says:


  17. KingCup Fox says:


  18. Athena Hicks says:

    ( >~< )
    / > 🍩
    I’m a donut loving bunny

  19. Joaquin Cruz says:


  20. Nunaชอบมากมาย Papa says:


  21. Gacha de Adi says:

    This is adorable!!

  22. Jonenzki says:

    OMG these videos are hilarious!!!!! I love these!!!

  23. 《itz potatoes for dayz says:

    Anyone 2019 0w0 no likes only Wanna know 0w0 I love this

  24. romu567 says:

    2015: amazing
    2016: still good
    2017: what is this
    2018: do you remember that one thing….

  25. { Huskie } says:

    Make sure laurenzside doesnt come for you

  26. •sukłia• says:

    yes, banana chips. I haven’t tried those but they look delicious

  27. Diamond X says:

    I’m still here 2019

  28. Mii Story says:

    M'y face is chaging😀😃😄😆😂🤣

  29. Just Commenting says:

    Who animated this?!
    It's so cute!

  30. Daphne Condo says:


  31. Violet Spring says:

    who is watching this in a sleeping bag on an office chair

    only me?

    okay… ;-;

  32. Love Gacha gril Galaxy says:

    2019 any one? Ps did you know that these animation we’re done by Jaiden animations

  33. Lily Draws says:

    2019?.. man can’t believe it’s been 4 years since I’ve last seen this XD

  34. Ice Lin says:

    I bet Laurenzside will love this cause theirs bread

  35. Ally Cheecham says:

    2019? XD

  36. Wolfy Girl says:

    (._. )
    Is how amazing this is out of the world :3 good jobbbbb!

  37. Demi Gacha says:

    I actually memorized this bc of how much i watched this XD.

  38. Anavioleta Moreno says:


  39. souxie ovo says:

    and I remember that I was supposed to make a comic about this game-

    ( • ^ • )
    > <
    (. )~~

  40. Emma Barron says:

    You are 🍞🥖🥯

  41. CookiCrumbKitty says:

    Is it me or did people before fortnite come here three years ago when it was new and come back in 2019 in watch it?, just me. Okay.

  42. Minty Mocha says:

    Theres so many sixes in your sub count xD

  43. Shaggy has Cancer says:

    Why does some of this sound weirdly sexual?

  44. Giorgio catorgio says:


  45. William Afton says:

    Now this is why i pay the internet

    bites a toast

  46. Midnight Music says:

    l )_

  47. Jasmin Espinoza says:

    (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

  48. Ebugsworld says:


  49. ImaFox3911 0w0 says:

    Who is eating toast while watching this?


    I AM SPA GET is a word from iHasCupquake but its on player select

  51. Booperdooper xd says:

    Wooo banana chips

  52. n on says:


  53. yolanda banner says:

    I miss The old days

  54. Omari Nobles says:

    0:26 lmao

  55. XxGachaCatxX says:

    Guessing Jaiden did this to.

  56. ぉヴぇAkai_NekoJie says:

    Just realize this was uploaded in my birthday

  57. *gachario* tr says:

    Kanalını seviyorum

  58. Skipper digger The corgi says:

    I downloaded this game and after 100 years I finally won

  59. ريم عبدالرحمن says:


  60. Luna_chan 2010 says:

    Let’s “bread” free get it

  61. Da potato queen Queen says:

    Am I the only one from 2019?
    Like if you are

  62. Random_Person_Making_Art says:

    ( ._.)
    / >🧸>🍪 U can have a teddy bear, if not then a cookie. If your allergic you can pick what this bunny gives to u

    1👍 = things you wanted to get
    It’s free now

  63. Alexander Hopkins says:

    I wish I had that voice

  64. Demi Gacha says:

    I memorized this lol

    Like if you did too <3

  65. kitty and friends says:

    0:32 he dress up the bread.

  66. kitty and friends says:

    0:25 ah look it tat you do circle motion

  67. kitty and friends says:

    0:06 toast

  68. Tiffany To says:

    I Love you

  69. ChocCroc Gacha says:

    Who watched this at 5-6 Years old and was laughing and keep replaying : 👊😉

  70. Emøji says:

    Im toast bread!!!!!!!!😂

  71. Christian The Thomas And Friends Fan ALT says:

    Life goal
    Learn to draw like you

  72. Rossi Pham sings says:

    sees cupquake trying to be sexy ummm…

  73. ROBLOX RULES says:

    Me: Editor! Put bread on the screen!

    Editor: 🥖

    Me: wholemeal!

    Editor: 🍞

    Me: Good enough

  74. 《• kaiya •》 says:

    1:14 cuz I got delishos jam and nuts 😂

  75. Lyndi Clackum says:

    Why was there a janga bro

  76. princessluckystrikerbrook says:

    Laura Bailey would like to know your location

  77. Boen Hang says:

    I remember when this vid came out

  78. Syd_ _Dreemur says:

    Bread Cupquake:Oh yeah full of glass and jam

    Me:Is glass edible..?

  79. Michelle Bravo says:

    Omg that is so cute🥪🍞🥯

  80. Michelle Bravo says:

    I love banana chips their so good 🍌🍌 I am banana I a banana look AT ME DACE

  81. Ocean Vlogz says:

    Cupquake you went passed the 5 second rule, you are not edible

  82. Lps CuteBunny says:

    It doesn't matter how many times I watch this it's still the most funniest video I ever seen from Cupquake

  83. Cubster Gacha says:

    Is this tweening it kind of looks like tweening

  84. Sophia M says:

    Banana chips yum

  85. ɖɛʍɨɨ ȶɦɛ աօʟʄ PL says:

    0:53 I died.

  86. Monster girl wolf 18 says:

    Oh my god she burn yourself in the toaster🍞🍞🍞😂😂😂😂

  87. nicole everdeen says:

    ( ;-; )
    ( ->🥤->🍞

    Want a loaf of bread with butter and jam BOI?!?

  88. Laurent Petit says:

    It so cute :3 🥺 bred

  89. ilenix says:

    It’s almost 2020 and I’m still disappointed she never got her banana chips 😭

  90. Wolfiegalaxywulf Davido says:

    I love the animes

  91. mandorule says:

    ( •. •
    [. ]
    ^. ^

  92. mandorule says:

    ( • -• )
    / >🍞

  93. XoSunbee Xo says:

    Aaaaa the sweet success of butter UwUs

  94. Croissant_crossing 101 says:

    I hope she realized that she could have cooked her self on the stove😂

  95. Magnolia Sales says:


  96. ขวัญชีวา บุญประคม says:


  97. Jorgeluis Kelly says:

    A peace of bead yay I like bead

  98. DaTacoBeast YT says:

    This is weird

  99. Shaked Oved 。・ω・。 says:

    that's so cute!!!!

  100. Jusna Begum says:

    I love these animated stuff please post more!!!

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