Day jobs for Superheroes

Day jobs for Superheroes

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Day jobs for Superheroes

  1. Malsawmtluanga Renthlei says:

    Ha! I Love it
    Very Good Video

  2. JB says:

    Im invisible man,
    Im behind you

  3. Amrita Devi Bagoua says:

    I too have a cpu like u????

  4. four4 spoon says:

    Botak stalker???

  5. Tara Chieng says:

    Botak stalker 🙂

  6. Freezing Halfling8239 says:

    I'm invisible man
    I'm behind you

  7. do you. mean says:

    Botak stalker???

  8. do you. mean says:

    That means bald stalker

  9. sarahtrbl says:

    HAHAHAHAHA “hello police, I want to report a botak stalker” FML SKJSDJJSJS

  10. • Galactica • says:

    “I’m invisible man,I’m behind you”

    Me”looks behind literally”

  11. Kim Seok Jin says:

    Day job for superheroes


  12. Dahlia Baharuddin says:

    Day jobs
    Batman: Nightshift

  13. i dOnT KnOw says:


  14. XxAmy XDxX says:

    4:09 there is a message saying:

    I’m invisible man,
    I’m behind you

  15. Imtiyaz Uddin says:

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  16. Raffaello Bonaducci says:

    Hello polis I wanna report a botak stalker yes a botak stalker

  17. Sophie says:

    4:08 "I'm invisible man, I'm behind you"

  18. sarada uchiha says:

    R.I.P Stan Lee…..??

  19. Angel Christianti says:

    Botak stalker ???

  20. AnOkayGamer says:


  21. TOTORO Playz says:

    I want to report a botak stalker

  22. Vimal's Channel says:

    Botak Stalker : I Laughed So hard Hahahahhaahhahahahhahahahahahahhhahahahah

  23. Yio Yvonne says:

    I think batman is Terrance

  24. Banana Na says:

    I tot it was day jobs

    Wait this was a year ago?

  25. Aj Wade says:

    Daredevil is a lawyer

  26. Itz Aly says:

    Alamak.. Botak stalker! I bet he has cancer from baby, his name is botak stalker.

  27. vanilla noodles says:

    Superman just be a construction machine

  28. Julis Felia says:

    I lost it at the botak stalker ? fak AHAHAH

  29. 。 『 Thankii 』 。 says:

    Botak stalker XDXD
    Meaning is bald stalker

  30. Shinsuke Nakamura says:

    Batman isn’t British

  31. DIE IN HELL T SERIES says:

    I'm invisible Man, I'm behind you?!?!

  32. Fatin AYRA says:

    3:56 Me? Oh, No thanks

  33. Lathifah Ludmilla says:

    Botak stalker ?

  34. The DogFather says:

    Isn't batman rich

  35. Phoenix 10 says:

    Chrysanthemum from nowhere took the phone looking into the botanical fella and call cops ? Botak Stalker!!??????

  36. Dana Gabriel says:

    Batman is already rich and is a buisness man just saying

  37. See Chan Hwee says:


  38. See Chan Hwee says:

    I mean botak stoker

  39. Black Cat says:

    BOTAK STALKER!?? ???

  40. aShipper akaNio says:

    bOTaK StALkeR XD

  41. Killo Zombie says:

    4:09 I'm invisible man I'm behind you

  42. Nurazianie Abdullah says:

    Gambit looks sicko?

  43. terry chong hui long says:

    ?wolvie's job

  44. surr djan says:

    Njirr botal stalker ??

  45. Sound Arya says:

    4:09 I'm invisible man, I'm behind you

  46. 六百十八TheRed_Raven says:

    i got a skills future ad in a skills future sponsored video

  47. Its Reva says:

    Do live in Yishun??

  48. Bangtan Gamer says:

    Hello? Police? I want to report a botak stalker

  49. Akari_yime says:

    Botak stalker ???

  50. IyaLulu candies says:

    It’s quite awesome how that did that fire effect

  51. Pritilota Azad says:

    That "Very beesy" though!!!

  52. Krishna Gupta says:

    1:36 it's first day of the job not first job of the day

  53. Criner says:

    #BotakStalker LOL I had to translate wath botak meant it means bald

  54. Savage Bataatti says:


  55. Marrf man says:

    I was a security Guard I sympathize

  56. Marrf man says:

    Iron fist stunt double

  57. Marrf man says:


  58. Marrf man says:

    This look like a job for the everyday man

  59. QuirkySlimes says:

    Chrysan: Hello? Police ? I want to report a BOTAK STALKER! Yes,a BOTAK stalker

  60. Stealth Bryan says:

    I thought superman wad a reporter

  61. Kadnin Akadnin says:


  62. Birdos Da gamer says:

    Cat women is a villain

  63. Gaming Minecraft says:

    um isnt deadpool a mercenary so thats a job

  64. Bangtan Jk ARMY says:

    NAMASTE….India is herw

  65. hao zhao says:

    it was a fail for almost jobs but spider-man

  66. C.hink says:

    Why does the batman in this have a New zealand accent

  67. Eskore Phantom says:

    3:44 I Thought wolverine have 3 claws and not 2 bruh?

  68. Mohammed Ali says:

    On 4:09 its written I'am invisible,I'am behind you

  69. Crystal Light says:

    Wolverine: I want a job!
    Me: k how old are you?
    Wolverine: NO!
    Me:Ok what is your name?
    Wolverine: NO!
    Me: Can you clean?
    Wolverine: maybe?

    Wolverine got job as our butler

  70. agustd ramen says:

    Botak stalker

  71. Nor Hayati Ismail says:

    Hello police, i want to report a B O T A K S T A L K E R hahahhahaha

  72. DaxGavin Vlogs,games says:

    Sorry dude but wrong human torch dude human torch flames his whole body

  73. Gabrielle Angelina says:

    Batman is stupid


    I'm Invisible man,
    I'm behind you

  75. The Doughnut Factory says:

    Oh my god
    Botak stalker ?

  76. Hello Im a Fan says:

    Wonder Woman would be the best Lawyer ever

  77. MonicaCrystal Fox says:

    Catwoman:RAT CONTROL~
    Terence:ah yes yes yes
    Terence: do you have equipment with you?
    Catwoman:I haven’t eaten in three days.

  78. A.L. says:

    Why didn't I notice this sooner? ???

  79. - Y U L t u b e - says:

    3:43 the cgi looks as bad as the actual movie
    (No offense btw)

  80. Use code vmemez says:

    I'm invisible Man. I'm behind you

  81. armyrme says:

    Lik dis if u laf evertim

  82. ___ says:

    I think that’s at the boat house
    My aunt live there

  83. Nur Alya says:

    The way that Chrysan said it, was so funny!??

  84. Lil Winter says:

    I'm invisible man.I'm behind you.

  85. ViennaV says:

    B O T A K S T A L K E R

  86. Pushparaani Krishnasamy says:

    Batman pronunciation bad guys not read guys

  87. Luke Tan says:

    Batman’s a billionare

  88. Sama's Galleria says:

    4:09, I'm invisible man, I'm behind you.

  89. rebel greninja says:

    daredevil is a lawyer a bad one
    and supes is a news maker

  90. Pro Boi says:

    Is Ben said senorita inthe second last part?

    At 4:34

  91. Unr4v3l says:

    Catwoman is villain not superhero

  92. red frost says:

    Terence makes a good gambit

  93. Darkwear GT says:

    I think the pay for their super power is enough

  94. Darkwear GT says:

    I can see why its 10 for 1 dollar

  95. ZENG LEJIA Student says:

    botak stalker lol

  96. Aqua Bubblegam says:

    Title:Day jobs for superheroes

    First job:I work in night shift

    Everyone:*talks about flipping other heroes*

  97. ZigZagger 107 says:

    Botak Stalker ?

  98. Drknight O.p. Bro says:

    Is he Harmony GT?

  99. Erra Chan says:

    Secret message:Im invisible man I'm behind u.

    Your welcome!

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